04 August, 2010

Hey! It's Me!

*looks surprised*

Normally, I wouldn't be posting so late. (8:42 right now) But since I just finished reading (not writing :P) a book and there's really nothing else on my mind (except my story which is ALWAYS on my mind) I'm here.

Some random stuff I learned today:

DON'T WASH YOUR PHONE WITH WINDEX! On the bus today people were talking about they washed their phones, and one lady said she wiped hers off with Windex and now there's a big splotch on it. Another lady said she destroyed a keyboard with cleaning solution. Odd coincidence, but she lives close to us even though the buses aren't usually connected like that. :P

My love of teen retailers has diminished. In fact, it is nonexistent. I despise Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister (tell me, why are those two together almost all the time? Some kind of competition thing?) and Aeropostale isn't much better, although they aren't quite as . . . dark and gloomy-looking. Neither do they have bare-chested surfer dudes glaring out their storefronts. Big plus, y'know. A&F and Hollister always manage to smell really, REALLY strongly of perfume, too. *cough*choke* I mean, do they want to make the entire section of the mall smell like their store or what? It's sort of repelling to me, since I don't like perfumey stuff.

Monro Muffler Brake should get their trucks fixed! Having a large ugly dent where it says "Trust and depend on us!" is a bad marketing strategy. You'd think they--being a CAR company--would get it repaired, but no, they go around with a dent in their vehicle. What's with that?


I'm feeling strangely hyper. Usually I'm not hyper. Weird, especially since I had a long day walking in front of my personal torture chambers (above-mentioned teen retailers) walking around the town, walking to Petco, walking to the grocery store, and also getting my eyes checked for contacts.

Anyways, good night! I'd better sign off for now and return tomorrow morning. Last note: Google Chrome is telling me "dialogue" isn't a word! IT IS SO A WORD!

-----The Golden Eagle


Caroline said...

Hyperness! I love being hyper. Especially at sleepovers, cause being tired at sleepovers is no fun!:)

Huh. I have to admit I do like Aeropostale, but then again, it's been over a year since I've been to one, so I really can't say. Those stores are really expensive!XD

Emileigh Latham said...

Very true Caroline about the hyper-ness factor.

I can't believe it said dialogue is not a word! That is weird!

Golden Eagle said...

Caroline: Yeah, I like being hyper. Especially when I'm writing, cause it's easier to think of things when my mind's moving fast. :D

Memzie: I know! I wonder what dictionary they're using. :P

Sofia said...

Some made up dictionary? *taps chin* Yes, I believe that would be it! It is kinda finicky because I always have like four or five tabs (often more lol)and keep accidentally re-arranging my tabs!
I admit, I do have some Aeropostale clothes, and did go into Hollister after walking the ENTIRE mall and not being able to find a hoodie I liked. Really, you can get some cute clothes for pretty cheap at Target, and they don't have logos on them. Yes, some of their clothes aren't made well, but some are. :D


Golden Eagle said...

I sometimes have a lot of tabs. If I'm researching something or want to compare information, or if I'm visiting blogs, I'll have tabs and windows all over the place. And notes too, occasionally. :P

Julie said...

LOL. The car/truck thing made me laugh.

I get clothes from Aeropostale, but I don't ever get clothes from Hollister or A&F. Personally, I like stores such as Old Navy. I know I'm going to sound werid person saying thiumm... poor girl saying this but you can find some really good stuff at Goodwill.

Golden Eagle said...

Yeah, you CAN find some really good stuff at Goodwill--and for a low price.