18 July, 2011

The Inspiration Blogfest

The Inspiration Blogfest is hosted by Summer Ross at My Inner Fairy, and the rules are simple:

  • On July 18th post one inspiriting prompt. You can use a writing prompt or a photo prompt.
  • Go around and comment on each others' prompts.

    Here's my prompt (can you tell I write SF?):

    Are you participating in the blogfest? What's your favorite kind of prompt--photo, written, another sort?

    -----The Golden Eagle


    Deborah Walker said...

    Wow. That is inspirational.

    E. Arroyo said...

    I love this. It has an otherworldly feel. Almost like Halo. Nice.

    Suzy Turner said...

    Wow this is gorgeous. I could totally write a story based on this image. Truly inspiring!

    Angeline said...

    Love it, gorgeous. And I'm in your world, I write fantasy and horror.
    You might be interested in a post on my blogs; an interview with an editor from Angry Robot Books about the future of speculative fiction.

    Summer Ross said...

    That is lovely eagle! This really has so much that can be written about it. Thank you for participating.

    Francine Howarth said...


    Very other worldly! Can easily imagine an apocalyptic novel titled: Earth Change! ;)


    L. Diane Wolfe said...

    That is beautiful!

    Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

    That is awesome! Like the planet Byron crashed on in my book. Yeah, can you tell I write science fiction as well?

    Richard said...

    Fascinating landscape.

    Tessa Conte said...


    My favourite kind of prompts vary... sometimes it's a quote, or a random sentence, or something I see, or a great picture... endless possibilities! ; )

    Old Kitty said...

    I'm in AWE!! That's a great pic - I feel quite lost in it - it's mega!! Yay!!!

    Take care

    Anonymous said...

    Images are often inspiring for me. This is an interesting one.

    Christine Rains said...

    Amazing. Images are inspirational for me, too. Oh, the stories in yours!

    Amy said...

    Beautiful picture! It is most certainly inspiring. :)

    Brenda Sills said...

    Oh my word! - I've always wanted to see a planet that close! The closest experience I've had to that is when we moved to Indiana and I saw the sun set for the first time without mountains in front of it. What an astoundingly incredible sight! A huge ball hanging near the edge of the earth! I couldn't stop staring at it. I felt such a thrill - like some planet had traveled close to earth to hang out for awhile. Thanks for sharing your photo!

    Theresa Milstein said...

    That does look like your kind of inspiration!

    I don't know what I'd like. Something dark and mysterious. Perhaps bare tree branches against full-moon lit sky.

    Jen said...

    What a great picture. Gazillions of potential stories here! Thanks for sharing.

    Anonymous said...

    A.W.E. some, as in "a world extraordinaire."

    Loved this, thanks for sharing!

    Trisha said...

    Pictures like this remind me of a really cool dream I had once. I really need to get back into formulating stories based on dreams. ;)

    Lisa Potts said...

    Beautiful. I can see where this would inspire anyone, not just SF writers. Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer Hillier said...

    Awesome photo! Very inspiring!

    Manda said...

    I actually really like the background on your page. Makes me want to write something about Wales...

    LynNerd said...

    Awesome photo. Sparks all kinds of ideas in me!

    cherie said...

    Wow, that pic is sooo cool! Makes me want to write Sci-fi and I'm not even a Sci-fi writer. Lol! Thanks for sharing!

    Michael Di Gesu said...

    Awesome image.... so SF...

    Beth said...

    What a gorgeous photo! And a great idea to post prompts. Hope you found one that worked for you!

    Laila Knight said...

    That is so awesome. I love Sci-Fi pictures. How do you discover these blogfests? I would have loved to participate in this one. My posts are set for the week though. Can't I do this next week? :)

    Elizabeth said...

    Love it. I'm actually kind of sad that it doesn't exist, 'cause I'd so love to vaca there.

    Fave prompts? I really like interpreting artwork and song lyrics.

    Shelley said...

    Wow, interesting photo! :)

    Charles Gramlich said...

    What an incredible image. I love that so much.

    Jules said...

    Looks like a clear minion rising. Don't that moon thing remind you of a minion?

    Have great week Eagle. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

    The Golden Eagle said...

    Deborah: Glad you think so. :)

    E.: Thanks! It does seem otherworldly, doesn't it?

    Suzy: It is the Inspiration Blogfest, after all. ;)

    Angeline: Glad you enjoyed it!

    Angry Robot Books? Must read!

    Summer: Thank you. :)

    You're welcome! Thank you so much for hosting this--it was a lot of fun to visit participants!

    Francine: Ooh, good title! :D

    L. Diane: Glad you like it!

    Alex: He crashes in your book? Poor Byron!

    Wow. You write science fiction? I had absolutely no idea . . .

    Richard: I love thinking about what those rocks might be--or have been.

    Tessa: Thanks!

    That's the nature of inspiration, isn't it? :)

    Old Kitty: I'm glad you like it!

    Rebecca: Me, too. :)

    Christine: Glad you feel inspired by it. :D

    Amy: Hooray! More inspiration. That's what I aimed to do.

    Brenda: Me, too. Wouldn't it be amazing to see a planet or star looming in the sky, so near to the one you're standing on?

    That sounds like a great experience!

    You're very welcome!

    Theresa: LOL. It does? :)

    In that case, you should check out Christine Rains post for the blogfest--she linked to some images that sound just like what you're describing.

    Jen: You're welcome! :)

    Bryce: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    You're very welcome.

    The Golden Eagle said...

    Trisha: You had a dream with a vista like this? I wish I had dreams like that. :D

    Lisa: You're welcome! :)

    Jennifer: Thanks! Glad you find it inspiring.

    Manda: They're the Cliffs of Moher--I find them inspiring, too, which is part of the reason I set the image as my background. :)

    LynNerd: Hooray!

    Cherie: Hey, come join the club of us SF writers. ;)

    You're welcome!

    Michael: Glad you like it. :D

    Beth: I did find some inspiring images; the other posts were awesome!

    Laila: Me, too. They're some of my favorite kinds. ;)

    I usually find them by watching people's sidebars, posts, and pages (like the Current Participation one I have).

    You'll have to check with Summer Ross on that one. It would be nice to see an inspiration post on your blog!

    Elizabeth: Join me once spaceflight's a little farther on? :)

    Artwork--true, those can be quite inspiring!

    Shelley: Thanks!

    Hope you find some inspiration. :)

    Charles: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Jules: LOL. It could be a minion, couldn't it?

    Thanks--and right backatcha!

    Simon Kewin said...

    I managed to completely miss this blogfest - but I love that picture. Makes me want to explore ...

    Anonymous said...

    That was a very inspiring photo, thanks for sharing it!

    If you get a chance, check out a fellow writer's zombie story and help me make him wear an embarrassing shirt next year! Details are here: