10 January, 2012

Teaser Tuesday (68)

Teaser Tuesday is a bookish meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

This week, my teaser is from Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman.

It's . . . different. I cannot say I love it, and I get the feeling "like" might be a stretch by the time I'm done since the narrator bugs me, the other characters are all power-hungry (and one is a sadistic ex-vampire), and there is a ton of (unnecessary) description.

But the setting is unique, and that's the main reason I'm still reading. It's set on a planet colonized a thousand years ago where thoughts change the surroundings in a magical sort of way because of the planet's "fae", though some claim it isn't magic at all. There's not much science; it's all the fae, and as is indicated by the cover, their technology, customs, and clothes are rather medieval.

(I can't figure out which character this is. I'd say the narrator/MC Damien, but Gerald is the one who's sinister--and this guy looks sinister, if you ask me.)

There were more and more of them now, too many to count. They would flash bright as stars as their owners turned to assess their prey, then become invisible a moment later as the beasts turned their attention to the ground underfoot, or the Forest ahead. Whatever manner of creature they were, they were swift and seemingly tireless.
-p. 195


Got a teaser, or thoughts on the book you're reading?

-----The Golden Eagle


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You'll enjoy it! C.S. Friedman is a great writer.

Sunny said...

I read this series years ago, and my feelings about it at the time were pretty much as you described. It was interesting, and dark, but I could never quite bring myself to say that I "liked" it. Good luck though, and I'll be interested to hear your thoughts when you finish!

Emily Rose said...

Sounds like an interesting story! I just finished Soul Surfer....excellent book!

Anonymous said...

"I spun away from Shark Boy and Shark Junior and their leering grins."

Taken from Open Minds from Susan Kaye Quinn

Old Kitty said...

This is one writer I would like to read!! Thanks for the heads up! Maybe this will be my next library borrow!!
Take care

Shelly said...

It does sound interesting, the book you're reading.

Cherie Reich said...

I agree the guy on the cover looks sinister. It does sound interesting. :)

My teaser is here: http://surroundedbybooksreviews.blogspot.com/2012/01/teaser-tuesdays-trouble-under-tree-by.html

Susan Fields said...

I'm reading Finding Your Voice by Les Edgerton. A teaser: "Forget the rules in those instances - at least question them as to their applicability - and follow your heart."

M Pax said...

I have that book in my TBR pile. I've heard great things about that series. I'm reading Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child right now.

Michael Offutt, Visitor from the Future said...

It has cover art by Michael Whelan. That's the only reason that any of these books sold any copies. Michael Whelan is a genius at his craft.

Nancy Thompson said...

It's amazing what can turn us off in a book, and what can keep us reading. I have so little patience these days. I started reading I AM Not A Serial Killer and was a trifle bored with it, But when the murderer turned out to be non-human, I literally threw the book at the wall. I felt duped into reading it.

Liz said...

When a book annoys me, I like to stop and think about why. I learn a lot about myself and how to write when I do that. So, the book won't be a total waste.

I'm between books at the moment (well, between fiction), so no teaser. Sorry.

David P. King said...

You always give the best teasers. I honestly don't know how you can read so much, but that's awesome! :)

Robyn Campbell said...

This sounds like a really great read because of the setting, Eagle. Excellent!

I am writing not reading this week. Trying to find Mojo. *sigh*

Jenna Blake Morris said...

The setting sounds interesting, at least. It's a bummer about the negatives, though.

Right now I'm rereading *Down the Rabbit Hole* by Peter Abrahams -- it's been several years since I read it originally, and I think I like it even better the second time around.

anthony stemke said...

Seventy-five year old Walter Murphy, Gary's grandfather,was waiting for us on a long, whitewashed porch. He didn't ask us inside his house.

Cat and Mouse, James Patterson

J.L. Campbell said...

Hey, there, not reading anything right now. Can't decide what to read next.

Erin Kane Spock said...

That is my brother's favorite book ever. EVER. I have to read it eventually.

I'll join in on Teaser Tuesday next week.

Christine Rains said...

I loved the trilogy. I remember it even years after reading it the first time. I recently reread it, and I agree about the too long descriptions, but I'm a big Tarrant fan. He fascinates me even though I know he's not a good guy.

The Writing Hour. said...

Hmm, new creatures/ unknown ones are always interesting. I'm currently reading the last book in the Hunger Games series, read the other ones last year and finally got my hands on this one.

J. A. Bennett said...

I don't really like the cover of this one, and the teaser, though well written doesn't really grab me. I never thought I'd say this on your blog, but this one wasn't my favorite :)

Paul Tobin said...

Layering track on a basic take of drums by McCartney, lead guitar by Harrison, and bass by Lennon, they constructed a thunderous wall of sound sprayed with jet-engine effects and falsetto backing vocals in the mould of full-tilt Beach Boys records like "Surfin' USA" and "Fun, Fun, Fun."
Ian MacDonald. Revolution In the Head. (the song he is writing about is Back In The USSR.

Rachna Chhabria said...

I will try to get a copy of C.S Friedman's books. Have not read any of his books.

Misha Gericke said...

Not reading anything yet. Still recovering from Northanger Abbey.

Charles Gramlich said...

I want to read that book. I think I have it around the house. have to dig it out.

Anonymous said...

I actually just began reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". I gotta say it is pretty good!

Rachel Morgan said...

That sounds like a fascinating concept - surroundings changing based on people's thoughts... You could do so much with that!

P.S. The cover guy does look a little sinister!

P.P.S. How can you be an ex-vampire? Can you "unbecome" one?

....Petty Witter said...

Longing to know more about these creatures, thanks for this weeks teaser, I'm loving the book cover.

Jen Chandler said...

This is a tantalizing snippet! And I really like the cover, especially the trees. That guy does look sinister...it's fun to try and figure out who the artist is trying to depict!

Happy Wednesday,

Hannah Kincade said...

I love C.S. Friedman. I need to read more though.

I'm reading Guardian of the Gate. It's pretty engaging. I like Michelle Zink's present tense. It narrows the story and amps the tension.

Carol Riggs said...

Sounds like a good teaser. I'm actually NOT in the middle of any read right now. Just finished GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS and enjoyed it (well, except the ending didn't go like I wanted). :)

I mentioned you on my blog today!!

Natasha said...

This sounds really interesting, I'll have to add this to my Amazon wish-list! I like the cover too, very sci-fi-fantasy. You're welcome, I like the blog! xxx

Michelle Dennis Evans said...

This is such a fun concept. I love a good teaser sentence or two.

Jay Noel said...

OK, that cover KICKS ASS!

I'd pick it up just for that alone.

I'm reading Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest. It's a solid B+ 1/3 of the way through it.

Lynda R Young said...

Oh wow, I think I read that one back in the 80s (maybe 90s). I don't even remember what happens, but I do remember having similar thoughts to you. Ha!

The Golden Eagle said...

Alex: I did end up wanting to read the sequel(s) by the end.

Sunny: Thanks! I think I'll put it in my stack of books to review; it brought up some interesting questions (for me) that I want to explore . . .

Emily: They made a movie of that one, right?

Stephen: Shark Boy and Shark Junior sound like people to avoid--great teaser!

Old Kitty: You're welcome. :)

I took my copy out from the library; hooray for libraries!

Shelley: It is an interesting book. I'm not sure if I could describe it as anything more enthusiastic--though I do want to read the sequel now.

Cherie: I've figured it out; it's Gerald Tarrant, definitely. The blue sword says it all. :P

Susan: Interesting teaser! I'm intrigued to know what instances she means now.

M: I hadn't heard much about it before I read it; I actually read a teaser from it somewhere and liked the blogger's description.

Lincoln Child . . . of Preston and Child?

Michael: It is a really good cover.

Thanks for mentioning his name, too, BTW; I just Googled him and there's some interesting art in the results!

Nancy: I felt that way about I Am Not A Serial Killer, too. It felt off from the rest of the book, since it seemed to point toward some- one/thing human.

Liz: Good strategy. :) I try to do that whenever I find a book I don't really like, but sometimes I just don't want to bother analyzing the story.

That's okay. You can always come back next week and share a teaser!

David: LOL. Thanks!

I'll admit, though, sometimes I just start reading a book so I have a teaser from a different novel than the week before.

Robyn: It's the best part of the book, IMO. :)

I hope you find your mojo soon!

Jenna: I'm hoping that will change in the sequel(s); I did find it interesting enough to want to read the next book.

That's a good book! :)

Anthony: I'm intrigued by your teaser! I wonder why he didn't ask them inside.

The Golden Eagle said...

J.L.: There are an awful lot of options, aren't there? Not that there can be too many books, of course. ;)

Erin: I hope you like it!

I look forward to reading your teaser!

Christine: He's an interesting character; there's the good (he sticks to his obligations and even goes beyond them) but there's also the very bad. :P

The Writing Hour: There are some fascinating creatures in this book--the rakh are unlike any Fantasy creatures I've come across before.

J. A.: I don't think it's my favorite, either . . . LOL. Hopefully next weeks will inspire us all a bit more. :)

Paul: Interesting teaser! I have yet to read anything by Ian McDonald; I picked up one of his books once, read a few paragraphs, and just got stuck. I have enjoyed some of his short stories, though.

Rachna: It's a woman, actually. :)

Misha: Hope you find another book soon that you like more than Northanger Abbey!

Charles: I hope you enjoy it!

Cestlavie22: I read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo recently; I can't say I liked it. Too much violence and I didn't like the MCs.

Glad you like it, though! :)

Rachel: Indeed--though, as is central to the story, some are born with much more ability than others to manipulate the "fae", or magic that exists on the planet.

Nope; the character has moved from feeding on blood to feeding on human terror and suffering.

He's quite a lovely fellow. :P

Petty Witter: You're very welcome! :)

I like the cover, too.

Jen: I love the trees. The back flap has more of them and the whole design is fascinating.

It is! Though frustrating, if he doesn't seem to match up for a while, or the details aren't exact.

Hannah: That's my favorite part of Zink's writing. :)

Carol: I know what you mean--I really wish it had gone differently for [insert name here].

Really? I'm heading over to check it out!

Natasha: The entire book is like that; SF and F in one novel, though I think it falls more into the Fantasy category, if you take it as whole.

Glad you like my blog. :)

Michelle: I do, too.

Jay: I have to admit, when I looked up the cover (because I do that whenever I hear of a new book . . . don't ask me why) I was much more inclined to put a hold on it from the library. :P It's really good!

I've heard of that book before; never read it myself, though.

The Golden Eagle said...

Lynda: It must have been the 90s, since it says this was published in 1991. Unless you got an ARC. :)

Anonymous said...

Another great teaser, Eagle. :)

I'm reading and loving K.M. Walton's CRACKED, which involves bullying and depression. It's sad and insightful, yet there are areas of comic relief to lighten up the emotional load.

Trisha said...

I haven't read any of this author at all!

Lisa said...

oh my.. sounds interesting

Here's mine

Madeleine Maddocks said...

I've not come across C.S. Friedman.

I will have to get hold of a copy and have a read.

Peggy Eddleman said...

I love the way you describe this book! :) I'm reading ALLOY OF LAW by Brandon Sanderson. I am loving it.

Jules said...

All I know is I don't want any critter that is swift and won't wear down. Makes catching them too much work. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

DWei said...

I'd need to be reading a book in order to do this. :(

Robert Guthrie said...

"When he was seven, Gregory turned to the streets."


Emily Rose said...

Golden, yes they did make a movie of it. Though I thought the movie was good, the book was better because it was her actually telling you what happened. Not Hollywood.:)

The Golden Eagle said...

Medeia: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It sounds like a "heavy" book; heavy in the sense that it deals with a lot of darker subjects.

Trisha: This is my first book by C.S. Friedman.

Lisa: It is an interesting book. :)

Madeleine: I hadn't, either, until I came across it in another blogger's Teaser Tuesday post.

Hope you like it!

Peggy: Thanks!

I've never read anything by Brandon Sanderson; I see his books all over the place, though.

Jules: Much too much!

DWei: Hope you find a good book to read soon--I always get edgy whenever I'm between books. :P

Robert: Intriguing teaser. It sounds like a sad story, though, for Gregory at least.

Emily: Books always seem to be better than the movie. Hollywood . . . well, they twist things.