10 July, 2010

Caption Contest

In honor of my 200th post, here are the pictures for the caption contest!

Don't copy anyone! Really.
No bad language.
Make sure you number your captions so I can tell which is which!
Um . . . I guess that's it. Oh, and be original!

The numbers are ABOVE the pictures.

{DISCLAIMER: I found these online, I do not own any of these images}

I put links to the pictures next to the numbers, in case they don't load. AND I forgot to mention that this ends July 16th. That is all.







Have a blast, guys!

-----The Golden Eagle
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laughingwolf said...

some pics are gone... :(

but have a new earworm:


John The Bookworm said...

1. Tolkien Meets Bobblehead: Not one of marketing's best ideas.

2. Isn't showing up....

3. I guess asking which one of you wanted the hair straightener was a stupid question.

4. See, when you put your swords together like *this* you can make a plus sign. Oh...OH. WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME?!

5. Meet angry and emo URL's. They act so different, but are really the same. Like life. And generic grocery brands.

6. Symbiotic relationship my butt. He just wanted to get the better leaves. I wonder what'll happen if I kick...

lol. I was up late. Hopefully these are semi-funny.

The Golden Eagle said...

Laughingwolf: Drat. I'll go see if I can fix that.

I can still hear them singing. :P

John: LOL. :D