07 July, 2011

Harry Potter On The Red Carpet!

It's happening right now, so in case you want to catch some of it:


(I hadn't actually planned this post for today, but I love HP.)

-----The Golden Eagle


Bethany Elizabeth said...

I love HP too! I mean, of course... but yeah. Thanks for the link!

Christine Rains said...

I'm a big HP fan as well. I watched a little bit of it. I saw Rupert and Jason Isaacs, but my toddler wasn't as amused as I was! I can't wait to see the final movie. It's a bit sad, though. I'll miss the anticipation of a new HP film.

Sarah Pearson said...

*sniffs* They're all so grown up!

Madeleine said...

Oh I wish I could be there too. It's a hostorical moment! Will check out the link now :O)

Madeleine said...

Ooops that should say an historical!

Laila Knight said...

Thanks for the link. And I can't wait to watch the last HP movie.

KLo said...

My daughter and I are sitting in the living room right now (on our matching laptops, no less ;-)), and I'm catching up on my blog reading while she's watching the "Harry Potter" premiere and providing me with vivid and entertaining commentary.

She's loving it, and I'm loving her secondhand reporting ;-) I'd be there in a heartbeat if I could!

Beth said...

Ooh! I'm watching as I type!

Misha said...

Wow... to think it felt like yesterday when the first book took off.

Now the last installment of the movie version is almost done...

Alleged Author said...

Even the Rotten Tomatoes review site is saying the movie will be a good one. Cannot wait!

Old Kitty said...

The previews of the film are looking GOOD!!! Yay!!!!! I think the HP fever is about to EXPLODE big time....!!! YAY!!

Take care

Josh Hoyt said...

Thanks for the link!!

Krispy said...

I saw people going crazy about this on twitter! So sad that I'm at work so couldn't join in. I LOVE HP!

Matthew MacNish said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is so awesome. I can't wait!

Shelley said...

Cool, I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but I'll go check it out! :) Thanks.

(I'm hosting my very first giveaway on my blog, come check it out and enter!)

RaShelle said...

YAY for Harry Potter. I'm such a POTTER fan!!! Love! Love! Love!*deep breath* LOL =D

Emily Rose said...

Oooh it looks so good!! Agreeing with Sarah Pearson - They ARE so grown up!

Rob-bear said...

A Bear of my acquaintance spent the early part of his life working in a greenhouse. There, he was known as Hairy Potter.

Misha said...

I LOVE Hp! Can't wait for the last movie.

Lydia said...

I definitely can't wait for the last movie, it is going to be so amazing!

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

That was a great clip! Thanks for the link. Can't wait to see the movie!!!! :D

Lynda R Young said...

It's strange to see how they've all grown up in what feels like such a short time... hmmm, think I'm getting old LOL.

Carol Kilgore said...

Cool. Always follow your passion :)

Happy Weekend!

GigglesandGuns said...

I caught some of it earlier. I'm going to ms all the hoopla!

Theresa Milstein said...

An era is ending. Very sad.

N. R. Williams said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it too.

Deniz Bevan said...

So excited for the movie! I have to wait an extra couple of days for my sister to come into town... I'll be rereading the books :-)

Elana Johnson said...

I missed it! But I think I'm going to blog about Harry Potter next week. How could I not??

The Golden Eagle said...

Bethany: LOL. Of course. ;)

You're welcome!

Christine: I saw them, too. And the actress who plays Molly Weasley, although her name escapes me at the moment . . .

Me, too. :(

Sarah: I'll miss seeing another year of Hogwarts!

Madeleine: Historical is right! :)

No worries--I've been known to make many typos in comments. :P

Laila: You're welcome!

Neither can I. Though we'll probably end up waiting until the library gets the DVD or something like that. :P

KLo: Matching laptops? Awesome. :D

It sounds like you two had a good time!

Beth: Did you enjoy it? ;)

Misha: I know! Wasn't the series still going just . . . yesterday?

I hope it's good!

Alleged: Hooray! :D

Old Kitty: I'm going to explode when the movie comes out. LOL.

Josh: Anytime! :)

Krispy: I just saw the link on the YouTube homepage; I'm certainly glad I caught it! :D

Aw, that is too bad.

Matthew: Tell me about it. I'm so excited for the final movie!

Shelley: Well, in case you couldn't tell, I am. ;)

You're welcome!

I checked out your giveaway--it sounds awesome! But I prefer not to give my address or personal contact information out to anyone I know online; so I'm afraid I can't enter.

RaShelle: Feel free to express HP fandom here--I love the series. :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Emily: It does! :D

*sigh* But hey, at least there are always the earlier movies to watch. :)

Rob-bear: Oh dear. That's some nickname. :P

Misha: Me neither!

Lydia: It is!

(Hopefully, anyway.)

Samantha: You're welcome! :)

Lynda: They seem to be growing up fast to me, too . . . so if that means you're getting old, I must be aging, too!

Carol: LOL. Yup. :)

Thanks! I hope you had a good one.

GigglesandGuns: Me, too. Nothing beats Harry Potter hype just before a movie comes out!

Theresa: It is sad. :(

Nancy: I know I can't wait! :D

Deniz: I'm not sure if I will; I'm thinking of doing it before the DVD release, and then watching it, but I'm not sure . . .

Elana: Hurray for HP blogging! :)