10 February, 2011

I Finished My Novel!

Well, I finished the first draft, anyway. But still, I got it down, beginning to end, all the way through!


But it's strange. I'd been working on that story since September 19th, 2009, and even though I finished it on Tuesday I don't feel like I have really and truly finished it, despite the fact I had planned for it to end there for a while now.

And when I opened up the computer the next day, I felt like "Ah yes. Time to start working on--wait. Hang on. I don't have to do that anymore. I finished it."

I'm actually rather morose. Before, while I was working on the story I had Shiny, Sparkly, Come-Write-Me! ideas clamoring about in my head, but now?


I tried starting a Fantasy story I had wanted to get started on for some time, but it flopped. I'm not inspired; not in the mood to go chasing after it. There's another idea, too: a Science Fiction/Dystopian story I had a really clear-cut dream about (there was even music playing in the background, which I remembered after I woke up). I might try working on it, or just try something random and see if I get any ideas that really hook me.

But anyway. As for the story I just FINISHED (I'm telling myself that as often as I can) I think I'm going to break it up into a trilogy. It's made up of nine parts, so that's pretty easy division.

And no, I won't end up with three novellas. I've been working on that story for over a year, so I've got a lot happening before the end, hundreds of thousands of words, which will not do for a single novel.

It's not that I feel like it's unfinished or anything; I know it's done, but another part of my mind is rebelling and telling me I should keep going. I feel like I could jump right in again and start writing where I left off, and I really miss the world and the characters and the ideas I have been wrapped up in for so long. Sigh. I don't know why I my writing mind is doing this, since I'll be back with it when I start revisions/edits after a couple weeks or so.

Maybe I just have to get moving with another story.

Have you ever felt lost after you finished something (writing or otherwise) you'd been working hard on for a long time?

-----The Golden Eagle


Jamie - I'm a guy, btw said...

Congratulations on completing your manuscript! That in itself is a major accomplishment, and you should be very proud. Now comes the revisions (where I currently sit), which will make you feel like you've made such a horrible mistake in wanting to write...good luck!

Kindros said...


Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

Way to go, Golden Eagle. You should be mighty proud of yourself!

Congrats :)

Pk Hrezo said...

HUGE CONGRATS!!! Pat yourself on the back!
Revisions are never the same as writing that first draft. I've actually been depressed about losing my characters when I'm done writing. And even tho you can read about them again, and will spend hours upon hours revising, it's never quite the same. The romance is dead, so to speak. Ho-hum.

But there will always be more stories to write. :)

M.J. Fifield said...

Congratulations on finishing your novel! That's quite an achievement and like others before have said, you should be proud.

gideon 86 said...

YAY, Golden Eagle....

He does the happy dance for you...

It sounds like you will have no time to miss your world. Once you start editing it will take over your life. You won't have time to miss it.

My first novel took me only three months to write. I have been editing it for an year and a half. I am on the final edit now.

A work of your magnitude will take a great deal of time to edit.

I actually like to edit. Not so much know while I'm on my 75th go around, but my second novel only had three read throughs. So It might need another edit.

You should write a few pages about the dream you had. For BLINDED GARDENER, I had a dream. It started as a blogfest entry, and before I knew it I have a 58,000 word novel.

Good luck! I know you will come up with something amazing.


Colene Murphy said...

Congratulations!!! ENJOY the fact that you have finished, instead of being down! Just enjoy it for a while!

Heather said...

Congratulations! Don't worry, I feel lost for a bit every time I finish a novel. It passes as soon as you get to dive back into revisions.

Angelina Rain said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations on finishing your novel!

I know exactly what you’re going through. When I finished writing my very first novel I was depressed for weeks. I had fallen in love with the characters and it pained me to let them go. That’s the main reason why I have never attempted to submit it, I’m afraid that if it gets rejected it will bother me more than anything else getting rejected.

Misha said...


I'm so happy for you!

And yes, I felt very lost when I finished the rough draft of Doorways.


Simon Kewin said...

Congratulations : it's a great achievement. Definitely start writing something else ...

M Pax said...

Hooooooo! Congrats! That's an accomplishment.

Yes, I usually feel a bit empty when done with a novel.

I usually write some short stories.

Robyn Campbell said...

Congrads, Eagle. :) *Throws confetti* Now comes the edits. UGH

Dominic de Mattos said...

Well done Golden Eagle - a real accomplishment. :D

*waves a flag*

Summer Ross said...

Congrats on finishing- thats a huge accomplishment draft or no!

Revisions are some what different. maybe take some time to read a few books before you jump right into revisions? Some people really do great at waiting a while before jump on the band wagon with revisions.

I always feel accomplished when I finish something like a short story or poetry. If I get stuck I look at news articles, books, poetry and such. That usually inspires me to write.

Indigo said...

Congratulations! The elation will return when you read over what you've wrote and realize you created a book.

I've written three. I love the first draft stage of the book. The revisions - not so much. I'm determined to finish the revisions on my last book once and for all before the summer.

I totally miss the first draft writing experience. (Hugs)Indigo

Tere Kirkland said...

That's an amazing accomplishment! Congrats!

I love revising, but I never have that same rush that I get from drafting. And I need to leave it alone for at least a month before I start revising.

Good luck!

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Congratulations!! Such a huge accomplishment. So much to be proud of. I hope you do something to celebrate!

Old Kitty said...

OH wow!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yay for you!! Well done you!!

Awww well I think you're writing mind has been so wrapped up with this novel just finished it;s finding it hard to let go for a bit and enjoy the moment!! But if there are ideas to be written down then go for it!! GOOD LUCK!!! And congratulations!!!! YAYAYAYYAYAY!!!

Take care

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations! yes, I felt both lost and relieved when I finished the first draft of my book's sequel. Had to dive back in quick.

Margo Benson said...

Many congratulations Golden! (Applauding!) I think it's natural to feel a little separation anxiety when you and your characters have shared so much - but they'll always be a special part of your life.

This is a great achievement!

Brian said...

That really is great, congrats!!! I am very proud to be here for the news!

SariBelle said...

Ya CONGRATS Golden Eagle! That's awesome! =D

I'm in the same position as you right now. Just finished the first draft of my first novel. It did feel a little anti-climactic, so I know how you're feeling. It's part of a two book series though so I think my feelings are coming more from the fact that I know the story's not really finished, and I still have another 80k words to go.

Misha said...

Wow! Congrats! This is a huge achievement :)

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Whoa. From the way you described it, you've just finished three books! That's astounding.
I say you celebrate, take a break, write something silly for fun and then turn back to see about revisions and such.

L'Aussie said...

That's so great! Yes, it is a bit of a letdown. Remember you've been carrying that baby for a long time. You're going to miss the daily here we go. Take some time off to let it rest. It sounds to me like you have the sequel simmering...


Be nice if now you're finished you can pop into the Publication Party this week - all about indie publishing.

Jules said...

YEEHAW! Way to go Eagle and yes I have. It's like, "Well now what?" This is when I put on non-matching clothes, sit all my funny toys in a circle and stand on my head in the middle. Always makes me think of something :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I strongly suggest that you write something, no matter what. It's best to keep yourself from imploding and your mind framework collapsing. ;) It's safer that way.

If you feel the story needs more, then keep yourself going. I don't think I'd feel satisfied reading a book that felt like it could go on more. I barely read though, so I could be wrong. xD Just listen to your muse. She's smarter than you think. :D

Liz Pezzuto said...

Yay! That's great, congrats! Make sure you reward yourself for all that hard work!

I remember when I finished the first draft of my novel. It was a mix of "phew! it's done" and "damn, revisions..." But I too really love the world I created and can't stay away. It keeps me going through the revision process.

Patricia A. Timms said...

Congratulations on finishing! Sadly, manuscripts are never technically finished until they're for sale on the shelf it seems.

I wrote a triology first. And then I queried it and had some feedback on a partial request that led me to dumping two and revising the first one. Writing series can be fun but may become difficult to manage during revisions. However, it's always great practice to keep on writing.

I've since written two other books with series potential. I like that phrase a lot. I know I could continue if given the opportunity.

Happy Writing!

Orchid said...

Congrats on finishing your novel!!! ^_^

Marie Rearden said...

Congratulations! Be proud, because now you can step away from it for a week or two. When you look at it again, all that motivation and excitement will come back and make revising easier.

Good luck!!!


Shelley said...

Interesting situation. I've never really worked on something that long like a novel, but I can somewhat understand what you mean.

Congratulations on your big accomplishment, and I hope you find some other neat writing task to busy your creative mind! :)

Lindz said...

Congrats! How are you going to celebrate? I took a long time to write my first draft to, so it's pretty exhilarating to finally bust out that last sentence.

Heather Hellmann said...

Congratulations! I also felt a little lost when I finished my first novel.

Peaceful Reader said...

Way to go! I think it is probably okay to take a little breather. Let one story settle and in a few days one or the other of your stories will burst forth on it's accord. Congratulations!!

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...


Tony Benson said...

Big congratulations on finishing it! I can understand you missing the world and characters, as they've been so present in your life for so long.

Just think, when your readers finish the book they'll miss the world and characters too - that's a sign of a good book.

Inspiration for whatever's next will come, your mind just needs time to adjust to a different world. Not much to ask really :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

First, serious congratulations. That is a huge step. Second, that lost feeling? I get it every time I finish a major project. I know quite a few other writers who do as well, and it would certainly be worth a blog post on its own.

Carol Kilgore said...

Maybe I've felt that way for a minute or two, but something else is always waiting.
Take the weekend off :)

Beth said...

I'm so proud of you! That is a hard thing to do! (And it doesn't get easier after the first one)!
Celebrate hard.

The Golden Eagle said...

Jamie: Thank you!

LOL. I don't feel like that yet . . . but I probably will!

Kindros: Thanks!

Wendy: Thank you!

Pk: Thanks! :)

There's something less exciting about trying to fix something then there is creating it; at least, that's how I see it.

Yes, thankfully!

M.J.: Thanks!

I am--it's not that I'm unhappy about finishing a novel, just that I'm sad about not being right there with the characters anymore.

Michael: Aw, thank you! :)

Probably. There's a lot of world-building, and I love immersing myself in it.

A year and a half . . . wow. It must be a great story, since you've spent so much editing! Good luck with your final edits!

I'm sure editing my story will be fun, at least part of the time since there are some things that I'm actually looking forward to improving; the world (it's Science Fiction, so lots of things to fill in) needs to be built more for the reader.

I have a few pages down now (and I wrote more in it today, actually) and I'm getting excited about it; it might just become something more than a dream!

Good luck with The Blinded Gardener!

Thank you!

Colene: Thanks!

Despite the writing woes, I AM enjoying having a written book behind me! :) There seem to be more perks, now that it's been a few days.

Heather: Thanks!

I told myself I'd give it 2 weeks before jumping back in . . . just so I could see it with a fresher eye.

Angelina: Thank you!

I'd probably feel that way if I submitted the novel I just finished; I've been attached to it for so long.

Misha: Thanks! :)

I'll find my way . . . I just need a great new idea! And I've got a few thoughts . . .

The Golden Eagle said...

Simon: Thank you!

I've started a couple stories by now; hopefully something will come of them!

M Pax: Thank you!

I should try writing a short story; I haven't in a while, and it might keep me occupied or even generate some ideas.

Robyn: Thanks!

I always found the writing part more interesting (overall, not all the time) than revising/editing, although it's nice to say you've actually WRITTEN something.

Dominic: Thank you! :)

Summer: Thanks!

I'm planning to wait a while, start a new project, get my mind away from the story so I can look at it afresh and see all the things I might have missed otherwise.

Different things inspire me, depending on what I'm writing; for a while, current events/news were the fuel for the novel I just finished.

Thanks for the tips!

Indigo: Thanks!

I'm pretty sure it will; I guess it's been lodged in my mind for so long that the book was unfinished, that the new, finished status is just sinking in.

Good luck with your revisions! :)

Tere: Thank you!

A month--smart! I'm planning to wait 2 weeks or so, and then jump back in. The story would nag too much if I left it for that long, and my Inner Editor hates to wait. :P


Caroline: Thank you!

I'm continuing as usual; although, finally being able to truly look at those ideas that have been clamoring around in my head as I wrote the other story is a kind of relief!

Old Kitty: Thank you! :D

That's pretty much it, really; I'm trying to get rid of such thoughts, though, since I'd rather to be able to sit back and grin now that I've finally finished the novel!

The Golden Eagle said...

Alex: Thanks!

I'm going to wait a while; even though I'd rather keep on writing it, I think I need time before I start revisions/edits.

Margo: Thank you! :)

Yes, it is nice to know the characters aren't going anywhere!

Brian: Thank you!

SariBelle: Thanks! :)

Well, I'm definitely ending the story where I did (for now--that might change during revisions, although I doubt it) but I can see feeling that way if there's still another book to go!

Good luck with your writing!

Misha: Thanks! :)

Tricia: I did decide to break it up into a trilogy; it just got to long and it does feel like there is more than one book, to me. So that has to sink in as well.

Now that sounds good! :) Thanks for the advice!

L'Aussie: Actually, I planned on finishing it there instead of going on to write a sequel; I could, but I don't think it would really work beyond what I have already.

I'll definitely head over and check out the Publication Party!

Jules: Thanks!

I'll have to try that. ;D

Madeline: Thanks!

I always feel out-of-sorts if I don't have time to write, so I'll definitely be working on something, trying out ideas, etc. . . .

Sometimes I am satisfied, actually; whenever I finish a book like that, while I will feel like there could be more, I kind of like that idea things are happening beyond the pages. :)

Liz: Thanks! :)

I'm still wondering about how exactly to that; a break from writing doesn't work for me (LOL) but hey, tomorrow's Saturday! :D

That's good to know!

The Golden Eagle said...

Patricia: Thanks! :)

Well, I'd be satisfied enough if I saw something I'd written on the shelf!

I can see how a trilogy might be hard to work on during revisions; it's too bad you had to drop two books in your trilogy!

I'm not putting it down for sure that what I wrote will be a trilogy; I think that will become more obvious once I'm revising and can see the whole thing, from start to finish.

Potential. Great word for writers! :)

You too!

Orchid: Thank you!

Marie: Thanks!

I sure hope it does; I've got a lot to revise and edit!

Shelley: Thank you! I think I might have found what I'm looking for . . . I'll just have to see what comes of the story I started working on a little bit today.

Lindz: Thanks! :)

I don't really know . . . yesterday was a pretty mixed day, but tomorrow is part of the weekend; maybe I'll spend it by reading all day. That would be nice.

I agree--it was nice to finally be able to say "I'm DONE!" even if it still needs a lot of work.

Heather: Thank you!

Another great thing about the blogosphere; there are a lot of people who have similar experiences! :)

Peaceful Reader: Thanks!

Hopefully, one will come soon! I need to write! LOL.

Sandra: Thanks! :)

Tony: Thank you!

Now that's a promising thought! Of course, being the writer myself, I suppose I'm rather biased, but maybe some of that will rub off on the reader. :)

I'm just impatient, I guess. :P

Charles: Thank you!

Would make an interesting blog post, true; maybe you should write it? I'm sure you'd do it well!

Carol: Thanks!

Yup, there's usually another project, even if it takes a while to arrive . . . thank goodness for that!

Might just. ;)

Beth: I wouldn't expect it to get that much easier--a novel is a novel after all!

Maybe I should have some kind of celebration . . . and here on Blogger as well. :D

mist of the blossom rain said...

Congratulations! I am not disciplined enough to finish an actually book, though I've tried. Are you planning on getting an agent and trying to publish it?

Erin said...

GOod job! I've started two novels and I've only gotten past 50k on one and barely 20k on the other. That's a real accomplishment. I hear you're a teenager too? :D Good job!

Stories based on dreams (especially sci-fi ones) are really awesome because you know how to describe it just so and you have the perfect image in your head. That was basically the gist of my first novel. Do it, see how it turns out.

Anonymous said...

First of all, CONGRATS! Second of all, the lost/empty feeling is normal. But don't worry. You'll be full to the brim with revision notes in no time. =]

Holly Ruggiero said...

A huge congratulations to you. Take some time and relax before jumping back in.

Darlyn said...

It's great and that is totally a great news! Congratulations!

Elena Solodow said...

Congratulations! That is a HUGE accomplishment. And yes, you're going to feel out of sorts for a bit. I tend to read a lot, and in the interim between drafts you'll probably be able to immerse yourself in something else for a bit. If not, just relax and wait out the time before you can get started on #2.

The Golden Eagle said...

Emily: Thanks!

I'm sure you could do it. :)

I don't know right now--I'll have to see what it's like when everything's been edited and revised.

Erin: Thank you!

Yeah, I'm a teenager. :D

I've started the story; I'm not sure if I'm going to keep pressing on with it right now, but I AM enthusiastic about the concept.

Milo: Thanks! :)

LOL. I've already got notes on the desktop and sidebar--many of them! But as you said, I'm sure there will be more.

Holly: Thank you!

I'm taking a break from the story--not from the writing, though. I don't think I could stay away for over a few days. :P

Darlyn: Thank you! :)

Elena: Thanks!

I'm reading a lot right now; it's not to be able to read and not worry so much about the writing.

Regina said...

Whoot! Whoot! I think that is a wonderful thing. Congratulations this is fabulous.

The Golden Eagle said...

Thank you! :)

Now that it's been a while after I finished it and other story ideas are forming--I'm really glad I got it done!

Jacqueline Howett said...

Congratulations to typing THE END. Yes I have noticed dribs and drabs pop up at the end to possibly write this or that. The trilogy sounds interesting, but I would let it rest now in a nice safe area and 'forget' all about it. You will be back to it before you know it. Now you need reflection to other ideas and it needs some fresh air, making distance as much as possible in order to really make it shine the next time around. Thats how the magic of the next step happens.

The Golden Eagle said...

Thank you!

I'm trying to follow that advice, and it's working--I know when I turn back to the trilogy I'll have a much better sense of it overall; my brain won't be mired in what I think it is, instead of what's really there. I'll be able to see it anew. :)

Ella said...

Congrats, this is amazing! I hope someday to do the same! Be proud of all your work~

Jolene said...

Woooooooo hooooooooooooooooo! MASSIVE congratulations :):) You must feel on top of the world (and you are! Finishing is HUGE :))