14 May, 2011

The Red Angel's Inanimation Blogfest

I was thinking yesterday "Oh, right! I signed up for the Inanimation Blogfest back in April. When was it? The 14th! That's only . . . um, tomorrow. Tomorrow?!"

Information about this blogfest:
The idea is to write an entry of NO MORE THAN 1000 words that somehow incorporates the personification of inanimate objects. It can be a poem, a short short, a letter (perhaps to your favorite childhood toy?), a fairytale, a scene from a dream, or even a song--anything you want! It can be something you've written in the past or it could be totally brand new...it's all up to you!

Sounds like fun, right?

My entry:

Tap, tap, tap.
   Tap, tap . . .
   I listen.
   Tap . . .
   . . . smack.
   The human moves away.
   I hum to myself.
   I turn into dancing lights.
   Thump, thump, thump.
   Tap, tap, tap.
   Pound, pound, pound.
   Human's angry now.
   I change.
   Flash and blink.
   Tap, tap . . .
   I watch.
   I remember.
   I send a message.
   I start to chitter more.
   Hum louder.
   Ouch, that hurt.
   Ta . . . tap.
   Frantic talk.
   I flash about some more.
   I'm closed.

"The Daily Life of A Computer"


What do you think?

And, if you're participating in this blogfest, do mention it so I can find your entry!

-----The Golden Eagle


Canyon Girl said...

What a great entry. I'm welcoming you to my blog today and will mention this. You are so creative.--Inger

Canyon Girl said...

Sorry, I may not post today, but next time I do, I am welcoming you and some more new followers to my blog.--Inger

li said...

This was cute! I always try to be very gentle with my poor laptop, and so far he (yes, he!) has treated me well. :))

Old Kitty said...

You make me want to hug my computer and give it chocolate!! Poor computer! Awwww! :-) Take care

Margo Benson said...

Oh, that's delightful - I'm stroking Dinsdale right now in harmony with your words!

GigglesandGuns said...

I'll hug my baby but no flowers -- she has allergies.

Piece was too cute!

Theres just life said...

I once tried to give my computer coffee...I found out the keyboard didn't like it as much as I did.

Great entry, poor computer.

Pamela Jo

Lauracea (Sue R) said...

Poor computer! What a great idea. Well done.

Francine Howarth said...


First off I had it in my head this was a tool in a workshop!

Nice one: computer.

Yep, Im in the animation blogfest. ;)


Flying high in the sky.... said...

:) ...interesting!

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

This is a fun poem. I love exploring inanimate objects.

laughingwolf said...

a gooder, ge... had me guessing! lol

The Words Crafter said...

Ah!!!! How clever and funny!!!! You were listening to me a few minutes ago, weren't you? When I was yelling at my 'puter. Uh huh.

Brilliant entry!

The Red Angel said...

Love all the onomatopoeia going on here! (YES, I spelled onomatopoeia right on the first try!) Very entertaining and flows easily. I enjoyed A Day In the Life of a Computer. XD

It's a nice change to see a poem in the midst of all the entries filled with prose.

Thanks for participating in my blogfest! I've had SO much fun hosting it!



Donna Hole said...

LOL; that was brilliant. My favorite post today.

My entry isn't from the objects POV. I just couldn't do it.


Pearson Report said...

That was brilliant - what a great take on how things look from the other side of the screen and from behind the keys - really great.

I enjoyed this post - what a great piece for this challenge!

Cheers, Jenny

The Golden Eagle said...

Inger: Thank you! :)

Li: I don't usually think of the computer (my mom's, actually) as a specific gender--although I do try to treat it nicely.


Old Kitty: LOL.

Well, just remember to let it sleep now and then. ;)

Margo: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Mary: Ah, well.


Pamela: I hope it wasn't a laptop!

Thank you!

LOL. I didn't originally mean for the BANG to come across as the person hitting the computer--whenever I'm frustrated I usually try to remember to hit the desk instead . . . :P

Sue: Thanks! :)

Francine: I actually started to write a piece on a hammer, but decided to go with a computer instead. More possibility. :D

I'll head on over to read it!

Flying high in the sky: Thanks. :)

Kayeleen: I know I enjoyed writing this! I don't think I've actually tried writing anything through the perspective of an inanimate object before . . . and definitely not in poem form.

Laughingwolf: That's why I put the title at the bottom. :D Keep people guessing!

The Words Crafter: I've been known to speak against the computer, too. Especially when it hums and chitters but doesn't do anything. :P

Thank you! :)

TRA: I'm so glad you liked it! :)

You're welcome! Thank you for hosting this blogfest--I really enjoyed writing my entry! (Still have to get around to everyone else, though.)

Donna: Thanks! :)

I thought about writing it outside of the object's POV, but decided to try--I had trouble figuring out what an object's voice might sound like!

Jenny: Thank you!

Edith F. said...

What an interesting idea for a blogfest! I like your entry. Although I frequently talk to inanimate objects, I haven't much to my computer. I wonder why. (My car hears some interesting conversation from me... ; )


Carol Kilgore said...

I love it!

Angela Ackerman said...

Very well done!

I think if I did one, I'd write about this tree I see every day as I drive my kids to school. There's this girl (8, maybe?) who circles it and runs her hands along the trunk as she waits for a bus. I always think about the bond this tree must have with this girl, a visitor each and every day, throughout each season. What secrets does she speak to the tree while waiting for the bus?

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

roh morgon said...

Great entry! I enjoyed this one!

A computer...very cool. But I knew it wasn't mine...because there was no cursing from the human!

I'm in the 'fest, too!

Trisha said...

I wasn't sure what it was, figured a TV or a computer :P

L'Aussie said...

Great inamination! I forgot about it in the dreadful blogger crash. Like you the 14th was upon me. I was too busy getting the Romantic Friday Writers post posted.Eek. What a few days hey?

I love the idea and the smashing pic.


Romantic Friday Writers - Second Challenge - LOST

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Congratulations on so many followers - excellent!

Sounds like a fun fest to enter .. one day .. but I'll keep an eye open to read other entries ..

Cheers - computers do get a bash around don't they! Hilary

N. R. Williams said...

That made me smile. I was thinking a cricket.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

fishducky said...

I caught the recommendation for your blog on DESERT CANYON LIVING, read one blog (about your computer) & decided to become a follower. I subscribe to less than half a dozen blogs, but I did not want to miss another of yours! You are one clever lady.

The Golden Eagle said...

Edith: Thank you! :)

Seeing as I don't drive (yet!) I've never spoken to the car--but I talk to the computer, the cat, and to myself already . . .

Carol: Glad you like it! :)

Angela: Thank you!

Now I wonder, too; it would make an interesting story, wouldn't it? About a girl and her tree.

Roh: Thanks! :)


Your entry was awesome--I loved reading it.

Trisha: I thought the taps might give it away, but I guess not! ;)

Denise: The Blogger shutdown was a bit scary--I thought I had lost so much information! And my post never did reappear; thank goodness I signed up for Email Notification. :P

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Hilary: Thank you! :)

There are some great entries; I'm glad TRA decided to host it!

They do--and I tend to feel a bit bad for things that get pushed around, animate or not. :P

Nancy: It's fun to read what everyone thought this piece was about! :)

Fishducky: Thank you so much--I'm honored you decided to follow my blog! I hope you continue to enjoy my posts here on The Eagle's Aerial Perspective. :)

Angie said...

I am your newest follower!
Please follow back, I would greatly appreciate it!
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