22 May, 2010

Cookie Tag & 5 Awesome Blogs (7)

I've been tagged by Icewolf @ http://icewolvesdomain.blogspot.com/!

What is your favorite cookie?

What is your least favorite?
You know, I don't eat cookies all that often . . .

How many cookies can you eat in one sitting?
No more than 2, thank you very much.

Make up a cookie!
Hmmm . . . Fruiteeka. Apples, grapes, and orange all at the same time. :P

Have you ever made that before?
No. I've never made cookies myself, actually.

You see an army of angry cookies coming at you. What do you do?
I slam the oven door on them. Muahahaha!

And I tag:



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1. Brave Chicken's Look on the World
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3. Da Lovely World of What-Not
4. Teens Read and Write
5. Jojo's Blog

-----The Golden Eagle

1 comment:

Icewolf said...

Fruiteeka...sounds nice! :D