14 December, 2011

Google, I'd Like To Have A Word. NOW.

I subscribe to a lot of blogs. Until quite recently, I had many feeds that weren't assigned to specific folders in Google Reader; I was slowly (but surely) organizing them, unsubscribing from blogs that weren't updating, etc., etc.; overall, getting things in order. It was going quite well.

Until Google Reader decided to eliminate all the unassigned subscriptions I hadn't gotten around to yet. Which means I've lost who knows how many blog feeds (certainly over one hundred) that I have no way of recovering, since Blogger's Dashboard stopped working for me and I don't keep track of which blogs I follow.

Because I'd depended on Google Reader's feature that automatically adds Blogger blogs when you follow them, unassigned or not.


I wouldn't be so irritated if I knew why it had happened. I thought perhaps the impending cut to Google Friend Connect for non-Blogger blogs was the cause, but that doesn't make sense, because I don't think all those lost subscriptions were for non-Blogger blogs.

So I don't know.

Has Google Reader kept your unassigned subscriptions? (And if you still have some, I'd suggest going through them and determining which ones you want to keep. Just so this doesn't happen to you as well.)

Have you ever had any problems with the service?

-----The Golden Eagle


Mary Mary said...

Who doesn't have problems with Google? If you haven't, I'd love to meet you! I don't think I've had this issue, but then I haven't been too on task lately when it comes to keeping updated with the blogs I follow. Sorry this happened to you!

Pearson Report said...

You bring up an interesting point, Eagle.

I do not subscribe to posts - I have a rather antiquated method of following my own breadcrumbs (comments I leave behind).

I have a daytime (the one page/one day kind) I jot down the site(s) I comment on as well as any new sites I follow. A day later I revisit most (not all) of the sites I commented on.

I have enough trouble with non-blog related emails that subscribing just never worked for me.

Also...I am interested in how bloggers view leaving comments - do we expect a reply to every comment?

Lately I receive direct replies (from some bloggers) to my comments (I like this method - means I don't have to come back) and I've taken to doing the same lately.

But...that's for another conversation.

Good luck with your problem...I feel for you - this whole Blogger thing lately has been acting weird.


Susan Roebuck said...

Oh Google! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Have to check on my Google Reader to make sure I haven't lost anyone - although how would I know?

Colleen Chen said...

I can't even figure out how to use Google Reader. And Blogger continues to subscribe me to blogs I unsubscribed from ages ago. Maybe the ones that disappeared from your list will appear again?

I kind of like Pearson Report's method.

Pat Hatt said...

haha yeah Google is quite the pain. Never had this as I don't use Google reader, just go down my blog list. Even though the stupid thing doesn't show all the blogs. How much you wanna bet when they screw with the friend connec there will be 50,000 more errors.

Carol Riggs said...

Gah! Are you kidding? I haven't even thought to check. That's what I get for having trust in my Google Reader, I guess. I will just have to hope people are not offended if somehow I'm not getting their blogpost feed! At the very least, I'm sure to comment on the blogs of people who comment on mine. That's only fair and neighborly. :)

L.G.Smith said...

I was having trouble with new blogs I was following showing up in my dashboard. I would follow but they wouldn't show up on my list. Lasted for two or three weeks, but now it seems to be working again.

Sarah Pearson said...

I know nothing about google reader. I use something called feedly to follow blogs, it's reasonable although it has the odd hissy fit.

I hope you find your blogs :-(

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well that sucks! I usually assign new blogs as soon as they appear in my Reader, so hopefully I don't lose any.
I had the opposite problem - a couple blogs I'd stopped following ages ago suddenly appeared in my Reader again.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I still use the old Google Reading List instead of Reader. Some days it tells me I follow no one but then it sorts itself out. I hope your problem sorts out, but I don't know what will happen when they tinker.

Inger said...

Sorry you are having problems. I haven't paid attention to Google Reader, but I will check into it. I have problems with the follower's avatars in my sidebar. Frequently the most recent ones disappear and earlier photos appear.

Cortney Pearson said...

How frustrating!! I haven't really used Google Reader either, I just get on my blogger dashboard to see who has updated their blogs. I hope you find your blogs!!!

Laila Knight said...

Hi Eagle. I have trouble with blogger all the time. It messes with my posts, puts words out of order, deletes my followers, adds them back. I wish you luck with yours.

I stopped my to with you a Merry Christmas. I'll be gone for the rest of the year. Take care. :0

Carrie Butler said...

Ugh! That's such a bummer, Eagle. I haven't use Google Reader lately, so I'll have to check.

Good luck! :|

Michael Offutt, Supra-Genius said...

Google doesn't even know what happened. It's probably just another blogger glitch that they'll get around to fixing some day.

Madeleine said...

Oh I can imagine that would be infuriating! I follow lots of blogs and find it hard to keep track, sometimes.

I always comment back on those who comment on mine, which is a good starting point for me.

Christine Rains said...

I went immediately and checked my Google Reader. Everything seems to be okay. I have no answers for you. I read my Blogger subscriptions from my Dashboard. I hope you figure it out!

Michael Di Gesu said...

So sorry to hear of your problems Golden. I hope it sorts out for you soon.

I believe we've ALL had problems now and then, but they always seem to work themselves out.

Heather said...

Oh no! The thought of that happening kind of sends me into a panic. That's how I keep track of the blogs I follow too!

Nancy Thompson said...

I don't stay connected through Google. I just list the blogs I like best on my blog roll and keep up that way. It tells me who has posted and how long ago. I try to tackle 15 to 20 a day until I've read them all and I am up to date.

Kelley said...

Oh man that is bad. I still use Dashboard and was thinking about switching to reader but now i'm not sure, i'm not too organized. But I hope that somehow you can get them all back!

Old Kitty said...

Oh Golden Eagle! I am so sorry! I still use my Dashboard on Blogger and have refused to update or use any more Google stuff they want me to convert to. Or something - but I resist! Unfortunately Dashboard too is playing up - updates from a couple of bloggie friends I'm following never show up and I'm having to constantly re-follow!

Sigh! :-(

Take care

David P. King said...

That's too bad. Blogger and emails is the extend of my non-searching Google gadgets, so I can't say I have the same problem.

Hopefully something can be recovered or a new system can be implemented to make your blogging easier. :)

Beth said...

Google has been annoying a lot of people lately. Friend connect will quit working for all non-blogger blogs in March and people have told me they can't see wordpress blogs in their dashboards anymore.

DeniseCovey_L'Aussie said...

I hate it when things like this happen Golden, but they do and you just have to shrug and move on. Annoying. My Google Friend list is all over the place now. Can't see who the most recent followers are etc.


Liz said...

I've had the same problem as a few of the other commenters: blogs I stopped subscribing to appearing again. I figured out how to delete them, though. I have to delete them in the dashboard, too.

I hope it rights itself.

Rusty Webb said...

I have never used google reader, instead I visit blogs almost entirely on memory... yes, that makes me stupid.

And that also would explain why I disappear for extended periods of time. BUT - at least I only have to blame myself.

Susan Kane said...

Now I am scared. I haven't had a problem for a while, but now...Let us all know what happens next.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've lost any subscriptions.

When I first read this, I dashed off and checked my account. I love interacting through my blog and by visiting others. I wouldn't want to miss out on the connections I've already made.

I'm sorry you're having this problem.

Paul Tobin said...

I shall have to look into this, I am rather untech-savy. Thanks

MISH said...

This is a terrifying thought for me, since I'm tech-challenged and only recently discovered Google Reader...
I'm just getting my brains around the Google concept...

Misha Gericke said...

OMG I hope they didn't do that to me. 99% of my over 1000 blogs are unassigned (I mean, who'd have time to assign them?)

As for why I want a word? I got a few grey hairs this afternoon because they suspended my entire account. >_<

Luckily they fixed it soon, but I nearly went insane wondering how I'd get a workpress blog to work for me.

Crystal Collier said...

*sigh* No, no problems here because I don't use Google Reader, but man, that is my main beef with facebook. As technologies change things have to be updated, but why can't they get their geeky staff to write up a script that preserves your custom preferences? *shaking head*

....Petty Witter said...

In a word, yes. I recently went missing from a lot of blogs I had been following, upsetting a lot of my blogger buddies who were wondering why I had suddely stopped following them.

Nezzy said...

This Ozark Farm Chick just thought everybody had problems with Google.

So sorry the Eagle has lost his list! Good luck in tryin' to retrieve the list. Stinkin' Google anyway!

God bless ya from the mucky hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!

Mark Noce said...

Definitely file a bug for this if you haven't already. I used to work at Google and although they're slow at times, if you're persistent they'll usually help you figure out the root cause...my guess is a bunch of developers are scrambling to rewrite code to fix a bug right now. Hope it gets resolved for you:)

Anonymous said...

How timely is this? I left steps to fixing my Blogger to Reader issues in the comments of my post today.

Anonymous said...

I went too fast (That's what he said...awww...)

I meant to add that I'm not sure if those steps will help, but you never know.

J. A. Bennett said...

You know it's funny becasue Josh at Vive le Nerd was having some issues too. Maybe I should go check out my google reader now...

Jay Noel said...

Yes. I have had issues with Google Reader forever. That's why I'm just resorting to using my Blogger Dashboard now to see everyone's updates.

M Pax said...

Google is so fun -- that was sarcasm. I'm still using dashboard. I will scream the day it stops working. I know of no other way to track all the blogger blogs I follow.

I noticed all of our profiles changed. :-O

C D Meetens said...

Argh! Google Reader and Blogger's dashboard both have a mind of their own. I've been trying to tidy up subscriptions too, as well as adding new ones, but the ones I delete keep coming back, and the ones that I add keep getting deleted. It's driving me crazy!

Add to that Google being funny about certain people (probably their ISP, I guess) accessing my blog via my custom domain, and it all makes for one great big pain!

The Golden Eagle said...

Mary: Not me, unfortunately . . .

Jenny: It sounds like a system that works, though. I probably should keep closer track of the blogs I follow/comment on.

I reply to all comments in the comment thread, just so everyone gets a reply; I know some people don't attach an email to their profile and I want to make sure everyone gets a reply.

Thanks. It has--but at least it's still a free and working service, mostly.

Susan: I almost didn't notice, except for the fact I knew there were unassigned blog subscriptions; but when I went to fix them I couldn't find anything.

Colleen: I used to hate Google Reader. Then I came to like it, since Blogger Dashboard stopped working. I think I follow too many blogs for it to handle. :P

Maybe--certainly hopefully!

Pat: I used to go down my blog list, but I follow too many blogs to do that now . . . and not take 10 hours or something like that.

Carol: I do the same. Sometimes it takes me a couple days to get around to it, but I do comment on the blogs of people who've commented on mine.

L.G.: Glad to hear it's working!

Sarah: I've been thinking about changing around to another feed reader, just to find out if it's better. I'll keep Feedly in mind . . .

Alex: That's happened to me, as well. I've found that un-following the blog and deleting the blog from the Subscriptions tab in Google Reader usually fixes things.

Tricia: Me, neither. Hopefully it will blow over and not affect much.

Inger: Same here! I had 851 followers yesterday; now I have 855, and as far as I can tell, only one more person followed. Though readers who don't have an image as their avatar are pushed to the very back of the list for some reason, and that could be causing the problem.

Cortney: Blogger Dashboard stopped working for me a while ago. Sometimes it would load and sometimes it wouldn't, so I started using Reader.

Laila: I've never had that many issues with blogger; hiccoughs here and there, and problems like this. Hope the problems with your blog stop occurring.


Happy Holidays. :)

Carrie: Hope you haven't lost any subscriptions.


Michael: Yeah.

Madeleine: Me, too. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to so many updates. :P

I do the same.

Christine: I'm glad you didn't lose anything!


Michael: Thank you--I just hope I'll be able to retrieve the subscriptions I lost somehow.


Heather: It's so easy . . . when it works!

Nancy: I used to use my blogroll a lot more than I do now. I really need to update it and add new blogs.

The Golden Eagle said...

Kelley: It works well if you assign subscriptions to folders and so forth; and it has a lot of capabilities Blogger Dashboard does not.


Old Kitty: I usually avoid all the stuff they try to get people to update to as well. Recently that's been Google+.

I'm sorry to hear you have to keep re-following them--that sounds like a pain.

David: I use a lot of Google services; and I'm about to start using more, what with a current project I'm working on.


Beth: I do wish they were keeping it. It's really handy for bloggers.

Denise: That's what I usually do, but this one really frustrated me so I decided to post about it. :P (I didn't want anyone else to lose subscriptions, either.)

Liz: That's what I've found to work, too; in Reader it's the Subscriptions tab under Settings.

Rusty: I don't think it does--I find a lot of blogs by memory.

Susan: I hope you stay problem-free!

Medeia: Good to hear!

Me, neither.

Paul: Hope Google Reader doesn't give you any problems!

MISH: It's an interesting phenomenon, that's for sure. It certainly has a foothold on the Web.

Crystal: I'm not on Facebook (or Twitter, for that matter) so I've avoided problems with that site; it would be nice if sites' updates kept your settings, though.

Tracy: I hate it when that happens. It's frustrating to miss out on people's post--I know that's happened to me.

Nezzy: That's probably not far off the bat . . .


Thank you for coming by my blog. :)

Mark: No, I haven't yet; I'll keep that in mind, though.

Thanks. :)

Joshua: I'm definitely checking out your post!

J.A.: I hope Reader's working for you!

Jay: I used to depend on Blogger Dashboard but blogs stopped appearing in it.

M: I did, too. I don't mind it, but I wish they didn't shove the images into little squares. My profile image is a rectangle.

C D: That happened to me, too. I've found that if you un-follow, select the blog under the Subscriptions tab, and click "unsubscribe" at the top of the page the blogs will stop coming back; but that might just be me.

I haven't have any problems with your custom domain; sorry to hear you've been having trouble with it.

Deniz Bevan said...

Oh that's horrible! Did you find out why it happened? I hope you can recover/remember them all.

LynNerdKelley said...

Oh man, that's a bummer. I'll have to check mine and see if I notice anything different. I have a hard time figuring it out as it is. I received several comments on Facebook saying they tried to leave a comment on my blog and weren't able to. If they hadn't left those comments, I wouldn't have any idea that there's a problem, and I don't know what to do about it since a lot of comments are showing up. Good luck getting all those blogs back in order. Sheesh!

Julie Musil said...

Oh no! How awful. You're much more organized than me, since I hadn't even attempted doing something so orderly.

DWei said...

I'm not having trouble with my Blogger experience thus far but fingers crossed right?

laughingwolf said...

google has crept too much into my life, with gmail; blogspot; youtube; and most recently, google+ [those i use kinda/sorta regularly] and they have their mitts into more stuff i never use or even have heard of... so, yeah... they tend to annoy me on a regular basis... a tad less, recently... maybe cuz i spend too many hours on fb... a non-google board? lol

Donna Hole said...

I've had so many internet problems over the last month I don't know what relates to blogger/google and what is my own issues with my netbook.

Sorry for your troubles, but I'm almost grateful not all my issues are mine alone.


Theresa Milstein said...

A lot of people were worried about this. I didn't know it went through yet. Now I'l have to look. (checking) Oh yeah - they're gone. I had nearly 200. Yikes! But most of them I think I was following 2 ways. As I visit blogs, I'll find a way to add them.

I wonder why they got rid of it.

The Golden Eagle said...

Deniz: Nope. I'm going to try something Josh at Vive le Nerd (vivelenerd.blogspot.com) suggested, though; I'll let you know if it works.

LynNerdKelley: Sorry to hear you're having trouble with comments.


Julie: I would have let it lie, but I kept missing people's posts because they weren't in folders or they were in the wrong folder--and since I knew there were a lot of blogs that stopped updating I decided to go through the entire list.

DWei: *crosses fingers*

Laughingwolf: Google is everywhere these days--I haven't tried Google+, but it's getting harder to avoid. Somehow I ended up in people's circles despite the fact I didn't join . . .

Never used Facebook, but it is nice to use something else for once.

Donna: I'm sorry to hear you've been having so many problems!

I know what you mean. Not that I want my woes on anyone else, but at least we're not alone. :P

Theresa: Oh, no! I hope you can retrieve them; smart to follow them two ways.

I don't know . . . wish I did, that's for sure!

The Golden Eagle said...

Misha: For some reason your comment got labeled as spam--sorry I'm replying so late!

They suspended your entire account? Geez . . .

Monti said...

Congratulations on the nice-length novel completion. Happy birthday a little late, and Merry Christmas!

Mary Montague Sikes