29 August, 2011

A Writing Update

Since it's been a month from the day I started my current WIP, I thought an update would be in order.

Current word count: 24,565

24565 / 90000 words. 27% done!

Well, it isn't the 29,000 I wanted by now, but it's close enough. Progress is okay, not great--I keep writing in fits and spurts, 3,000 one day and barely a couple hundred the next. I do think finishing this story by November (and NaNoWriMo) is possible, though; I'm about a quarter of a way through the plot outline I made, and I can catch up during the next two months.

At least, that's what I'll be trying to do.


How are your projects going, bloggers? Good, bad, so-so? Do you have any deadlines/goals you're trying to meet (self-imposed or otherwise)?

And if you were hit by Irene, I hope the hurricane didn't cause too much damage to your area. The news I've been seeing isn't too good.

-----The Golden Eagle


Sarah Pearson said...

I don't have any deadlines at the moment but my kids go back to school on the 1st September so I'm thinking of setting myself a goal then. I need something, I think.

Christine Murray said...

I have a number of deadlines but I don't have a hope of meeting them. I'm usually a little over ambitious with my goals, but if you aim for the moon you might hit the stars.

Summer Ross said...

I have lots of reading deadlines at the moment for college classes which is putting my writing on the back burner. great word count Eagle!

Angelina C. Hansen said...

Congats on the great progress, Eagle. I'm about 4500 words from reaching my self-imposed goal for August. Theoretically I could do this, but I doubt I will. My reluctance to finish this story is holding me back. Not the first time this has happened. But I will reach the end. Just not quickly.

Michael Haynes said...

Writing is going well for me, lately. Some days better than others, but I think that's the nature of it!

Interestingly, I just posted my own blog post about my writing goals and how I'll be tracking them.

I've committed to writing 500 new words every day. I expect to get a lot more than that on plenty of days. But that's a target I can reach during a lunch break, or while my boys are in their Tae Kwon Do class, or in other similar bits of "down" time. So I feel that it's something that I can say I can do every day.

Good luck with your progress on your novel. I hope that you meet your target of being done before NaNoWriMo.

Mark Noce said...

Keep trucking! It's quality, not quantity and it sounds like you're doing great:)

Cynthia Lee said...

I generally manage about 500 words a day. But I've had a week of 1300 words a day which is unprecedented for me.

Of course, when I "finish" I'll just have even more work to do, revising and more revising. But I like to pat myself on the back for every step, big and small. :)

Christine Rains said...

You're doing good! I hope to participate in NaNoWriMo this November too. I've been doing it for eight years so far. I'm in the revision phase of my current WIP. My least favorite part.

Cherie Reich said...

You'll be able to do it. :)

My rewrites are super slow lately. Now I'm going to have to NaNo it in a sense this week to finish the rewrite, so I have enough time to edit/polish before October.

Michael Offutt said...

Sounds like you are doing well. I'm editing my W.I.P. and I do one chapter a day. It's hard work and tedious.

Deborah Walker said...

Good work, Golden Eagle. My writing is good and bad. Good for short stories, bad for novels. I've really got to get myself sorted out.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Good for you - progression is the thing. Eagles soar .. and I feel you will too ..

I give my thoughts to those who are suffering after Hurricane Irene.

All the best Hilary

Charles Gramlich said...

Pretty good progress. I start out wanting to do this with WIPs but usually forget to keep records somewhere along the way.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're still making a good pace. And the images from the Outer Banks are depressing.

Sofia said...

My current WIP is almost 13,000. Literally just before I read this post I finished printing out my novella (it's sitting on the coffee table in front of me) and so I have to start the first round of edits on that. :/ I also have to do another round of edits on my NaNo. Also, I've been casting around for ideas for NaNo this year-- and I think I may have convinced a friend to do it with me this year! Oh, and I have another project I started, which is only about 1,000 words, but I like the idea.


Clarissa Draper said...

That's amazing. I try for 1000 words a day when writing and oh how much I miss writing! I'm currently editing.

David Powers King said...

That's far better progress than my latest work. 24K in a month. That's something to be proud of!

Good luck on the rest!

Laila Knight said...

Great job. Any finished portion is success. I'm about a quarter of the way done with my edits and would be further along if it weren't for this darn cold. Happy writing. :)

Rusty Webb said...

I'm still trying to finish this never ending novella, it should be done (a draft anyway) any day now. This week for sure. Then finish a first draft of a novel I've been writing in fits and starts for 6 years, if I can get that finished by end of September then I have all of Oct to edit/revise novella and outline November's nanonovel.

That doesn't mean I'll get any of that done, but without the goals I won't get anything done.

Old Kitty said...

Wow!! Well done you! 3,000 words one day, 200 the next - it's all good and they all add up!!

Good luck and keep going!! Yay! take care

Heather said...

Hey, it's still progress so that's great! My goal is to get these new chapters into my WIP by the end of this month and print it out for a thorough red pen edit!

Carol Kilgore said...

You're doing great! Keep going. Cheers :)

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Maybe it isn't as many words as you had planned, but it's definitely good progress. You deserve a pat on the shoulder. Good for you!

I have deadlines galore at present, as a trip is coming up in three weeks. Like Christine, I'm often over ambitious with goals, so they are rather creative goals. I do find they motivate me to get a lot done, more than I would get done without them.

That 20 Something Virgin. said...

good job so far, even though it isn't exactly where you want to be, you obviously have determination.

as for myself, i was going strong on my WIP until school started last week. i haven't written one word since, as school takes up a majority of my time. but i am trying to work it in there somewhere between school/ my job/ boyfriend, friends and family/ and life in general. ahhh. :o

Rob-bear said...

Bear isn't making much progress, but is Bear-ing up, nonetheless.
Glad you're doing well!

M Pax said...

Glad to see you're making progress. As long as you keep going, that's good enough.

I have two WIPs in progress. I hope to have the 1st draft done for one by end of next week. I have a 3rd w/ an editor. So busy.

Talei said...

Well done on your progress! Keep going!

I'm still editing, its coming together. Hoping to have it finished soon.

Marlena Cassidy said...

My WIP is in the back o the closet at the moment because I barely have time to breathe. And I think you're doing pretty well! You can do it!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Way to go on your writing! I'm in editing mode right now, but was pleased with the progress I made last week. I'd like to be done with my re-writes/editing, this round at least, by November.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

That's a great word count for one month. It usually takes me up to six months to write a 100K book.

Lynda R Young said...

I think that's great progress~!
Congrats! And for sure you'll finish by NaNo :)

Elliot Grace said...

...congrats Eagle on your steady progress ;)

It's been suggested that I follow "South of Charm" with an E-Pub release, something smaller, something that'll help promote "Charm" as well as earning its own stripes along the way...and come to think of it, I've got a short thrill ride that fits the bill...


Gail said...

Wonderful progress!!!

I envy your talent.

Lydia K said...

You're doing great. Don't be too hard on yourself.

My WIP is on hold until my life calms down a bit. Hopefully I'll be writing again later this week.

li said...

We did OK in my area, some flooding and power outtages but no injuries and that's the main thing. grateful.

As for writing in fits and spurts-I think a lot of us do that. The main thing is to keep going! Yay you.

And, as you know, my current goal is to get a new blogfest under way :-)

laughingwolf said...

nicely done, ge...

word counts matter little; like you, some days i get 500, others 15,000... all evens out in the end :)

laughingwolf said...

oh... irene did nothing in my area but some wind/rain

my kids in halifax are ok, southern part of nova scotia was hit most hard

Alleged Author said...

Congrats on the progress. I'm halfway through my newest while the other WIPs sit there (and stare at me because they hate when I have to take a month off from them). Keep it up!

Dana said...

You're doing great! As for me, I'm so far behind with my deadlines that I've decided to pretend they don't exist and make some new ones. We'll see how that works out... :)

Carrie Butler said...

Nice work, Eagle! :) I'm knee deep in revisions at 2:11 AM.

Cally Jackson said...

Congrats on your progress! It may not be quite what you'd hoped but it's still good progress. :-)

GigglesandGuns said...

You should be proud of what you've done so far. No doubt you'll succeed. Go girl!

TBM said...

Progress is progress. Don't be hard on yourself!

Barbara Kloss said...

Good work! Glad to know others fluctuate with their progress :) I know, some days I can write 3-5K, other days it's like pulling teeth just to write a paragraph.

But the important thing is, WE KEEP GOING!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

:) may you keep progressing and meeting your deadlines....

linda said...

I am totally failing Camp NaNo, haha. Oh well.

No hurricane here, but there's been lots of rain in Taipei due to Typhoon Namadol.

Misha said...

I think you're doing good.

I'm going to see if I can finish my part of round 1 revisions this week. That way I might be able to finish round 2 by December.


The Golden Eagle said...

Sarah: Hope you find a good goal for September. :) They can help push things along, especially if there's a writing slump.

Christine: Ah, I like that idea! Stars are good company. :)

Summer: Good luck meeting your reading deadlines!

Thank you!

Angelina: Thank you. :)

I'm sometimes slow to finish stories, too. There's something about endings that encourages drawing them out . . .

Michael: Congrats on your writing, then! :)

True. Not all days can be high word count ones, though it's always nice to reach a set target.

I read that Terry Pratchett (the author of the Discworld series of novels) had a goal of writing 400 words every day. You're in good company there!

Thank you!

Mark: Yup . . . though I find word count is a good motivator for me. :P

Cynthia: Hey, you deserve it! Writing is writing, after all. Even if it's just a bit.

Christine: Thanks!

Eight years of 50k? Those are a lot of words. :)

I don't much like revisions, either, unless I really want to fix something. First drafts and edits are my favorites.

Cherie: Thanks for the support. :)

I went through really slow rewrites, but ended up abandoning them for another project, because I wasn't making progress and had no inspiration.

Michael: A chapter a day is a lot of writing!

Deborah: Thank you!

Well, short stories are writing. :)

Hilary: Thank you! :)

Same here.

Charles: I usually just select the text I wrote afterwords and put the number down in an Excel sheet; I'm a bit compulsive about checking word counts.

Alex: They are. :(

Sofia: Good luck with your edits!

Doing NaNo with a friend sounds like fun.

I'm always coming up with new project ideas, even if I'm in the midst of a current one. :P But hey, it's better than having no ideas!

Clarissa: I hate having to work on the little things instead of first drafts where the words just flow. I hope you finish your edits soon!

The Golden Eagle said...

David: Thank you! :)

Laila: Thanks!

I hope you feel better soon. Happy writing to you, too!

Rusty: Good luck doing all of that! It sounds like a lot of writing in the coming months.

I have to outline my NaNonovel, too. I have the idea in my head, but haven't set anything down on paper. (I'm afraid my enthusiasm for the project will wear off if I set down the plot . . . it's happened before.)

Old Kitty: Thank you! :)

LOL. Yes, at least they do add up. I'm not writing negative numbers, at any rate.


Heather: Good luck finishing your chapters. :)

Carol: Thank you! :)

Elizabeth: Thanks!

I find deadlines are like that for me, too, even though I made a few that aren't really achievable.

Hope you enjoy your trip. :)

That 20 Something Virgin: Thanks!

I hope you get some time to write! I know I tend to get a little edgy if I don't get the chance to write for a while . . .

Rob-bear: I hope things turn in your favor soon, Bear.

Thank you!

M: Good luck with your WIPs. Writing and editing at the same time is a lot of work!

Talei: Thank you! :)

Good luck with your edits.

Marlena: Hope you soon find some time, soon! It sounds awfully hectic.

Thank you!

Shannon: Thanks!

Good for you. :) I love weeks where I can sit back and feel satisfied with what I've done.

Good luck with rewrites/edits!

Susan: Thank you!

It took me 18 months to write my first novel; I'm trying to push myself and go a lot faster this time. :P

Lynda: Thank you! :D

The Golden Eagle said...

Elliot: Thank you!

You will let us know when it's released, yes? :)

Gail: Thank you!

We'll still have to see if I manage to reach my goal. :P

Lydia: Thanks for the support!

I hope you get some time to write, soon. :)

Li: I'm glad to hear there weren't any injuries!


Which sounds quite interesting. :)

Laughingwolf: Thank you!

15k? That is a LOT of writing!

But anyway--at least it does add up when all's written. :)

That's good to hear!

Alleged: Thank you!

LOL. I feel like my other projects stare at me when I work on something else, too. Accusatorily, no less.

Dana: Thanks!

Good luck with your new deadlines, then. :)

Carrie: Thank you!

Wow. I think I'd be snoring on top of the computer if I tried writing that late at night. :P

Cally: Thank you!

Yup; and I haven't come across any major roadblocks yet.

Gigglesandguns: Thanks! :D

TBM: Real crunch time will probably come October, right before NaNoWriMo; but for now, I'm content enough with the word count I have. :)

Barbara: Thank you!


Sushmita: Thank you! :)

Linda: I had thought about joining in on Camp NaNo, but decided not to . . . maybe next year.

Take care! Hope there isn't any flooding with all the rain.

Misha: Thanks. :)

Good luck with your revisions! You seem to be really working hard at your novel.

E.D. said...

Great! Progress is progress - even if just a few words a day (at least that is how I keep myself going...)

Cortney said...

Congrats on your progress! I'm only about 13,000 words in a new project. I'm attempting to write a Halloween story, but the ironic thing is that I get freaked out so easily I can't stick to it for very long! I'm a fellow Campaigner, and I usually write YA romances, but I figured, for the season, why not try something different? Nice to meet you btw!

Milo James Fowler said...

Progress is progress -- steps in the right direction. Well done!

The Golden Eagle said...

E. D.: Thanks!

Yes--at least I am writing something. :)

Cortney: Thank you!

Oh, a Halloween story; it sounds like a great project, especially for this time of year.

Nice to meet you, too! Welcome to The Eagle's Aerial Perspective, fellow Campaigner. :)

Milo: Thank you!

Krispy said...

Go you! I'm doing NaNo this month and I don't have as much wordage as you do! But I'm getting a lot more done than I thought I would.

The project itself is harder than I thought it'd be but also going pretty well. Hoping to keep it up even after NaNo!

Donna K. Weaver said...

That's quite a feat to have done so much in only a year! Way to go.

Arlee Bird said...

You're not doing too badly with your WIP. I'm way past my deadline. I'd do much better if life didn't keep getting in the way.

Tossing It Out

C D Meetens said...

Sounds like you're doing well with your WIP!

I'm still at the beginning of rewrites, while another story is developing in my head. Not sure which one is going to win out, but was toying with doing the new idea for NaNo, which should make me knuckle down to get the rewrites out of the way before then.

I can hope anyway.

The Golden Eagle said...

Krispy: Thanks!

Hooray for progress! I hope you continue going strong after NaNo. :)

Donna: Thanks!

Arlee: Life does tend to do that, doesn't it? :P Hope you find some time to write soon!

C D: It's going well. :)

Good luck with your rewrites!

I have an idea for NaNo, too, that competed in my mind for a bit over which I should focus on--my current WIP or it. The WIP won out, since I want to use it for NaNoWriMo. :P

TerryLynnJohnson said...

you are doing great! I've just started (after a very long hiatus) a new wip that I'm excited about, so I may have more to report later on. thanks for asking!