06 January, 2014



Happy 2014!

Remember me?

I sort of used to blog here before I decided to take a quarter of a year off from Blogger.

Kind of inadvertently. 2013 was crazy from start to finish.

But I've decided that this year, I'm going to blog. It's not going to be every day; I'm not going to be able to read as many blogs and comment on as many posts; I'm not going to be replying as often to comments on my own blog.

However, I will still be posting. I don't want to let go of blogging as an activity--it keeps me writing, if only a little bit, not to mention the fact that I've really missed knowing what you wonderful people are saying and doing and achieving.

I won't be participating anymore in Teaser Tuesday or the Insecure Writer's Support Group; I may or may not get time to do blogfests. Regardless, I am unwilling to let The Eagle's Aerial Perspective turn into a blogging graveyard.

So, here ends the obligatory "change is coming and I'm sorry for abandoning you all and yes I'm still alive" post put out by all returning bloggers, and here's to the new year! :)

How are you all (assuming anyone still reads this)? How are you doing? What's your biggest goal/resolution for 2014? What's the thing this year that you're looking forward to the most? What was your favorite moment from holiday break?

-----The Golden Eagle