07 September, 2011

Terry Pratchett Month: Book Review: The Light Fantastic

Title: The Light Fantastic
Author: Terry Pratchett
Published: 1986
Page Count: 241
Cover Rating: 3.8 out of 5. It's okay. The book matches, as does the chain, and the color isn't bad, but it doesn't exactly pop out at you. Of course, it also says "Conan the Barbarian" on the front cover, which is wrong--it's Cohen the Barbarian. Come now; surely they could have picked that one up! Once again, I have to say I like the more recent cover better.
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Summary (from Goodreads):

In The Light Fantastic only one individual can save the world from a disastrous collision. Unfortunately, the hero happens to be the singularly inept wizard Rincewind, who was last seen falling off the edge of the world . . .

My Thoughts: If The Color of Magic wasn't the best in the series, reading it through to get to the sequel (which picks up at a cliffhanger--rather literally) is definitely worth it. I found The Light Fantastic faster, more exciting, and quite funny.

Other: References, violence.

Verdict: A sequel that's even better than its predecessor, The Light Fantastic is a great Discworld book. Definitely recommended.

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-----The Golden Eagle


Sarah Pearson said...

That doesn't look a bit like my cover. But my copy is very very old :-)

It's been ages since I read these, I want to dig them out again :-)

Old Kitty said...

My Terry Pratchett book covers are nothing like your ones here so far!! Awwww are these only available in America!?! Not fair!! I do remember when even the lovely Terry Pratchett caved in and had some of his novel book covers made into "adult" versions in the wake of the Harry Potter craze for doing this. Madness!!!!

Light Fantastic - best story featuring Rincewind! Yay!! Take care

Marlena Cassidy said...

I have so many things to read now! Quit adding books to my list! (;

The Golden Eagle said...

Sarah: No time like the present. :)

Old Kitty: I believe they are--they're a bit bland compared to others that have been released, aren't they?

It's one of my favorites in the series; though I've read relatively few of them. :P

Marlena: LOL. And I'm afraid there are more coming. ;)

ali cross said...

Cool! This is fun :)