06 August, 2012

The Successful Curiosity Landing!

Last night, the Curiosity rover (which I posted about in further detail yesterday) landed on Mars.

It was successful, with everything going to plan, and the first pictures of the red planet were posted just a few minutes after:

And then more pictures came:

Including one of the landing of the rover, via the HiRISE camera, which is orbiting Mars:

If you'd like to know more, this video sums up (some of) the most exciting things about the Curiosity rover:

-----The Golden Eagle


michellle said...

Amazing stuff!
Wow G.E. You are always in the know when it comes to scientific advancements...

David P. King said...

Yay! Successful landings make my day. Now to enjoy a year's worth of research. Hopefully they find something that will hurry up the manned mission. :)

Rob-bear said...

So, if my (sense of) curiosity is gone, do I need to start searching for it on Mars?

Jamie Gibbs said...

I caught the end of it, but it was pretty spectacular. It'll be interesting to see what it finds in the next year.

Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Very cool! The Curiosity casts a big shadow.

JeffO said...

Cool stuff, indeed.

Old Kitty said...

This is actually quite monumental!!! To land on Mars!! Yay!!!

Take care

Jared Peterson said...

That is so cool!

Nancy Thompson said...

That is so cool! I cannot wait until video starts rolling in for us to watch. How utterly exciting!! Thanks for that video, Eagle, it was very informative!!

Elise Fallson said...

Thanks for posting this. It was a tad too early for me to see it live, but still this is awesome.

Shelly said...

I wonder what they'll find this time on Mars. It's so exciting.


Lynda R Young said...

This might sound odd, but what I loved most about the landing was all the cheers from the tech guys involved. Super cool!

Pat Hatt said...

Awesome that it was a success, now some alien foot prints would be fun.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

This is such an exciting event. It should be getting more news coverage.

Trisha said...

Holy crap, this is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This just blows my mind! I always forget that there are other planets with geography just like earth. To me they're just sort of spheres. Thanks for sharing! :)

Li said...

I feel so lucky that I can remember the first moon landing - and I hope to see a manned Mars landing in my lifetime as well. Very cool pics.

Charles Gramlich said...


The Golden Eagle said...

Michelle: I like to keep current on scientific news. :) (And non-scientific news, actually.)

David: Two Earth years and one Mars year of data should be fascinating. :)

A manned mission would be amazing.

Rob-bear: Well, that would be one place to start . . . if very far from Earth!

Jamie: I agree. :)

Alex: It does. Symbolic of its achievement, perhaps.

JeffO: Certainly got me excited. :)

Old Kitty: Definitely! So many mission to Mars haven't fared so well, it's awesome this one went without a hitch.

Jared: Agreed. :)

Nancy: I can't wait, either. 3D images from Mars should be amazing.

You're very welcome!

Elise: Anytime. I'm glad readers find it interesting. :)

Shelly: Hopefully something new to science!

Lynda: It was a great moment. I got up at 01:00 AM to watch the moments before and after the landing and you could feel the euphoria inside the room just from watching the scientists. :)

Pat: LOL. Yes, they would!

Susan: Probably the Olympics are causing less coverage; though I do see Curiosity come up now and then on major sites.

Trisha: Absolutely. :)

Madeline: You're welcome! It's hard to believe there are actually other planets in the universe; Earth is so huge on its own.

Li: I almost wish I had been alive during the first landing and could remember it; but then I think that there are a lot of technical advancements I'd be sad to live without now. And yes, I'd like to see a manned Mars mission, too.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. :)

Charles: My sentiments exactly!

Krispy said...

You know, I don't know why I didn't pay more attention to the entire Curiosity project. Maybe I was distracted by the Olympics. But since it landed, the entire endeavor has been blowing my mind. It is SO. FLIPPIN. COOL.

Not gonna lie, I got a little ridiculously emotional just reading Curiosity's tweets as it started its descent to Mars, and that picture of her shadow on the red planet is just, I don't know, breathtaking because omg, we sent something to MARS!

Carrie Butler said...

Wasn't it exciting? I stayed up watching the live feed for three hours! :D

The Golden Eagle said...

Krispy: I know!

It's amazing to think how much energy went into the project and how far the rover had to travel to read the planet.

Carrie: I almost wish I'd stayed up longer . . . but I was too tired to watch for more than 40 minutes or so. :P

Paul Tobin said...

Amazing post, amazing achievement.

Arlee Bird said...

I missed the landing, but I've been keeping up with the story to some extent. It's exciting to hear new space news about exploring another planet. Yesterday I watched some report about a project that plans to start sending people to colonize Mars in the not so distant future. I hope so.

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