24 April, 2010

5 Awesome Blogs

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G'day, everyone! Saturday again, and with that comes this post . . .

1. A Girl of Many Colors

2. Caliginosity

3. Journies of a Jesus Freak

4. The Storming Souls

5. Sounds of Melodies



It's so very . . . ironic. I find it amusing.

For example, Moody's Economy is saying that it might lower the US Treasury rating. At the same time, Moody's is being grilled in Washington for its flawed ratings of stocks/bonds/etc.

Apparently Apple has a policy against the ridicule of public figures, and turned down a guy named Fiore's app because he's a political cartoonist. Lo and behold, he wins the Pulitzer for his work. Apple then goes and requests him to rethink that app of his.

Life is full of things like that. As the teacher says in Wicked: "Irony is the juxtaposition of two incongruous situations." (Or at least something along those lines; I'm miserable at remembering phrases.)

-----The Golden Eagle


Sarah said...

Thank-you for the mention! I feel so incredibly special :)



S a r a h

Icewolf said...

Gotta love irony =]