23 November, 2012

NaNoWriMo Update: Only One More Week Left

Hard to believe National Novel Writing Month has only one more week to go before it's over. Scratch that--November has only one more week to go. Good grief. October was just here, wasn't it?

(At least I'll be able to get back into blogging more in December. I feel like a terrible blogger for losing track of the recent posts of so many sites.)

But as for my NaNoWriMo progress:

71078 / 50000 words. 142% done!

71,078 words, total. I wrote 4,345 words today after about a week of writing just a few hundred to a couple thousand words, so feeling pretty good about that. I also just reached 100 pages in my Word document (8.5x11, no spacing, Times New Roman bold), which, though I know is less significant than word count since formatting can change, is a milestone I'd been hoping to reach.


How's your writing coming? Reach any milestones lately?

-----The Golden Eagle


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations! You're working on NaNo 2013 already.

Pearson Report said...

WOW - way to go GE, that's impressive.

My writing is moving along nicely, slow and steady, but always in a forward direction.

Cheers, Jenny

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

That is incredible! What an achievement!
Duncan In Kuantan

Deborah Walker said...

Wowee. What's your secret, Eagle?

Deborah Walker said...

Wowee. What's your secret, Eagle?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi GE .. well done is all I can say - you've obviously a one track mind and sense of determination to get it done. However - you've been over to say hi to me ... thankyou!! Enjoy the last few days of November and NaNo .. cheers Hilary

Donna Hosie said...

That's awesome - well done.

I'm on track to finish my ms by the 30th. NaNo and the writers involved have been totally inspirational.

JeffO said...

That's terrific work, Eagle.

Pat Hatt said...

Congrats on that, awesome.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Way to go! I finished mine on earlier this week and now I'm taking a break from the writing and doing other things instead. Starting to go through withdrawal, though. lol

Charles Gramlich said...

egads, November almost over. two more weeks of school. wow.

Tyrean Martinson said...

That's awesome!!! Congratulations!!! I am very behind with NaNoWriMo, but I've been making steady progress with revisions!

mooderino said...

Amazing. I've been meaning to get round to doing some writing today and haven't got round to it. Time to pull my socks up.

Moody Writing

Anthony said...


Liz said...

So, what, you're going for 100,000 words now? Congrats.

running4him said...

wow, you are so awesome!!! Wish I had the same inspiration to finish my WIP!)

Allison said...

October WAS just here. Congrats on the word count!

Allison (Geek Banter)

Yolanda Renee said...

Congrat's that is awesome!

I'm almost there. Taking a break to post and comment. Trying not to get to far behind -- I let things lapse to due to NANO.

Love November = Hate November!

Oh, well that's life!

laughingwolf said...

at this rate, you'll hit 100k, ge :)

Paul Tobin said...

You have done amazingly well, what a star! Any chance I can read the book?

Donna Hole said...

Congrats Eagle! Well done.


Jamie Gibbs said...

Wowza, that's amazing! Whatever coffee you're drinking, I want some!


Jack said...

Hurray! Nice count!
(I know, November went by very fast. I don't even wish to think how close December is right now.)

I reached my 50,000. That was a mile stone for me, as I was in the middle of editing at the same time. Not my brightest idea to publish and do NaNo at the same time. I will not be repeating that.

Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

I failed miserably at nano, but oh how does time fly!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I'm in awe. I can't even imagine writing that much in such a short time even if I worked at it full time.

The Golden Eagle said...

Alex: LOL--thanks. I wish I could push my word count forward into next year. :P

Jenny: Thank you!

As long as it's progressing, that's great.

Duncan: Thanks. :)

Deborah: Um . . . I don't really know. Might just be that I'm enthusiastic about the story.

Hilary: You're welcome! I've been trying to visit the blogs of others during November, even though I've been doing a pretty rubbish job of it. My Google Reader has exploded. :P

Donna: Thanks!

Awesome. It's a good feeling to be on track, isn't it?

JeffO: Thank you. :)

Pat: Thanks!

Donna: I do that with novels I really care about, too. Congratulations on finishing your novel!

Charles: I know. It's amazing to think 2012 is almost over.

Tyrean: Good for you on revisions! :)

Thank you.

Mooderino: Hope you got a lot of writing done that day.

Anthony: Thanks. :)

Liz: I'd thought about trying for 100k, but I don't think I'll reach it at this point. Still tempted to try, though.

Running4him: Aw, thank you!

I hope you find inspiration to write soon.

Allison: Thank you.

Yolanda: Thanks!

I've let things go during November, too, thanks to the challenge. It's always nice to take a break and blog. :)


Laughingwolf: I'd like it . . . but there are only four days left. I don't think I'll make it. :P

Paul: Maybe! I'll have to see what I'm going to do with the novel once I finish it and let it sit for a few weeks. I want to give myself some room before I dig into revisions.

Donna: Thank you!

Jamie: Thanks!

I don't actually drink coffee. :P

Jack: Thank you. And yeah, scary to think the end of the year is almost nigh.

Hooray for reaching 50k! Congrats. It's even more impressive you published and completed the challenge at the same time.

Michael: Yeah, it does . . .

Susan: I know I let a lot of things slip during November because of writing; if you've got a lot of other things on your plate, it's probably just because of time.

Susan Fields said...

142%? Congrats - that's awesome! I've been working my way through plotting my next book and making steady progress, so I'm feeling good about that.

Simon Kewin said...

Wow - impressive progress! No milstones of my own to report but yours is pretty incredible.

The Golden Eagle said...

Susan: Thank you!

Great to hear about your writing progress.

Simon: Thanks. :)