24 August, 2010

I Keep Losing Internet Connection! (Plus, some other . . . stuff.)

Come on now, you-wacky-bird-that-is-Road-Runner! Use those oh-so-fast feet of yours and keep the internet working. It's all over your ads that the service is quick. :P

Anyways, it's probably just because of the heavy rain we had yesterday, though you'd think they'd fix it securely. If you notice that I'm absent for a while (I'll try not to be) then it's probably because of the connection.

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(Hehe. Just though this was funny . . . )


But on the upside to the day, the car's getting repaired and should be ready TOMORROW.

THAT MEANS WE DO NOT HAVE TO RIDE THE BUS ANYMORE. Zippity-do-dah to that! (I love the word--or phrase, actually--zippity-do-dah. Forget what it's from, but never mind.)

Seriously, though, I don't like buses, and they can get expensive. (The US needs a public transit overhaul. Why are the French and Japanese zipping around in TGVs and Bullet trains while we're sitting through really bad buses, eh?) But aside from trains, I'm glad to be rid of things that are a) Smelly. b) Slow. c) Inconvenient. d) Occasionally packed. e) Just darn nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to being early/late and when they're early/late.

And not to mention the darn system around here doesn't work. In fact, it was so dysfunctional that they threw it out, but since the county's budget is not doing so well (I think that's true for just about everywhere right now) they were told that they had to go back to using it. It really doesn't work.

Press 1 for ___! Press 2 for ___! Press 3 for PM! Press 5 for AM! [Customer: HUH?] Need a different location? Press ___ and leave a message! We *might* get back to you in time for you to schedule your trip! Have a nice day!


It's just SO much easier to get around if you have a functioning vehicle. Hey, our lives are modeled around transportation via car/truck/SUV/etc.


Blogger installed that new "Comments" thing on my Dashboard, which I actually appreciate. I haven't gotten any spam or anything, but it's always a nice precaution. The line of things across the top of the screen is getting a little crowded, though, since Blogger-In-Draft now has Posting, Comments, Settings, Design, Monetize, and Stats. :P

-----The Golden Eagle
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