01 June, 2011

Yes, This Is A Cell Phone Ad. Yes, That Is A Wooden Ball Rolling Down A Xylophone. Yes, It Is A Very Cool Rube Goldberg Machine.

Because I won't be around to blog today, I leave you with this video. Believe me, it's worth the watch--can you imagine laying down all those supports for the wooden ramp, not to mention the actual strips that make up the notes? Can you imagine how many times they must have run that ball down the slope just to test it out and see if it works? How they managed to get all that wood right, with the precise length and angle so the ball doesn't go falling off the edge?


Enjoy your day, everyone!

-----The Golden Eagle


Pk Hrezo said...

Wow! That was outstanding!

Michael Di Gesu said...

INSANE! Where do they come up with these ideas?!

Gary Baker said...

Brilliant, and strangely moving.

Laurel Garver said...

You had me at "xylophone" (because I used to play one LOL).

I'm especially impressed with the engineering of creating the sustained notes, which on xylophone is done with "rolls" or quick, repeated mallet strikes. The waterfall-like tumbler did the sound exactly! So, so kewl.

Michelle Gregory said...

i loved this the first time i saw it. human ingenuity is amazing.

Canyon Girl said...

So creative!

Charles Gramlich said...

wow, that must have taken a lot of time. Kind of cool.

Jules said...

Well that was cool!! Hope you are enjoying your day away. :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Belle said...

I enjoyed this a lot!

Susan Kane said...

That was incredible. I was in awe, and amazed at the meticulous nature of any one who would think this up, and follow through. Thank you!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The designers had a lot of patience! Wonder how many hours of footage showed the ball falling off?

Sarah Pearson said...

The ingenuity of people will never cease to amaze me :)

GigglesandGuns said...

Brilliant and very cool.
I'm lucky if I can get a CD to play.

(: Just Becca :) said...

That. Is. AMAZING!

ali said...

I *LOVE* it!!!

First, Ode to Joy is the perfect song to be played in such a beautiful place.

And, being a lover of marble maze type things, I couldn't have been happier with your choice today! Thanks Eags!

Old Kitty said...

Now if only mobile phones were as aesthetically pleasing to the ear, sight and sound. Sigh.

Aww but this was truly a work of art!!! Thank you for sharing - amazing!! Take care

Alleged Author said...

Too cool!

Krispy said...

Saw this a while ago and couldn't believe they did all that for a cell phone commercial! Thanks for sharing.

Another cool Rube Goldberg Machine is the one OK Go had made for their "This Too Shall Pass" music vid.

M Pax said...

Ultra cool. The whole idea of the instrument and where it's set is fantastic.

laughingwolf said...

look close, it follows grooves...

very nicely done, regardless :)

nutschell said...

That is way cool! I've always wanted to make something like this but I hardly have the patience. Thanks for sharing!

Su said...

Wow, that's brilliant.

Rob-bear said...

I've never heard such an intriguing version of "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." Absolutely brilliant! And an amazing work of art and technology.

Clarissa Draper said...


N. R. Williams said...

Cool! I will have to replay this for my grandson. Enjoy your day.

The Golden Eagle said...

Pk: Isn't it cool? :)

Michael: I don't know--although I wish I did!

Gary: Especially for a cell phone add. :P

Laurel: Awesome!

I love watching the tumblers on the side. :)

Michelle: Definitely.

Canyon: Yup!

Charles: It must have taken a lot of engineering!

Jules: Thanks! Wednesday went okay; not the best, but nothing terrible happened. :)

Belle: Glad you liked it!

Susan: You're very welcome!

Alex: A few hours? :P

Sarah: Me, neither. People do some amazing things. (Not all of them good, but some are nice.)

Mary: Sometimes I feel that way, too.

Becca: Agreed. ;)

ali: I thought it was Bach's Cantata 147--although it is similar to Ode to Joy, isn't it?

You're welcome!

Old Kitty: Cell phones can be so annoying, can't they? Beep. Buzz. And the ever-grating RING.

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Alleged: That's what I thought!

Krispy: Have you seen OK Go's "White Knuckles"? That one is awesome; they trained the dogs so well!

M: I love the setting, too.

Laughingwolf: And I wouldn't not want to be the one who had to fuss with the position of the grooves!

Agreed. :D

Nutschell: You're very welcome! :)

Su: It's amazing, isn't it?

Rob-bear: Neither have I!

Clarissa: Yup!

Nancy: I hope he likes it. :)

Deniz Bevan said...

Thanks for sharing that! Love those Rube Goldberg machines.

Stratoz said...

and that is headed to my classroom!