12 August, 2010

Formulaic, Porphyroblastic, Character Overload, Rain, and Birds

You know how some words just beg to be said? Words that give you the urge to shout them to the world?

Well, "formulaic" and "porphyroblastic" are two that are making me crazy! I saw the first on a blog and the second I saw in my science book. I'm dying to say "How formulaic!" or "That's so porphyroblastic!"

Aren't they cool words? I think the porphyroblastic might have replaced "deoxyribonucleic acid" as one of my favorite things to say. It's also fun to type! PORPHYROBLASTIC!

A section of DNA; the sequence of the plate-li...Image via Wikipedia

(Isn't that COOL? I couldn't just ignore it! It REVOLVES! I love images that REVOLVE! And besides; it's not totally unrelated. I did mention deoxyribonucleic acid.)

(And yes, Chrome, porphyroblastic IS a word. Sheesh.)


Have you ever come across the problem where THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY CHARACTERS! in a book you're writing? Because that's the problem I'm coming across right now. There are too many people! Too many possibilities! Subtleties left and right! More places to go, things to do! Thoughts! Feelings! Relationships! Problems!


I actually have a list of everyone and in what part they start doing things, where they are, their relatives, friends, etc. I have a rather LARGE OneNote notebook covering them all, since I know I forget people otherwise. And there are always MORE people who have to be explored and talked about, since if I don't then operatives here and there won't make sense, and the reader will get confused, but the thing is the reader is probably ALREADY a bit confused at all the names and titles and places.

Or, maybe because I'm the author and I have to make sure things match up that I'm obsessing over this. Most of these people who are confusing me are smaller, less-than-secondary characters whose name is mentioned here or there.

Do you--as an actual READER--mind a lot of characters?

*Yes, I do actually say "oy" occasionally. It's also spelled "oi' in case there's confusion on how it's pronounced. But I say it with an American accent. More like "oay". If that makes any sense . . .


As you probably guessed from the title, IT'S RAINING! I walked in it. Which might not have been the greatest idea of all-time seeing as my clothes got a bit damp but hey, I love walking in the rain. :D Not to mention I got some fresh air and I saw some birds! Down by this river there are these snowy egrets, and yesterday there were four of them standing together. There might have been six, but they were kinda far away and sandpipers were all around.

Not my images, but that's what a snowy egret looks like. And that IS what the birds outside look like! Hey, I'm an eagle, in case you didn't know, and I love birds. Eagles more so, but all birds are cool.


Oh, I almost forgot! (Again.) I'm taking down the "You Are" poll, since it closed. So I guess most of you are optimists. Excellent! I'm more of an optimist myself. :)

-----The Golden Eagle

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Icewolf said...

Awwww ~ I love the snow birdies! They'er cute!!!

Unknown said...

you are just too cute!!

and i love those birdies. :)

Love ya,
Lauren Anne

Golden Eagle said...

Icewolf: Yup!

Lauren Anne: :D

Thanks for finding my blog!