12 August, 2014

Top 4 Reasons Why Blogging Is A Good Idea

(. . . from the perspective of someone who has decided to get back into this part of the blogosphere one step at a time, beginning with a new post.)*

1. It keeps the brain moving.
Not blogging means I'm not looking for post ideas and I'm not considering all the things I could be posting about from everyday experience. My mind isn't putting thoughts on the back burner to be turned into scintillating (or at least vaguely shiny in patches) posts to be published later.

2. Writing skills are always put to the test.
From speed typing to constructing my last sentence, I feel like my writing has deteriorated a bit since I stopped posting and commenting regularly, which is probably part of the reason why I let it slide for so long. Time to get my writing mojo back with some good old blogging time. (Maybe not as much as before, but a little. Every week. For the foreseeable future.)

3. All the interesting things happening in the blogosphere.
I miss know about this event or that blogfest, even if I'm not participating in them. There are so many great challenges circulating people's blogs year-round (including ones I know I've missed that I wish I had done, like the A to Z Blogging Challenge). I have no idea what's happening or coming up soon, and look forward to getting a sense of what exciting things have been happening while I disappeared.

4. The people.
More than knowing I'm missing out on some great blogging events, I miss knowing what's going on with all you fellow bloggers. I have no idea who's left, who's still here, and who's made their debut. I miss commenting on your blogs and reading posts, as well as reading your comments on my own blog. If you're here, hello there! Please leave a comment so I can go and check out your blog and say hello in your comment section. Seriously. I want to say hi to people.


So yes. I'm back, for the time being. It's already going to be a busy year--I'm a senior in high school this fall and am preparing for college applications and all the required tests for said applications--but I felt like I needed to stop pushing blogging aside and spend some time around The Eagle's Aerial Perspective, even if it's just a little bit. 

I won't be able to put in the hours like I did when I was blogging in previous years (I used to blog at least three hours a day, each day of the week, and I simply can't do that now) and I won't be able to comment as much on other people's blogs (which bothers me even more, since I want to visit everyone who I know stops by here and I won't be able to reciprocate all the time) but I'll be trying to post at least twice a month (hopefully more!) and visiting you all when I can. I don't know precisely what I'll be posting about; I think it will remain a combination of all the things that interest me, as my header has declared since . . . oh, years ago. Hopefully there won't be too much nonsense.

And here we go! The Golden Eagle Blogs Again, version 2.0.

*I tried thinking of five things about blogging to make it a nice, typical number for a list, but I couldn't come up with a good fifth one. Oh well. Four is decent, right?

How are you guys doing? What's been your favorite moment from this year, so far?

-----The Golden Eagle