16 August, 2010

Music, School, and Writing With Eyes Closed

I tell you, the best music in a rainstorm has got to be Pachelbel's Canon in D. Scratch that, actually. It's one of the best pieces of music EVER, for any sort of environment. Seriously. If you haven't ever heard--or heard of--Pachelbel's Canon in D . . . 0.0!? You have been seriously deprived of amazing-ness! Luckily I can also play a variation of it on the piano. :)

{Apologies on absolutely horrid sound quality. I hate when they mangle pieces up because it's electronic, but I wanted to give you some examples of Canon in D.}


I was thinking yesterday most public school kids are going back to school today, after reading some blogs and remembering the news reports on back-to-school shopping and consumer sentiment. (I'm not going back to school right now; I had a couple weeks and then it was back to schoolwork.) Or, if they're not doing it today, kids are going back to school sometime around now, I'm not exactly sure since I'm homeschooled. (As if you didn't know that by now.)

Wasn't it just June? Like, three days ago? Wasn't I heralding my half-birthday a few weeks ago? Wasn't I complaining that summer is hot and dry and annoying? Now summer's almost GONE. *stares* Well, autumn's my favorite season so there's really not that much sorrow going on with me, except for the fact I'm going to miss relatively empty libraries. (I love that feeling of having the entire library to myself; don't you?)


Good writing day today. :) I was actually typing with my eyes closed for a lot of the time, so I got a lot of bungled crap that literally looked like "tjgr je saud" which, translated, means "then he said" because I'm not that good at typing without looking at the keys. Oh sure, I can do it and Word's a big help with AutoCorrect, but I had to go back over the crap and fix it up until I got a more finished-looking product--and you know, I think I actually wrote some good stuff. Which is making me VERY happy! I just pictured my character's faces and focused on their body movements and the look of the room and what they were saying . . . and it FIT. The first time around. Usually I have to cut out a lot of the originally typed dialogue because, frankly, it almost always doesn't make sense.

-----The Golden Eagle


Icewolf said...

Ha, I have about two weeks left. OH! I just saw Tamora Peirce's book Terrier! I JUST got done reading that. I love her books. Have you read her Wild Magic series?

Sarah said...

I go back on September 8th -- GO CANADA! haha :P

&& I LOVE typing with my eyes closed... I've gotten really good at it :)

The Words Crafter said...

I don't typically do a lot of classical music-it's technicality makes me tense. There are some pieces that I like and I found I really liked the first and last variations. Thanks, now I can add more to my 'like' list! My new class starts next week (at work) and my own class starts Thursday (not looking too forward). I love all the back to school shopping, though. It's exciting because, like you said, fall is right around the corner, festivals, holidays, pumpkin patches-LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you. :) The best music for rainstorms are Brahms' Piano Concertos performed by Artur Rubinstein. Bliss, I tell you. :)

Emileigh Latham said...

Me too! I can't believe summer is almost over! AAAAAAAH!!!

Golden Eagle said...

Icewolf: Did you like Terrier? I haven't read Pierce's Wild Magic series yet, but I did read Squire, The Will of the Empress, and a couple others . . .

Sarah: Yeah! You're lucky to go back that late in the year.

I'm still pretty bad at it . . . but I'll probably get better. :P

The Words Crafter: I like the technicality--but that's just me. :P Glad you like Canon in D, though! And I CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL!

Shaynie: I've never heard Brahms' Piano Concertos played by Arthur Rubenstein. I'll have to check it out!

Memzie: Gah. It is. I'm still trying to grasp the days myself.

Stephen said...

Have you ever heard "Pachelbel's Rant?" It's a music/comedy sketch by a guy commenting on the use of the Canon in contemporary music..


Golden Eagle said...

LOL! No, I hadn't seen that one before. Thanks for the link! :D