19 June, 2010


Thank you, everyone, for following The Eagle's Aerial Perspective! I love reading and answering your comments, looking at all the visitors from the different countries, and communicating with you guys through the Cbox! You keep these posts coming, and I am grateful you consider this blog to be worthwhile. :) Here is a list of my followers and the links to their names in the order they are on my Dashboard:


-----The Golden Eagle


Maryo said...

I like to be within these "40 followers", although I also point recently and my main language is not English si good for mi to paricipate in these blogs.
Another thing is that my blog is not written in English but still try to publish things in English from now so I hope you like it, I thought it better to make a more international blog, didn't it?
I hope you visit. I've also put a link to your blog to people you see. Maybe it isn't well written because I used to write and speak in Spanish but I hope you will understand everything I've said in this comment.

Best wishes,

The Golden Eagle said...

I think it's really cool that you can speak two languages, since I wish I could.

I can understand you really well! Making your blog international is a great idea, and I hope you get success from that! :)

Milli said...

Your blog is awesome! You deserve everyone of those 40 followers:D

Icewolf said...

I grin *grin*

laughingwolf said...

we all rawk, don't we ;) lol