10 April, 2010

5 Awesome Blogs

Okay, I said I'd do this in a comment after Kai gave me the idea, so here are 5 blogs that I think stand out in the blogsphere these days: (I'm following something like half a hundred, so it was hard to choose . . .)

1. Icewolf's Den

At the moment, you may want to check out the Inora/Charry Fest going on, which is hilarious . . . lol.

2. Cori's blog

Right now, she'd hosting a photo contest, so check that out!

3. Fearless

Art is great, isn't it?

4. *Fish Flakes*

Hosting a caption contest, and the blog is nicely fishy . . .

5. Dreamer

Artistic and interesting. She also has another blog, Pages, which is excellent.

There you have it. Maybe I'll do this again sometime, and list more!


IT. SNOWED. The day before yesterday, I was wearing shorts and tee-shirt, and I was hot, and the next day I have to walk around in long pant and a sweatshirt, and then snow came down!! Granted, I wasn't really made at the skies, but c'mon! 80s/30s do NOT mix.


Anyways, can you believe that the Kyrgyzstan government has been booted out of office? The President is somewhere in the south, 70+ people were killed when the government shot at protesters, and the interim government is demanding that the former president resign immediately. And it's not helping that the USA has an important army base there that takes supplies into Afghanistan. We need it, Kyrgyz!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Why not MY blog?!! Just kidding, lol! ^-^ April fools! (a little late)

I have visited ALL of those blogs and they are absolutely wonderful! *Thumbs up* Great choices!

Icewolf said...

Thanks, Golden Eagle!

Tay in Real Life said...
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Tay in Real Life said...

Thanks SO much!!!

The Golden Eagle said...

Shimmer: hey, I'll do it again next week, if I remember.

Icewolf/Tay: absolutely. :)

Anonymous said...

I said I was kidding...

The Golden Eagle said...

Heck, I was planning to do it anyways.

Hayhay said...

Thanks so much! Love your blog too! ;D