22 August, 2010


First off, I had an amazing writing day yesterday. I managed to get out 5000 words and pushed my book forward almost 10 pages. I finished a major plot point/scene and hammered out some things I hadn't been sure about before. Maybe I should have waited to write some of it and saved it for today . . . but I did do some editing on Part Three since it's been really bugging me.


Second, a homeschooler award from Bleah Briann and Eldarwen! They're having a blog party focusing on homeschoolers right now--called Homeschoolers Appreciation--and today it's an award. So, thank you, Bleah and Eldarwen!


Got my hair cut today. (Thank you Mom!) It's only down to my shoulder blades in a ponytail and that feels weird since it was down to the small of my back before. My head feels lighter than normal. :P But at least it won't be as hot anymore.


Have you heard that there are salmonella cases breaking out around the country? And that companies are having to recall their eggs? 

Now, I always though that all eggs had salmonella in them and that was why you cooked them. Apparently, only a small percentage have the bacteria in them, but if they had it before, why all the fuss about it now? Sure, people are sick and that's serious, but aren't you supposed to cook the eggs before you eat them, and doesn't that kill the bacteria?


It's been raining for most of the day today. It's still dripping out there, and it's been coming down nonstop since last night. Sheesh. We're going to be a soggy mess once it does stop completely, and I really don't think the grass needed quite that much saturation. But it made the house feel cozy and that's a plus when writing. If it's bright and sunny outside, I'll get the urge to stop typing and do something else. Very distracting.


You may have noticed I changed the template background. Do you think it's better? Worse? Completely horrible? I might play around with the link colors a little--the bright blue isn't quite my style.


And if that's not enough miscellany for you, have you ever seen the movie The Series of Unfortunate Events? Love that movie. (I watched it last night.) It's weird, funny, strange, has a good cast, and while they certainly changed the plot, they managed to keep the mysterious feel of the books. What more could you ask for?

Ahem-hum. I believe that's everything . . . 

-----The Golden Eagle


Orchid said...

Ooh, congrats on progress on your book! Love The Series of Unfortunate Events. I haven't read the books, but the movie was really good. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on inspiration for book writing!

Icewolf said...

I wish I could write that much...

But I didn't like The Series of Unfortunate Events, even though I never actually read them. It just didn't seem like my kind of book.


Kenzy said...

I love the Lemony Snicket series! :D

Golden Eagle said...

Orchid: Thanks! And yes, the movie was really good. :)

Shaynie: I'm trying to hold onto it. I've got more to do still.

Icewolf: I like them a lot; plenty of mystery and humor. It's rather strange in parts . . . but I like that sort of thing. :P

Kenzy: LOL. :)

Zoraz said...

I HAVE heard about the egg thing. Today actually on Fox News. Anywho, somebody was posting strange (one) comments. It was anonymous and it said 'you suckkkk'.....I know one person who has no blog and has anonymous but she wouldn't say I suck! Any clues?


Golden Eagle said...

I don't know who that would be . . . I'd just delete them if I were you. There's a level of criticism that's appropriate and some that's not, and I certainly don't think telling someone they "suckkkk" falls into the acceptable category.