08 March, 2010

National Geogrpahic's Top Photos of 2009

Last night on PBS they had a really cool show on, as the title says, NatGeo's Photos 2009. It was really cool, and here are the ten they covered. The redwood and the Indonesian girl are my favorites. :)

Here's the link


Icewolf said...

Feh, there are better. None of them seemed really captivating. *shrugs* but thanks!

***Emily*** said...

Hi Golden Eagle!
I was just wondering where you got the font "Block lettering" from because I can't seem to find it anywhere...
If you could give me a link to the place you downloaded it from, or a new font that would be great!

In Christ,

The Golden Eagle said...

Oops. Sorry about that . . .

Here's a site that has what I was thinking: