07 August, 2012

Ultimate Sacrifice by Madeleine Sara: A Chapter Review

No Teaser Tuesday this week, everyone: Instead, as part of a launch for Ultimate Sacrifice by Madeleine Sara (Madeleine Maddocks from Scribble and Edit), I have a review of the first chapter of her novella.

The Review:

Chapter One opens with an ominous note: Two soldiers show up at Lyndsay's door, which can only mean that her boyfriend is dead or injured. It quickly establishes an emotional connection to the character along with tension as the bad news impends over the scene. The chapter is a strong hook for the novella, and based on it alone, I would recommend reading Ultimate Sacrifice if you enjoy Romance/Realistic Fiction.

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About the Author:
I am a writer by nature. With a creative imagination and a make believe friend I spent much of my childhood writing stories and creating books. These days I enjoy blogging on the topic of creative writing and I also explore my creativity through textile crafts, magazine editing and website design. I live in Devon, England with my husband and two cats and am a qualified Speech & Language Therapist with a Psychology degree.
   I've had flash fiction, haiku and the opening 250 words of a story accepted for competitions by magazines/ online groups for publication. Ultimate Sacrifice is my first eBook short story/ novella (just under 7,000 words). I am toying with 2 further eBook novella ideas: One entitled Forsaking All Others (chick lit/realistic fiction/romance); the other Embroidering the Truth would be set in 1800s in a lunatic asylum, as a suspense thriller. I also have a realistic fiction/ suspense story in the pipeline as a WIP that I intend to send out to agents.

My blog: http://scribbleandedit.blogspot.co.uk

Do you know Madeleine? Have you read Ultimate Sacrifice? If so, what did you think of it? If not, do you think you might?

(And I must say, it's been quite interesting as a reviewer to post reviews of previews and first chapters, as opposed to entire books. I'm not complaining at all; it's just a change of pace I find intriguing.)

-----The Golden Eagle


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very excited for Madeleine!

Old Kitty said...

Yay for a great first chapter!! So excited for Madeleine - I do hope a print copy becomes available soon! Take care

Melissa Bradley said...

This sounds like a very intriguing story. I would definitely give it a read. I think I'll add it to my TBR list. :)

Madeleine Maddocks said...

Thanks Golden Eagle for a fabulous review.

Alex, Old Kitty and Melissa thanks for stopping by with your lovely comments.

Pat Hatt said...

Great review, sounds like it surely is off to a good start.

Charles Gramlich said...

Haven't seen it but sounds good.

cleemckenzie said...

I haven't read it, but I will. I like the premise.

Mikazuki said...

Sounds interesting! I'll check it out. :D

Heather said...

I haven't heard of this one yet. Thank for introducing us to it!

M Pax said...

Congrats to Madeleine! It's a gripping opening.

Shelley said...

No, I've never heard of Madeleine or her books, but it sounds good! :) Great first chapter review, and cool idea instead of doing the whole book!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

This is the first time I've seen a review of a first chapter. What a cool idea. First chapters are a really good way to get an overall impression of a book. This one sounds sad! But I like sad. In books anyway. Lol

Rek said...

Congrats Madeleine...sounds like a book I would enjoy reading... I love a good romance or realistic fiction as much as I love fantasy.

Cally Jackson said...

Sounds emotional. Which means, I like! And yes, I agree that it's interesting to do a review on a chapter!

DWei said...

Never heard of her or the book but I'm too busy reading Game of Thrones at the moment to read anything else. :(

Lynda R Young said...

Wow, great review. Wishing Madeleine huge success!

Sangu Mandanna said...

Congratulations Madeleine!

This was a great review of a first chapter - always a good sign :-)

....Petty Witter said...

Great stuff. I know of neither the author nor the book but hope to put this right soon.

Anonymous said...

I have Madeleine's novella, but haven't read it yet.

That does sound like an emotional chapter that pulls the reader in.

Paul Tobin said...

It is a situation everyone dreads, and Madeleine handles her material with sympathy and seems like a good story.

nutschell said...

Hurray for Madeleine! That's a great way to open a story:)


The Golden Eagle said...

Alex: Me, too. :)

Old Kitty: That would be awesome.

Melissa: The entire novel is on my TBR as well!

Madeleine: You're very welcome! Thank you for giving me the chance to read the first chapter.

Pat: Thanks!

Charles: It seems like a good book from the chapter I read!

Cleemckenzie: It's a strong opening.

Mikazuki: Awesome. :)

Heather: You're welcome!

M: I agree.

Shelly: Thank you!

The chapter review was Madeleine's idea.

Carolina: I like sadness in books, too. Though I usually feel a bit depressed after reading them. :P (In a good way.)

Rek: I enjoy realistic fiction as well. :)

Cally: Glad you like the sound of the book!

DWei: Game of Thrones is a lo-o-ong book, as are the others in the series. It took me forever to get through it and I'm a relatively fast reader. :P

Lynda: Thanks!

Sangu: Yup. :) Speaking of which, I really enjoyed the first chapter you posted on your site!

Petty Witter: Cool.

Medeia: Madeleine opens the novella well.

The Golden Eagle said...

Paul: I know I wouldn't want to be faced with it.

Nutschell: Agreed, it is. :)

Beth said...

Sounds like a compelling premise. And I agree - it's an interesting change of pace to just be reviewing the first chapter.

The Golden Eagle said...

Beth: It's a really good story, too. :)

I've never done it before!