19 September, 2011

The Worst Movies Ever Blogfest

Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting yet another blogfest, this time directed toward the worst movies you've ever seen.

Now, I try to avoid awful (or awful-sounding) movies. I can give you a whole chart of horrible books but it took me some thought to come up with even a short list of films. I can happily say I haven't seen a truly bad movie in a while.

Here we go!

The Secret of NIMH
The book is wonderful. The movie, rather sadly, tears up the science in the book and puts in all this magic and mysticism and turns the characters into stereotypes. It's horrible.

The Last Unicorn
I've never read the book, but I do hope it's better than the movie. This one is just weird, mostly because of the characters (there's a female tree who tries to throttle the magician in an, er, unorthodox way, an alcoholic skeleton, and lots of monsters). I have to say, it's an interesting plot, though. Unicorn chases down Red Bull to save unicorn-kind, falls in love, chases Red Bull into sea, becomes the only unicorn to know love and regret. End of story.

Sparkly vampires are even worse onscreen. Really, what is the attraction? At least there were werewolves in New Moon . . . haven't bothered with Eclipse.

I, Robot
Sigh. One of Isaac Asimov's most famous books, and what happens? They throw in a character that doesn't exist, bits of the original plot, and stand the entire movie on logic that's shaky compared to Asimov's stories.

Honorable Mention:
This one gets only an Honorable Mention because I didn't bother watching it (yes, I'm cheating a bit), though we did take it out of the library. I was terribly disappointed to find out what they'd done to the classic story--especially because the screenplay was written by Neil Gaiman, one of my all-time favorite authors. Come on, now! Beowulf as the father of the dragon? The king as the father of Grendel? Ack.


What about you? Do you agree or disagree with any of my choices? Which movies do you think are the worst ever?

-----The Golden Eagle


Tizzy said...

Ha ha, good choices. I actually like I, Robot, but that's mostly because Will Smith gets his kit off :)

Christine Rains said...

Twilight was stupendously horrible. But be rest assured, The Last Unicorn is a far better book than movie.

Laila Knight said...

I loved Secret of Nimn and The last Unicorn. They were so cute. :)

Budd said...

why do you want to insult my childhood. I loved secret of Nimh and the last unicorn. My kids loved them too.

Nebular said...

Strangely enough, I didn't hate any of these.

Jess said...

Oh my gosh I remember The Last Unicorn from when I was like four years old! I seriously loved that movie (hey, I was like a baby!) but yeah I agree that movie is probably terrible haha.

But I like I, Robot. I thought that was a really good movie and still do. I've never read the book so that's probably why.

Great choices!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The Twilight movies were lame, but I Robot was all right. Then again, I don't like Asimov.
Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

Anonymous said...

I didn't like iRobot either. Never finished the movie. It was pretty bad.

Giles Hash said...

I liked iRobot. Never read the book, though.

You want a bad movie, though? Check out ACTIUM MAXIMUS: WAR OF THE ALIEN DINOSAURS. I think it's still on Netflix Instant Watch.

RaShelle Workman said...

I didn't enjoy iRobot either.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I totally agree with you about The Secret of Nimh. The book is amazing--the movie is NOT. I also agree with you about The Last Unicorn. Well, about all of them. :-)

Sun Singer said...

Fortunately, I did't have any of these on my must-see list. Reading your post, I see they're worse than I thought.


MyTricksterGod said...

An almost perfect list of awful movies Dear Eagle, but how ye can cast away the brilliance of the first Puzzles the will.
Twas so defining in my young years, I faint!

Michael Offutt said...

The Last Unicorn is an odd show and boy...that is really an old one to bring up.

Clarissa Draper said...

I love your choices! I loved the Secret of Nimn book but I agree, the movie is sad.

E.R. King said...

Good choices. I'm not a fan of I Robot or Twilight. Both left me wah-wah-wahhhing. What was the big deal?

lindy said...

Good thing I never read The Secret of Nihm or I'd likely be just as disappointed! I stopped by to give you MORE awards. Please drop by my blog to pick them up!

Paul Joseph said...

I'm so happy to see people including Twilight. The whole obsession with the movies and books was never something I understood. I remember watching The Last Unicorn with my babysitter many years ago. I don't remember hating it, but I remember being confused - particularly by that crazy bird creature.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Hi, Love your blog, I haven't seen any of your films but you made your post very presentable.

Thanks for calling by and the comment. much appreciated.

M.J. Fifield said...

I loved the Secret of Nimh and The Last Unicorn (an interesting read, by the way). I watched them often as a kid.

I hated Twilight an awful lot and found Beowulf to be just kind of dumb.

Bethany Elizabeth said...

I loved I, Robot, but not as an Asimov book. Will Smith is magic for me, I love pretty much anything he's in.

Cortney said...

I loved Secret of Nimh, but I've never read the book, so I don't know what the comparison is like! The hubs and I also love iRobot, but again, never read the book, I didn't even know it was from a book! TOTALLY agree with you on Twilight. Loved the books, the movies are awful! Not sure if I even want to see Breaking Dawn. Eclipse was just a joke. "I'm protecting Bella." "No, I am!" Get over yourselves, guys. :p

Old Kitty said...

I kind of liked, I, Robot if I don't think of the book! LOL! Oh ok it was abit stinky but Will Smith was most watchable! LOL!

I thought Beouwolf - again if I just pretend the story was never written - was fun in a brainless kind of way and a novelty type film with all the special effects etc and giving hefty Ray Winstone a six-pack!

At the moment I can't think of a worse film than Titanic (the one with Kate Winslet in it)! LOL!

Take care

J said...

Oh boy, I hate the Twilight movies too. I didn't even put them on my list because it's embarrassing to admit I've seen them. I didn't think that franchise could get any worse until I saw the movie lol.

Amy said...

Great list! I,Robot wasn't too bad, but then I am a fan of his other movies, so I might be a little biased. :)

L.G.Smith said...

Again, another list in which I have not seen any of the movies. I live the most sheltered movie life -- and I'm kind of glad after today. :)

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

I haven't seen (or read) The Last Unicorn, but I actually like the idea of a throttling tree and an alcoholic skeleton. At least you can't say it's the same old same old!

Lydia Kang said...

I'm actually surprised more people haven't put Twilight in here. This is the second post I've seen with it so far.

I didn't see those others though. Good thing, I guess!

Arlee Bird said...

I can't disagree with these choices since I haven't seen most of them. Twilight is the only one that I did see. I didn't hate it, but I'm not a fan either.

Tossing It Out

getyourselfconnected said...

NO WAY!!! Loved Secret of Nimh and The Last Unicorn!

David Powers King said...

NIMH has to be one of my favorite animated films of all time. Unicorn is up there with it. Sure it's not like the books, but it was daring enough to take animation into dark territory. And NIMH's ending chills me every time.

The others, I'll side with ya. :)

Tyrean Martinson said...

I'm with you on not watching may of the truly b grade bad movies so not having titles to go by, but I liked Nimh even if it does totally break from the book - it has it's own story . . .but I can't say it's a favorite. And same with I, Robot. Like the book, and thought the movie was fun, even if it didn't go with the book at all. It's strange how I can be ok with that, but I try not to expect movies to be exactly like their book counterparts - ever.

Christina Farley said...

I loved Secret of Nimn. Have you ever seen Never Ending Story? You'd love it I think.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I saw The Last Unicorn with a friend when it came out because she loved the book. I really don't remember it much though.

M Pax said...

Yes, Beowolf could have been so much better than it was. Didn't see the others. I didn't finish the book Twilight, so have no desire to see the movies. I can see why teenage women might like it.

baygirl32 said...

I recall The Last Unicorn from years and years ago, can't remember if I liked it though

Alleged Author said...

Ugh. "I, Robot" was a huge disappointment to me despite the excellent acting.

Lynda R Young said...

Aw, I remember as a kid I loved The Secret of NIMH.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Your list is further proof that movies will never truly do justice to the books they represent.

Susan Kane said...

Actually, Laila and I agree. I think watching them with my teen children made a differenct.

Jennie Bailey said...

Twilight wasn't the best, but New Moon was much, much worse. Eclipse got better. I'm not so sure about Breaking Dawn...I can't decide if I'm going to bother with that or not.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hmmm. I, Robot was still on my "to be watched" list. Maybe I should reconsider.

julie fedderson said...

I loved the Secret of Nimh, of course it was a step up from what my children usually watch so maybe I'm inflating it.

Doralynn Kennedy said...

I didn't like The Secret of Nimh either... very depressing... terrible animation. But I actually liked "I, Robot". Not the first time I saw it, but I caught it again on TV a couple years later -- and actually enjoyed it. Some movies grow on me for some reason.

Will Burke said...

What snippets of Twilight I saw were visually stunning, but fine visuals were overshadowed with crummy acting/characters/dialogue. There's no shortage of beauty in the world, so I'm not going to sit through that tripe to enjoy the visuals, thank you very much!

Heather M. Gardner said...

Short but sweet.

I did like I,Robot but I never read the story.

Thanks for sharing.

oceangirl said...

You are too young to know my movies, and I am too old to know yours:) I do know I, Robot, and I LOVE the Twilight! trilogy! :)

Belle said...

The only ones I've seen on your list is I Robot and Twilight and I liked them. Don't know why, I just did. The worst movie for me was Seven.

Elizabeth Mueller said...

I loved The Last Unicorn. The book is very poetic--very purple prosey, though. But you're right, the tree was very weird, it was not in the book--the questionable part, but the tree scene was there. :)


vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

EGADS!!! i loved THE LAST UNICORN when i was a kiddo! i would watch it over and over again at my gramma's house! i wonder if that's partly why i'm so twisted now? blame the unicorns!

the tree booby part was freaky. i'll give you that! even as a kid, i could tell that was yucky!

Charles Gramlich said...

I saw the secret of NIMH so many years ago I don't remmeber much of it. I didn't realize it changed the book so much. I read the book quite a bit later, only a few years ago actually, and loved it very much.

Empty Nest Insider said...

I can't believe I haven't seen anything on your list! Oh well, thanks for telling me movies to avoid in the future! Julie

Michael Di Gesu said...

I haven't seen, but I wanted to see Beowulf until I read the reviews and then never bothered for the same reasons as you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with all of these.

I wasn't able to finish watching Basic Instinct 2. I also thought I Know Who Killed Me had horrible acting and a faulty plot.

C D Meetens said...

Oh, I really liked "Secret of NIMH", although I agree it's not much like the book. I'm completely behind you on "Twilight" though ;).

Elliot Grace said...

...brave girl, tossing Twilight into the mix. Good for you, it ranks fairly high on my smelly movie list as well ;)


Civil War Horror said...

The Last Unicorn book was MUCH better than the movie. Well worth picking up. I saw the movie in the theater when I was a kid and was reasonably entertained, although from what I remember it was pretty hokey.

Theresa Milstein said...

I haven't seen these movies. But I've seen enough books ruined by the movie adaptation to agree with you. Why is it so hard to stay true to the book?

Susan Fields said...

I haven't seen most of these, but they sounds like some great choices! My worst movie ever is Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford. I found it incredibly boring, and I don't even remember what it was about, just that I was so bored I wanted to leave.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Hope you are well :-) If I've already introduced myself I apologise. I can't keep up with who I've said Hi to and who I haven't. I am in your YA Group. I'm just trying to catch up with everybody slowly but surely :-).
Fab blog.
Eve x

Rachna Chhabria said...

I wish I had heard about this blogfest earlier.

Ben said...

Hah, Beowulf was balls. I didn't think is deserved an adaptation to begin with.

the Rambler said...

Haven't seen any of those films besides Twilight, I'm sorry to say, but I didn't bother with any of the sequels.

I can't even remember which movie is the absolute worst I've seen, because I think most of what is called "comedy" today has set a rather tragic standard for how bad cinema can be.

Krispy said...

I loved The Last Unicorn! It was one of my favorites growing up, and when I found out it was also a book I was overjoyed! Movie is pretty weird though, which I realized when I viewed it again when I was older. The weird elements are less weird in book format though; it flows better together / makes more sense. Plus, the writing is gorgeous! Like I wish I could write with such poignant, lyrical effortlessness. The core plot is the same.

I agree about Twilight, although I thought New Moon was worse. Eclipse is the best out of the 3 (don't ask why I've seen them all; I'm not sure either). It's the most entertaining & there's so much more fighting. :P

Flying high in the sky.... said...

interesting list...

The Golden Eagle said...

Tizzy: I wasn't particularly impressed with Will Smith--though his acting is good.

Christine: LOL. That's kinda what I thought!

I need to read it.

Laila: I beg to differ. LOL.

Budd: Sorry! They just never appealed to me. :P

Nebular: It seems I'm alone in disliking this bunch. Ah well.

Jess: I was young when I first saw it, too--seven, six, maybe?

Read the book! It's an awesome story. :)


Alex: You don't like Asimov? He's one of my favorite SF authors. :P

Thank you for hosting it! :)

Stephen: LOL. I sat through it because I wanted to know how it ended. And I don't like walking out on movies. :P

Giles: You should read the book--it is way better than the movie! (If you couldn't tell I thought that already . . . LOL.)

Never heard of that movie! But it sounds kinda over the top just from the title.

RaShelle: It was meh for me. Which I hated, because I love the book.

Shannon: Yay! You're probably one of the few here who agrees with me. :P

Malcolm: I found myself thinking that about other movies I saw during this blogfest--just reaffirmation that yes, they really are as awful as I had imagined.

MyTricksterGod: I'm fainting at the idea people actually like that movie . . . I could never get attached to it in any way. The book, though, was wonderful.

Michael: We have it on DVD--I didn't even know it was old until I looked it up a few years ago. :P

Clarissa: Isn't it? They changed it so much. :(

E.R.: Same here!

Lindy: Thank you so much for awarding me! :) I'll be right on over.

Paul: The crazy bird creature? I must have blocked that one out of my memory . . . it doesn't ring a bell. LOL.

Yvonne: Thank you! :)

You're very welcome. I really enjoyed reading your post!

M.J.: Ack! How can people like these movies, I beg to know? :P

I count it as a good thing I never watched it . . .

Bethany: It's too bad you didn't like the book. It's one of my favorites by Asimov.

I haven't seen anything else Will Smith's been in. Maybe I should?

Cortney: You should read the books! They're much better than the movies--though that's just me. :P

LOL. I never liked the books; that's the feeling I got from them AND the movies.

The Golden Eagle said...

Old Kitty: I should see another movie he's been in; maybe it would change my perspective on I, Robot. :P


I actually kind of want to see Titanic, just to find out what all the buzz is about. Then again, I never did like Avatar . . .

J: Ha! I have stronger dislike of the books than the movies--probably since you get all the details. :P

Amy: There seem to be a lot of Will Smith fans here. I should check out another movie he's been in.

L.G.: Good for you! This has got to be the first blogfest in which I can say I haven't seen any of the mentioned things . . . cheerfully. LOL.

Jennifer: Nope! That it is not. :P

Lydia: Very good thing.

Arlee: I don't like anything that has much to do with Twilight; it's just not my thing at all.

getyourselfconnected: I just cannot see how people liked those movies. I thought they were horrible. :P

David: True--the animation is interesting. It's the story that didn't hold up with me!

Tyrean: Good point. They're bound to change something; though sometimes they do a WAY better job.

Christine: Nope . . . though my library has the Neverending Story II. Is that one good?

L. Diane: It's a strange, strange movie. :P

M: LOL. I fall into that category--but I never really liked Twilight. In the least.

baygirl32: Probably for the better . . . though a lot of people here seem to think otherwise! *shakes head sadly*


Alleged Author: Same here, unfortunately.

Lynda: I never liked it. Particularly because I read the book first.

Jeffrey: Nope . . . though I do think a movie can be a very good one in its own right, even if it is an adaptation.

The Golden Eagle said...

Susan: I feel like I'm missing out on something important with those movies. :P

Jennie: I might see Breaking Dawn, just to find out how they did it, and if it's as bad as the book. I'm curious how they're going to do Bella.

Patricia: I don't like that movie. The book is so much better!

Julie: The original The Rats of NIMH is great--the movie just changes everything, negatively.

Doralynn: Same here. I've watched movies I didn't like and found myself enjoying them; same thing with certain scenes as well.

Will: That's mostly why I didn't like Avatar. It looked amazing, but the plot and characters? Meh.

Heather: You should read the book. :) It's a great story!

You're welcome!

oceangirl: I never liked the Twilight Saga/trilogy; it just never appealed.

Belle: I've heard of Seven before, but never saw it.

Elizabeth: I shall have to read the book sometime. It sounds like a good story, and much better than the movie!

Vic: LOL. I have nothing against unicorns on the whole--in fact, I support them over zombies, if it comes to it :P --but that movie never held appeal.

I always thought that was the weirdest part.

Charles: I need to reread the book again. It's been a while since I did. :)

Empty Nest Insider: Awesome!

LOL. You're welcome!

Michael: It just seems like they ruined another classic. :(

Medeia: Hooray. :P

I've never heard of those movies before--will have to remember to avoid them!

C D: I never liked Twilight. The movies were, though, a bit better than the books in that they didn't get into Bella's head so much. LOL.

Elliot: Thanks. It irks me that people seem to think all teenage girls are supposed to like The Twilight Saga, just because a lot of them do--I like proving that wrong. :P

The Golden Eagle said...

Civil War Horror: I shall have to get to the book! I'm actually looking forward to it, despite not enjoying the movie.

Theresa: I don't know . . . but it would be nice if they'd stick to the original plot more often!

Susan: LOL. Thanks. :P

I haven't heard of that movie before. Doesn't sound like a good one, though.

Eve.E: Welcome to The Eagle's Aerial Perspective, Eve! It's nice to meet you--and nope, you haven't introduced yourself before. :)

I still have to do so myself. There are an awful lot of Campaigners!

Rachna: Aww, it's too bad you couldn't join up for the blogfest. But it would still be fun to find out what the worst films you've seen are. :)

Ben: I'm not a huge fan of the original story, either; but I thought they could have done a much better job with the movie.

the Rambler: LOL. Too true. I don't watch much comedy, but it can get pretty strange . . .

Krispy: I will have to read the book!

I'm not sure if I'm going to watch it; I'm a little intrigued by Breaking Dawn, though, I have to admit. I'm curious to see how they did Bella.

Flying high: Thanks! :)

Donea Lee said...

Hmmm...I have a soft spot for The Secret of Nihm and The Last Unicorn, probably because I was a kid when I first saw them.

I'm with you on Twilight, though. Edward's and Bella's monotone courtship throughout is annoying!

Amanda the Aspiring said...

I liked I, Robot(didn't read the book, and am a fan of Will Smith), and I don't remember Secrets of Nimh, and I haven't seen Beowulf or The Last Unicorn. Beowulf looked terrible, though. So I guess I can only completely agree with you on Twilight. Also, I would add Percy Jackson & Eragon to the list of worst movies of all time. =)

msmariah said...

Great list. I wish Twilight made more folks list. It really was just awful.

Sarah Pearson said...

I've seen my share of bad movies but 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?' is one that really sticks out in my mind. Two hours of tedium, I stuck it out to see who won the dance contest where it was set - and the winners were never revealed.

Lisa Potts said...

I have to agree that Beowulf was abysmal. It also made me kind of nauseous.

Angela Orlowski-Peart said...

I kind of liked I,Robot since I am a fan of Will Smith. It wasn't too bad although we all have our own lists and I totally understand that not everyone likes what I do :-)

Twilight movies were horrible and I haven't seen Nimh and The Last Unicorn. I wonder now if I should consider watching it? Wink.

The Golden Eagle said...

Donea: I did, too . . . maybe I got twisted by something else and can't enjoy them because of it. :P LOL.


Amanda: I haven't seen Percy Jackson--I didn't bother once I heard how badly they'd messed up the plot!

Msmariah: Thanks!

I agree. :P

Sarah: That must have been a let-down. I hate waiting for something to happen . . . and then it doesn't.

Lisa: I never watched it, thankfully. :)

Angela: I just didn't like how they'd changed the original story--it's so different. And Asimov's book was great.

No! Please don't!


Deniz Bevan said...

You're right - I loved the book The Rats of NIMH and the movie failed to capture any of its essence.