01 March, 2010


I'm glad I'm homeschooled for several reasons. One is, I'm home most of the day. Another is that I have more leverage over what material is covered, and I'm also taught by my mom, which is definitely preferable. I also don't have to deal with popularity contests and such. Drawbacks? I don't get out as much, and I have to excercise by walking, running, ect.

Right now, I'm really interested in the Math/Science and Social Studies that I'm doing, which include physics and the Middle East.


Icewolf said...

lucky, you don't have to deal with uber (means majorly) bad teachers. last year i had a teacher that was really bad and nearly put me to sleep. *shivers* she was horrible

Cassie said...

I love homeschooling for the same reasons too! But the P.E. is hard, I agree. I usually walk around the block, or run on our Wii Fit if it's during school hours. I also swim once a week and we are going to buy a trampoline. FUN!

Anyway, I could never imagine going to public school... I love learning at home so much!!!

P.S. I love your blog! =D

The Golden Eagle said...

I jump on a little trampoline that we have at home almost every day, and it's fun! Even my Mom does.