12 June, 2010

I Almost Forgot!

Hehe, I nearly forgot to do 5 Awesome Blogs again, since I did those reviews [see previous post] but here we go:

1. (of) Horse Feathers
I'm not entering (I pretty much like Template Designer) but she is having a complete blog makeover contest!

2. Animal Writing

3. Random Convo's

4. Writing in the Crosshairs

5. Holes in My Brain

-----The Golden Eagle


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for the shout-out of my blog. That means a lot. I also deeply appreciate all the comments you leave on my posts.

Sometimes it can get to feel as if you're playing to an empty house.

You have a fasinating, lovely blog, Roland

Icewolf said...

Thanks for the mention!!!

The Golden Eagle said...

Roland: Sure! I like reading your posts.

Icewolf: no problemo. ;)