08 August, 2010

Hey, Can You See This?

Bleah Briann has alerted me to the fact something's going wrong with my blog! Apparently, she can't access my page and it's making her computer shut down or something of the like.

This displeases me. MAJORLY. I don't have AdSense, I don't have any company links, there aren't even people spamming my cbox . . . what's going on?! If someone's going to cause trouble, couldn't they, y'know, stick an ad on my sidebar or something and not block my blog completely? *looks venemous*

Well, I don't really think there's anything I can do except RANT. And say, "GET OFF MY BLOG AND GO TAKE A HIKE, SPAMMERS!" Because hey, I'm not really a uber-tech person, and for another thing, I don't exactly know what's happening.


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-----The Golden Eagle
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Brooke said...

That's odd. What page is she talking about? It might not be spam at all-just her computer.


Golden Eagle said...

No, it's my blog, I think, since she said it was JUST this blog she couldn't access. And I doubt it's her computer if she can visit other Blogger sites . . . I really don't know.

Golden Eagle said...

What's causing the problem, that is.

Zoraz said...

Hmmm. Typing it in wrong maybe?
Oh! Excuse me! *mutters* where are my MANNERS??!!??? My name's Dog Trainer In Training. But you can call me Zoraz. (Zohr-Azz)I just found your blog and have decided to follow it! You can head over to MINE if you want! :) And If you like my blog, check out BrightStar's. The blog link is on my sidebar of MY blog. :D See ya, I have to go and put your blog on my favs.


Denise Covey said...

Seems fine..:)

Golden Eagle said...

Zoraz: Hey, Zoraz! Thanks for finding my blog! I'll definitely check out yours and BrightStar's. :)

L'Aussie: For me, too! And apparently for other people . . . hmmm. Anyways, thanks for commenting!

laughingwolf said...

blame google, they own blogger, and instead of looking out for their members, they appear not to care... my own page goes nuts from time to time, and only clears up when i bitch about it... on my site, since they make it difficult to contact them directly GRRRRRRRRRR

i see your page, no prob...

Golden Eagle said...

Usually I have no problem with Google, but it seems like they could provide better user protection, or whatever they want to call it.