22 January, 2013

Teaser Tuesday (105)

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly, book-based meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.

Rules for participating:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

This week, my teaser is from Plugged by Eoin Colfer. I'm a huge fan of Colfer's MG/YA Artemis Fowl series as well as his sequel to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy so I was quite excited to get my hands on this book.

All I can say is . . . it's odd. It's one of those books that seems to go by really fast but at the same time rather slowly; things are happening, yes, but 82 pages in I keep expecting something even bigger to occur, not just because of the blurb, and despite two people having died already. I don't know. I'm definitely going to finish the book, at any rate.

My bag is where it should be, and I quickly locate the toiletries that were strewn around the floor by whoever trashed the place but are now lined neatly along the green plastic sink top.
   I stuff them into the bag and collect one last essential. I keep ten years of savings, almost fifty thousand dollars, stashed in the sink drain for emergencies, and if this isn't an emergency, it's doing a good impersonation.
-p. 97

What are you reading right now?

-----The Golden Eagle


Summer Ross said...

That last line of the teaser is great- LOL Thanks for sharing.

mooderino said...

Another kids' author attempting to crossover to adults? Seems to be a trend lately.

Nick Wilford said...

Intriguing about the stash. I have the first Artemis Fowl book, which I aim to read to my stepson, but I haven't got to that one yet... he has a very long TBR list!

Romance Book Haven said...

Thanks for sharing. It was intriguing! I'm editing two different books and engrossed in both the stories at the moment!


Pat Hatt said...

Damn, wish I had 50 grand stashed away haha great cover too.

Anonymous said...

He must have been using $1000 bills. Nice teaser Eagle!

Tammy Theriault said...

Stuffing bags....sounds like a ladies purse. Great tidbit

Old Kitty said...

I like the teaser!! It's packed with such action already!! Yay! take care

Rusty Webb said...

I'm about halfway through two books right now. The Mote in God's Eye, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle - a first contact story written about 30 years ago, a classic for that sub-genre, and The Eye of the World, the first book of the Wheel of Time.

I'm enjoying them both about equally, which is to say they're both pretty good, but I might be a bit too old to love them as much as I want to.

I tried to read the first Artemis Fowl book, but had a hard time with it... yes, I was probably too old for that one too.

mshatch said...

I enjoyed Artemis Fowl as well. I'm reading Paper Towns by John Green.

Brinda said...

Love that last line.

shelly said...

I loved it! Doesn't sound like a boring read at all.

Hugs and chocolate,

Connie Keller said...

I love the AF books, but I wasn't even aware of this Colfer novel. I'll have to check it out.

Right now I'm reading Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton.

JeffO said...

I'm filling in a gap in my reading history. I've got The Catcher in the Rye going right now. And I can see why so many people complain about Holden Caulfield's whiny nature, but I'm enjoying it overall.

....Petty Witter said...

Hmm, not too sure if I like the sound of this or not. Intrigued by the fact you describe it as odd, perhaps a book I'd read if I came across it in the library but not one I'd buy.

M Pax said...

Sounds intriguing. I'm reading Michael Offutt's Slipstream.

Li said...

I admit I never got into Artemis Fowle. I haven't read much sci-fi, so I'm currently reading the World Treasury of Science Fiction which seems to be a fairly substantial cross-section of the genre. I've enjoyed most of the stories so far.

Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

Fifty thousand dollars stuffed into a sink drain? That sounds insane and kind of stupid.

The Golden Eagle said...

Summer: You're welcome!

Mooderino: Hadn't noticed that personally . . . but I take your word for it.

Nick: Taking after his stepdad, I suppose? :)

Nas: Anytime!

Sounds like you're very busy.

Pat: LOL. Yeah, that would be nice.

Mauricem1972: I imagine so . . . otherwise that would be a lot of bills in one place.

Tammy: Glad you enjoyed it!

Old Kitty: It's an action-packed book.

Rusty: First contact? Sounds cool--I love first contact stories. And I've heard a lot of good things about The Wheel of Time.

Mshatch: I love John Green. Have you ever watched his YouTube videos he does with his brother Hank?

Brinda: I was hoping some people might find it amusing. :)

Shelly: It's not boring, exactly; I guess I'm just expecting something else.

Connie: I wasn't, either, until I read a blog post about it!

JeffO: Kudos to you for liking the book. I could never see the appeal. :P

Petty Witter: It's a very different novel from Colfer's Artemis Fowl series or his Hitchhiker's Guide sequel; it might seem odd to me because I was expecting a different kind of book.

Li: It sounds like a wonderful anthology. Who edited it? (Some of my all-time favorite SF collections were edited by Jonathan Strahan . . . just curious if he had a hand in it.)

Michael: Yeah, I'm not sure I'd want my money literally down the drain either.

michelle said...

The 50 000 grand part caught my attention... just laying around waiting for a rainy day to pop up!

Paul Tobin said...

I agree with Summer, it's the last line that hooks you. You want to know more about why this is the emergency.
I've read the first couple of Artemis Fowl's thought they were well written without really engaging with them. Over here he took on superstar status, readings in large theatres and the like. Seems to have died down this last couple of years.

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Heather said...

I think I see why it reads slowly, it's the unique writing style. Not sure I could stick with it.

cleemckenzie said...

Great teaser this week! Loved it.

DWei said...

The same thing I'm always reading, a textbook. This time it's Linguistics.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this book. Thanks for sharing it. Great teaser.

I haven't read any of Colfer's books yet.

sjp said...

Ooh wonder what the emergency is...

Michael Di Gesu said...

Very interesting teaser..

This must be a sink he doesn't use. LOL.. If so, how does his money not get wet?

Have a great weekend Golden.

The Golden Eagle said...

Michelle: Wish I had that kind of cash. :P

Paul: You'll have to read the book to find that out.

Really? Eoin Colfer is pretty popular here in the US--but he's never become a REALLY popular author like, say, Neil Gaiman.

Patrycja: Thanks for coming by!

Heather: True, Colfer's writing style is unusual. I tend to like that kind of thing, though.

Cleemckenzie: I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

DWei: Hope it's an interesting textbook on Linguistics, at least.

Medeia: You're very welcome!

I loved the Artemis Fowl series. AF is one of my all-time favorite characters.

Sjp: Hard to explain. It's built up over the 80+ pages I mentioned in my post!

Michael: Thank you.

I assumed so when I flipped to the teaser as well!

You too. :)

Carol Kilgore said...

Hope he doesn't forget and try to use that sink....

Anonymous said...

this is a really cool idea! I think I'm going to do this for a post!

Searching for the Story said...

That last sentence really is a hook!

I know what you mean about books that seem to move forward without moving forward. When I'm evaluating a query that's one of the first things that will catch my eye, and one of the first things I try to change!

Bonnee Crawford said...

That already sounds interesting. And I LOVED that last line. "And if this isn't an emergency, it's doing a good impersonation." Brilliant :)

I'm reading 'Catching Fire', by Suzanne Collins, book #2 of 'The Hunger Games' series.

Ciara said...

Oh, no. My comment didn't show last week. Good thing I made my way back around.
Interesting teaser and great cover!

The Golden Eagle said...

Carol: LOL. Probably would be a good idea . . .

Juliet: Can't wait to see your post. :)

Searching for the Story: I hadn't thought of it in query terms, but that would be something to correct when sending a query to an agent, wouldn't it?

Bonnee: Glad you enjoyed my teaser!

Ciara: Thanks for coming by. :)

Misha Gericke said...

Sounds like the book has an interesting voice. :-)

The Golden Eagle said...

Misha: It's unique all right. Can't say I love the main character, but he isn't a dull person, that's for sure.