05 June, 2010

Happy 100th Post Icewolf!

Here's the quiz from her blog Randomness is Sweet:


1.) Is swimming a fun thing to do for you?
Er, I don't know how to swim. Yeah, yeah, I need to learn . . .

2.) Cherry pie...or apple pie?
Mmmmm thinking. . . apple.

3.) Does ranch taste good on anything?
I don't believe I've ever had ranch dressing. (It is about dressing, right?)

4.) Best trait: sarcasm, easy-going, energetic, or moody?
All of the above. ;)

5.) Tell me one thing that makes you extremely happy.

6.) Don't fireflies make you want to smile and laugh? I mean, they're so...amusing, right?
Totally. Blinking away like they don't have a care in the world. :)

7.) Egg rolls, or sweet and sour chicken?
I prefer sesame chicked over sweet and sour, so egg rolls. (Spring rolls are good too.)
8.) Does Inora amuse you?
Hehe. Of course. :)

10.) I say 1...you say...
Topkapi Palace! (I just love that word. All the P's and the K.)

I highly suggest you check out this blog. Icewolf is a very good writer, her stories are interesting and exciting, and Inora (as mentioned above) is amusing. Very. (He's so . . . sanctimonious.) And the gadgets on the sidebar are worthy of an LOL and *grins*. There is also that handy little gadget called the Followers button . . .

-----The Golden Eagle


Milli said...

Random :D

Icewolf said...

Thanks Golden Eagle. You seriously don't know how to swim? :D
I'm going to go look up 'sanctimonious' now. *laughs*

Guinevere said...

So totally random. Love your blog!

The Golden Eagle said...

Milli: Ye-up!

Icewolf: No, seriously, I do not. *sigh*grumble*

Guinevere: Thank you! :)