09 August, 2010

Random Stuff

Do you get hyper whenever you find a new "key tip" listed somewhere? Well, I do. I don't know why, but I love using the keyboard and not the cursor. Frequently I use Alt+F4, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Shift+P, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+K, stuff like that. (Mind I'm using Windows; I don't know what you do for Macs or what's similar/dissimilar between the systems. I do know the right-click thing works differently since I see references about that . . .) 

AND to get around programs I often press Alt in Excel/Word/OneNote (OneNote is AWESOME I TELL YOU!) so I can navigate through the letters and not click anything.


In other news, didja hear that Europe's cell phone chargers are all going to be regulated now? In the US (apparently) the phone companies provide different charger-thingies, but in Europe you'll be able to charge your phone with every one produced and not have to worry about compatibility and whatnot.

Why can we not do this in the US, eh? It's SO much more efficient if everything works together. Teamwork, people!


Here's my entry for Brooke's button contest! I'm not sure there's a name, but here it is:


What else . . . I really should go write a book review but I'm not in the mood. Maybe I'll write it anyways and edit the horrific parts later so you don't end up screaming. LOL. :P

-----The Golden Eagle


Icewolf said...

I love doing that! My brothers are mystified about how I do it *laugh*

Katie Krinkleberry :) said...

I love using keyboard shortcuts! Lucky ducky Europe!! I wish the US would do that. :/

Brooke said...

Thanks a ton! There's one or two other people making them so I won't use it yet.

Golden Eagle said...

Icewolf: *grins* It's MAGIC of course. How else do you get things to move across the screen without a cursor?

Katie/Popular Joker: Definitely! We need it here!

Brooke: No prob. :)