14 April, 2010

I've been Awarded! (And here are the award-ees)

I've been awarded by Gwyn at The Celtic Cowgirl and the rules are to state 5 things people probably don't know about you (I'm online, so my responses are going to be extremely generalized) then award 5 people.

1. I've moved twice in the US and once outside of the US

2. My name is not something you hear every day, thought it's not weird like "Bliss-In-The-Morning-Dew" like the character in Bliss or whatever. (feel free to guess, but you're never going to get it. *cackles*)

3. I've never worn jeans

4. I've never been inside a movie theater.

5. I don't like chocolate, and whenever I walk around the mall, the Godiva store makes me want to gag.

Here are the people I award, and believe me, it was hard to choose since all of you are stylish . . .

1. Bleah Briann (I don't know if you've gotten this already or not)
2. Jojo
3. Jayden Black
4. ~Prism~
5. Kenzy

Okay, I think about sums it up!



Last night, my  mom (and I, somewhat, since I put on some cheese :D) made pizza! Homemade, too, so it didn't have to be reheated or anything. Then the whole apartment smelled food-y and the rolls she made later on simply added to it all. I love pizza . . .


Nova last night was amazing, with all the images from the Hubble Space Telescope, other telescopes, explanations about red shift and dark matter/energy, and it was very informative. Astrophysicists, here I come! (Well, possibly. I'm still trying to decide whether to be a biologist or a physicist or a vet or an architect. I like keeping my options available.)

Well, I'd best be going now. Adios!