01 July, 2010

Three Top Tips

Great idea, Melody!

Tip #1
When selecting a template, try to make sure that it doesn't have attachments that stick out onto the sidebar/post area.
I've seen several blogs with flower/clips/objects that are stationary on the sides, and as you scroll, they cover up text and images. Moving the screen is always an option, but it is easier for the reader if they aren't there.

Tip #2
Participate in tags, awards, and blog parades/parties if you want to get attention!
This is an easy way to make yourself known in the blogger community. Link up to things as well, where people can see your blog listen.

Tip #3
Blog about what you want to blog about.
Be yourself! :)

-----The Golden Eagle


laughingwolf said...

also, follow folk you like, leave comments, those who like what you say will find you and your blog to follow in return :)

The Golden Eagle said...


Katie aka Popular Joker said...

Great tips!

Melody said...

Good tips! Especially the first one - I've noticed that too and it is distracting.

Thanks for linking up! :D


Hannah said...

Wonderful tips! The first one is so true - sometimes when I change my template I have to rearrange pictures, etc. to make it work again. It doesn't look very professional when not done...