02 May, 2010

Blog Parade!

Congratulations Cornet Crazie on reaching 550 posts/80 followers! She's having a blog parade, and I am joining in!!!

This is separate, but here are my answers to her questions:

1. Why do you have the blogger name that you have?
Eagles rock!!

2. Do you have any siblings?
Nope. I'm kinda glad of it, too.

3. Coke or Pepsi?
Neither. I only drink water (and the occasional juice) and I hate carbonated drinks.

4. What are your feelings about thunderstorms?
As long as they don't blow out electric circuits, I love thunderstorms!

5. Do you prefer the sound of a trumpet, or the sound of a flute?

6. Vegan, Vegetarian, Omnivore, or Carnivore?
Omnivore. I usually eat vegetables AND meat for dinner.

7. What is your ideal pet?
One that doesn't need excess cleaning up after, doesn't smell bad, and loves to socialize with me. :)

8. Describe your dream life when you grow up.
Finding new animal species out in the field as a biologist.

9. Pick a color and write a poem about it.
Black, the color of the night
Black, the shade of the shadows
Black, the tone of the endless sleep
(It's not my favorite color, all right? But it's the first one I thought of.)

10. Compose a song or conduct the band?
Compose a song!

11. Novels or comics?
Novels! But the occasional graphics aren't so bad either . . .

12. Laptops or desktop? Macs or PC's?
Laptops! PCs! (Apple is fine; I just prefer Dell.)

13. Would you like to go sky diving?
Ummm . . . *shifts uncertainly* maybe, if I was really in the need for some adventure. But not right now, I don't think . . .

14. Do you want to learn to surf?
I guess, once I learn to swim.

15. Which are you more afraid of- Sharks, bears or snakes?
Bears. It's safer to swim with a great white than to eat one due to mercury poisoning, and I like snakes--they're cool!

16. When writing- cursive, print or combination?
All of the above! I love changing my handwriting around at will. :D

17. Red Sox or Yankees?
I don't watch baseball, and I'm not all that interested in it.

18. Do you wear glasses/contacts?
Neither. I have glasses, but I absolutely despise wearing them.

19. Do you follow over 100 blogs?
Not yet. I'm currently at 54.

20. What is your favorite type of music?

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