24 April, 2010

Icewolf's "Randomness is Sweet" Tag

Icewolf at Icewolf's Den has tagged me! Here are five random things on one random topic:

1. Snakes are cool. (I like snakes. One flying snake can glide up to 300 feet and actually flattens its body out into a thin ribbon, and then it undulates, directing itself through the air.)
2. Spiders are not so cool. (I don't like prejudice, believe me, but I do not like a whole lot of spiders. Non-poisonus is alright most of the time, but poisonus even a little bit? *shudders*)
3. I like skunks. (Yes, those smelly blakc-and-white creatures that you all-too-often see by the side of the road lying there dead. They can be sweet pets, you know. And their fur is really, really soft.)
4. Parrots are too squak! Squak! Squak!-y for my tastes. (Someone in my neighborhood has at least 2, and while they're pretty with those bright colors, I really wouldn't want them as housepets.)
5. Dragons rock!

There you have it, folks. I tag:

Hannah (my newest follower--welcome to this blog, Hannah!)

That's all for now!

-----The Golden Eagle