18 June, 2012

Breakthrough By Stephen Tremp

Today (and tomorrow) Stephen Tremp is offering his Science Fiction/Thriller/Suspense novel Breakthrough for free, and hosting a blogfest/party to spread the word.

Of course, I signed up; he's one of my favorite bloggers, and posts some great science information. His A-Z Challenge series posts about physics and space were fascinating.

About Breakthrough:
A scientific breakthrough of such magnitude it could radically alter the future of humanity—for better or worse—is in the wrong hands.
   The Information Age is moving at breakneck speed. Breakthroughs in areas of science that were once fodder for science fiction are now becoming part of our everyday life.
   A group of graduate students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology has stolen a breakthrough in opening and stabilizing Einstein-Rosen Bridges, commonly known as wormholes, that allows them to instantly transport people from one location to another. Their goal is to assassinate any powerful politician and executive controlling the world’s banking system that would use this technology for their own greedy gain rather than the advancement of mankind.
   In south Orange County, California, young Chase Manhattan, part of a new breed of modern-day discovery seekers, seeks to leave behind his life of danger and adventure and settle down as an associate professor of physics at University of California-Irvine. He also desires to build a lasting relationship with a beautiful woman he has not seen since high school.
   His idyllic plan is postponed when he soon uncovers the diabolical scheme on the other side of the country. He realizes he is the one person who can prevent more murders from happening and either control or destroy the technology. Once the M.I.T. group understands Chase and his friends have the ability and motivation to not only take the technology from them, but also thwart more killings, Chase finds himself in their crosshairs, the top-of-the-list target on their assassination agenda.
   As the death toll mounts, Chase and his friends must battle this group of misled zealots from M.I.T. on both coasts and in cyberspace in a thrilling, desperate race to determine the outcome of this monumental, once in a millenium discovery that will drastically change life as we know it—for better or worse.

Have you read Breakthrough or downloaded it yet? Do you read Science Fiction or Thrillers?

-----The Golden Eagle


Christine Rains said...

I just got my copy this morning. :)

Pat Hatt said...

Awesome what he is doing, sounds great too, always in for some science fiction.

KarenG said...

I haven't downloaded it yet but plan to. Thank you for the reminder!

Libby said...

I do always like a free read!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd downloaded it last year!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Sounds like an amazing story.

Old Kitty said...

Hoorah for Stephen!!!!! Exciting stuff!! I read anything, me! Take care

Cherie Reich said...

I downloaded a copy today! :)

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Stephen is everywhere. It's like a tsunami of science-fiction!

Charles Gramlich said...

got my copy

David P. King said...

Goodness, this book is everywhere today. Better check it out while there's still time. :)

Liz said...

Sounds interesting, and it takes place in my part of the country.

Carrie Butler said...

Just downloaded it. Stephen rocks! :)

J.L. Campbell said...

Hope Stephen gets a ton of downloads and reviews for this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aerial Eagle for the awesome shout out! I'm awed by the amazing people like yourself giving me face time on your blogs! This is greatly appreciated ... thanks again!

Romance Reader said...

I've downloaded to my new Kindle!


Empty Nest Insider said...

I just downloaded it! Nicely written synopsis! Julie

Matt said...

Oh wow it sounds really good, I'll have to check it out, thanks for the heads up!

michelle said...

It sounds like an excellent story... and I do love my thrillers!

The Golden Eagle said...

Christine: Cool. :)

Pat: Same here!

Karen: You're welcome.

Libby: Who doesn't? :)

Alex: Awesome.

Maurice: I like the blurb, too.

Old Kitty: The more diverse the better. :)

Cherie: I'll bet Stephen appreciates that.

Michael: Ha, I like that description.

Charles: Great.

David: Ends today . . .

Liz: Wow. It's interesting to find books that take place in one's area.

Carrie: He does! :)

J.L.: Well, Breakthrough reached an Amazon bestseller list, so I guess he did.

Stephen: You're very welcome! :)

Riya: Nothing like a free book.

Empty Nest Insider: I agree--it's a good blurb!

Matt: Anytime!

Michelle: There are some well-written thrillers out there.