13 September, 2012

Kismet Cover Reveal + What's Your Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation?

First, a cover reveal. Last Tuesday, Beth Fred released the cover for her new book Kismet. I had actually meant to post about it on Tuesday, but managed to forget the date. *facepalm* But without further ado from me, here's the cover!

Tiffany is a hard-working accountant with no time for love. After escaping her sister's too wild Cancun bachelorette party, she meets a local guy, Luke, in the bar. When they're forced to spend time together, Tiffany lets her guard down, but she still has to return to the US in two days. Will the airport be their final goodbye?

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About Beth Fred:
Beth Fred lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their little ELF (Emily Lace Fred). She spends her time bringing her day dreams to life on paper, and blogging about bringing day dreams to life. You can find more about that at www.bethfred.com.


And second, a question:

Out of all the thousands of screen adaptation of books, which interpretation(s) have you enjoyed the most?

After posting last week about the pros and cons of a recent Sherlock Holmes movie and a TV show, it got me thinking. Personally, I would have to say The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter movies are at the top of my list . . . but what about you? Any classics you could watch again and again?

-----The Golden Eagle


Anonymous said...

Favorites? Lord of the Rings for sure. I'm sure The Hobbit will be just as fantastic. I'm hoping Ender's Game is good, but we'll see.

prerna pickett said...

i think the pride and prejudice adaptations were done very well. Especially the Colin Firth version.

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah Lord of the Rings would probably win out, there are a few films I liked but never read the books, so can't count them.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lord of the Rings trilogy was by far the best.

Old Kitty said...

Dangerous Liaisons, Remains of the Day, Going Postal... and as for TV shows - Morse, Poirot (David Suchet), Miss Marple (the Joan Hickson ones) and Sherlock Holmes with Cumberbatch!

Yay for Beth!!!

Take care

Ellie Garratt said...

Congratulations to Beth. I love the cover.

I guess the best book to screen adaptation for me would be the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice. I can watch that over and over again.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've watched the Lord of the Rings adaptations several times, so I'm pretty sure that means I like 'em.

Brinda said...

Kismet sounds great. I'd have to admit that my fav book to movie adaptation is The Wizard of Oz.

Liz said...

Agree about the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. The more recent movie version took some liberties with the novel.

My problem is I spend too much time lamenting what got left out.

Belle said...

Lord of the Rings was terrific. When I was young, I was happy with how they portrayed Gone With the Wind.

Marsha Sigman said...

There are so many! I still have to say the book is always better but HP and LOTR are at the top of my list.

Also, The Green Mile by Stephen King, and Pride and Prejudice. I'm going to think of more as soon as I post this comment...ha.

klahanie said...

Most impressive cover for Beth Fred's new book, "Kismet". Speaking of Cancun, I submitted a photo of me with just a Sombrero covering my...anyway, it was in a hotel room in Cancun...I wonder...nah :)
I really enjoy the original screen adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" with Alistair Sim. A timeless classic I would watch over and over again. Well, maybe just at Christmas.
Gary (ignore the icon of Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star!) She's taking over. Yikes!

Carrie Butler said...

Hooray for Beth! :)

Heather said...

Congrats to Beth on her release! As for fav movie adaptations, I'd have to say Lord of the Rings for sure and I'll admit, I liked Twilight too.

Trisha said...

I agree on the Colin Firth version of P&P. LOVE it, and can re-watch it frequently & never get bored.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Congrats to Beth!

Emily R. King said...

I agree. LOTR. I hope The Hobbit is killer good.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I've only read Fellowship of the Ring, so I can't comment much on the rest of the books, but LOTR was epic. Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy was pretty cool too.

Romance Reader said...

Kismet sounds a wonderful story.

My favorite would be A Walk To Remember.


Cherie Reich said...

Such a cute cover.

And I really like to watch the Halloween movies again and again. They're fun. Heh.

Beth said...

In addition to the ones you mentioned (really, nothing beats LOTR) I have to mention the 2011 version of Jane Eyre. I loved the book when I read it as a teenager, but as an adult I struggled with the character of Rochester. The movie version depicted Rochester in a way that made me like and understand the character, yet it was faithful to the book. For that reason, it stands out as a great adaptation.

Clarissa Draper said...

My favourite: North and South by Elizabeth Gasgall. In fact, I think the movie is better than the book. However, a close second is Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier.

Anonymous said...

While I loved LOTR, I can't watch it over and over. Ones that I can, and are favorites: Blade Runner; any Sean Connery James Bond; I am SO looking forward to The Hobbit.

David P. King said...

I have to agree with your film choices, although I would add Stardust and Princes Bride to the mix. :)

Paul Tobin said...

Mine are all old I'm afraid: Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep, The Grapes of Wrath (better as a film than a novel)and possibly my all time best film Stalker by Tarkovsky based on Another Roadside Picnic.

Janet Johnson said...

I confess, I'm a sucker for any Jane Austen adaptation. :)

....Petty Witter said...

I think one of my favourite adaptations has to be Chocolat as written by Joanne Harris, brilliantly done and true to the book, I love it.

Jackee said...

Congrats to Beth Fred! Best of luck! I agree with the LOTR and HP. I would also add the BBC Pride and Prejudice and the new Hunger Games.

Have a great weekend, Golden!

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I prefer television to movies. I try not to rewatch things over and over because I think it's a waste of time, and I'd rather spend it watching something I've never seen.

nutschell said...

I loved Stardust! Well, and Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings...

Hurray for Beth!

Happy Friday!


RaShelle Workman said...

I'd have to agree with you on your movie pics. Especially the Harry Potter series. They truly captured the spirit of those books.

Jai Joshi said...

The Lord of the Rings is definitely on top of the list. The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile are also favourites of mine. And the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. That one rocked!


Maurice Mitchell said...

Forrest Gump was much a better book than novel.

Jay Noel said...

Alongside your choices, The Princess Bride, Shawshank Redemption, The Stand, and Harry Potter.

The Golden Eagle said...

Joshua: So looking forward to The Hobbit. And Ender's Game--hope they don't mess it up.

Prerna: I've never watched that. Can't say I'm a big fan of Pride and Prejudice the book, but maybe I'll check out that adaptation. :)

Pat: I always try to read the book before I watch a movie adaptation . . . not that movies are automatically worse, but I like to know what they're trying to emulate.

Alex: It's definitely at the top of my adaptations list. :)

Old Kitty: They've broadcasted several of those TV shows on PBS this side of the pond--I'll have to check them out when they re-air. Or see if the library has them . . .

Ellie: I do, too.

Lots of votes for the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice! :)

Charles: I've only seen them a few times, but I've really enjoyed them.

Brinda: I haven't seen The Wizard of Oz since I was at least ten . . . should go rewatch that sometime.

Liz: I always wish they could have included more in movie adaptations. So many great scenes lost.

Belle: I've never seen Gone With the Wind. That's definitely a classic!

Marsha: Mine, too!

LOL. Well, you can always comment again. ;)

Klahanie: LOL. Sounds like you've got some, er, colorful anecdotes from Cancun.

I've only seen the Muppet version of A Christmas Carol . . . will have to check that one out.

Carrie: Yup. :)

Heather: Nothing wrong with liking Twilight!

Trisha: Well, it's on my list now for sure.

Donna: I hope her book does well!

Emily: It had better be. Particularly, it had better not be dragged out to death via three movies.

Jamie: I want to see that movie! More so now that I've seen Sherlock; Martin Freeman is awesome.

Nas: Haven't seen that one or read the book. Thanks for the rec. :)

Cherie: I agree!

I'm not big on Horror, but they sound great for the start of the holidays.

Beth said...

Thanks so much for sharing my cover!
As for film adaptations, The Vow film was actually better than the book.

The Golden Eagle said...

Beth: I have yet to read Jane Eyre, though I probably should since it's such a classic and references so often.

It always helps when characters are understandable.

Clarissa: Better than the book? That's a high bar!

Stuart: Need to get around to reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?--I see Blade Runner talked about everywhere.

I cannot wait for The Hobbit.

David: Stardust was amazing! I love the movie and the book. :)

Paul: Old recommendations are great. I'll have to check out the books those are based on.

Janet: They're certainly often-adapted works!

Petty Witter: I've heard of the book, but I've never read it or watched the movie.

Jackee: Pride and Prejudice seems to be quite popular.

Thanks. You too! :)

Michael: I like reliving favorites, but I see your point. New fiction is much more of an adventure than old.

Nutschell: Stardust was an awesome movie. Funny and adventurous like the book.

RaShelle: I need to go back over the Harry Potter series. I think I've worn down my magic stores . . .

Jai: Looks like I'll have to get around to watching Pride and Prejudice!

Maurice: Really? Interesting.

Jay: The Princess Bride was a great movie.

The Golden Eagle said...

Beth: Anytime!

I'm glad I could--even two days late.

I saw some trailers for The Vow; it's an interesting story.

Ciara said...

LoTR is excellent. Also, Emma, Little Women, and Pride and Prejudice were great.

Rachna Chhabria said...

Kismet cover looks great. Congratulations to Beth. I think it would be Pride and Prejudice.

DWei said...

I um, really like Iron Man. ._.

That counts right? Comic book?

Talli Roland said...

Congrats to Beth!

Hm, I generally find the screen adaptations disappointing. I did enjoy 'One Day', though.

james atel said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for my trilogy to be picked up by Steven Spielberg. Maybe once the third one comes out later this year.

cleemckenzie said...

I have to agree with you on the books to movie successes. Both of those movie adaptations were as entertaining and exciting as the books and enhanced my appreciation for what I'd read.

Beth's on my blog this week as well. Here's wishing her good luck with her launch.

Christine Rains said...

The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films are my favorite adaptations too. I could watch both again and again.

Madeleine Sara said...

Good luck Beth.
What a great question.
For starters: The Reece Witherspoon Vanity Fair is incredible. LoR and HP definitely too. The 1995 version of Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root.

Anonymous said...

THE PRINCESS BRIDE! Probably helped that the author of the book wrote the screenplay...

Anonymous said...

new follower, sounds like a really good book!

The Golden Eagle said...

Ciara: Now those are classic books!

Rachna: Not a huge fan of Jane Austen's works, but I might just watch the movie anyway, since so many of you like it. :)

DWei: Absolutely!

Talli: It's rare when they're as good as the book . . .

Stephen: Who knows. :)

Cleemckenzie: It's always fun to find out how other people saw the world created in a novel.

Christine: Same here!

Madeleine: Ciaran Hinds? I recognize that name.

Milo: Probably! It's nice when the book and the movie are under the same direction.

Juliet: Thank you for following. :)

Lydia Kang said...

that's really weird, because I was just thinking of the word "kismet" the other day and look at your blog!

LOTR is also one of my favorite screen adaptations.

Anonymous said...

I can watch Misery and The Wizard of Oz over and over again.

I'm seeing Kismet everywhere. I like the sound of it.

N. R. Williams said...

Hi Golden
the movie that I like to watch over and over once a year is; 'It's a wonderful life.'

The Golden Eagle said...

Lydia: Coincidence. :)

Medeia: I do, too. It's a great blurb.

Nancy: I've heard of that movie, but never seen it.

Anonymous said...

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