03 February, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Yes, today is Chinese New Year!

(My mom and I have always celebrated it, in some way; mainly because I was born in, and adopted from, Hefei, China.)

This year is the Year of the Rabbit.


I'd also like to make a note: my mom is a Rabbit, so I wish her much good fortune in this New Year. :)



-----The Golden Eagle
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Summer Ross said...

Happy Chinese new year to you as well.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Cool! I am from the year of the Monkey! :-)

Tere Kirkland said...

Happy New Year! Don't eat too much, lol!

Hannah Kincade said...

Happy New Year!! I have some lucky fortune coins to mail! I'm so behind! Eeek!

Holly Ruggiero said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!! :D :D

Donea Lee said...

I (think) I'm the year of the ox... :) Happy Chinese New Year to you, and lots of luck to your mom!

Kindros said...

Happy New Year!!

I was born in the year of the Dog, but am also a Leo, lol. :)

Arlee Bird said...

Happy Chinese New Year! Maybe I should go to Panda Express, a Chinese restaurant across the street from where I live, and get lunch to bring home to celebrate.
Like I've ever really needed an excuse before.
Mmmmm-- Firecracker Chicken and Beijing Beef--I'm getting hungry.

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Angie said...

Same to you!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I saw that on the calendar this morning! And I just learned something new about you as well.

ali said...

Happy New Year to you!!

Brian said...

Happy New Year to you!!!

Aleta said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!! I'll have to read up a little about the Year of the Rabbit and post something tomorrow :)

I was born year of the Rooster and my husband is year of the Ox :)

gideon 86 said...

Happy New Year, Golden.

I hope for many wonderful things for you and your family.


Nicole Zoltack said...

Happy Chinese New Year! I'm from the year of the Rat.

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too.

I'm a tiger. No great surprises there :)

Jen Chandler said...

Happy Chinese New Year! I think some Chinese food may be on the menu tonight :D

Best of luck to all the Rabbits out there (I'm from the year of the Snake :D )

Elaine AM Smith said...

Kung hei fat choi!Happy Chinese New Year, may it be an auspicious one for your mother and for you too. :)

Old Kitty said...

Awww HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!! I love rabbits - it's their little noses and big ears!!!!! So yay for your mum - not that she's got big ears or anything!!!! LOL!

Ok moving swiftly on!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!

Take care

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Happy New Year. I forget what year I was born in though my daughter has told me a number of times.

Caroline said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Eagle!! :D

mist of the blossom rain said...

It's cool your mom's a rabbit! Happy Chinese New Year!

Talei said...

Happy New Year to you and your Mum! This is a special one for her! ;)

Jules said...

Happy Chinese New Year, to both your mom and you. I can't remember what I am but I know it was not a rabbit :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Beth said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Best wishes to you and your mom. Happy, happy new year!

Vicki Rocho said...

Happy New Year right back at ya!

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope it's a good one for you and everyone else. :D I think I'm the year of the Rat. :)

Alison said...

Happy new year! I was in Taiwan two years ago for Chinese new year. It was so much fun. It mostly involved a lot of eating.
I loved the hot pot on new year's eve.

Madeleine said...

What fun! I'm the year of the cat (I know the lowest in the pecking order LOL!) Happy Chinese New Year. So what qualities does someone born in the year of the rabbit have? :O)

Misha said...

Happy New Year. :-)

Pk Hrezo said...

And to you! :)

Madeleine said...

Apparently I am a rabbit! You are a Rabbit LOL! :O)

Alison Stevens said...

Happy New Year! (I'm finally catching up with the other crusaders... good way to start the new year!)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Happy Chinese New Year!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Happy New Year! I hope the Year of the Rabbit brings lots of love, laughter, and success!

W.B. said...

Happy New Year! I hope the year of the rabbit brings good luck!

Margo Kelly said...

Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too! I didn't know you were born in China! How awesome.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Happy New Year to you too....

Maria McKenzie said...

Happy Chinese New Year! I'm the year of the tiger:).

Hart Johnson said...

OH! I didn't realize you were adopted from China--very cool! I am a Firehorse, married to a water tiger, and parent to a tiger and a pig... teehee

Happy (belated) Chinese New Year!

The Golden Eagle said...

Summer: Thank you!

Shannon: Monkey, huh? Awesome!

Tere: Thanks!

No, I didn't--although the potstickers and orange chicken were very tasty. :)

Hannah: Thanks!

Well, it goes on for 15 days--you've got plenty of time to get them to everyone!

Holly: Thank you!

Shaynie: Thanks!

Donea: Cool. :)

Thank you!

Kindros: Thanks!

I'm a Capricorn, and a Rat--does that mean anything? :P

Lee: Thanks!

Sesame chicken's my favorite--along with egg/spring rolls and lo mein noodles.

Who needs an excuse to have Chinese food? :D

Angie: Thank you!

The Golden Eagle said...

Alex: Really? Well, now you know! :)

Ali: Thanks!

Brian: Thank you!

Aleta: Thanks!

Cool--I'll watch for it! :)

Michael: Thank you! :)

Nicole: Thanks!

Me, too.

Wendy: Thanks!


Jen: It certainly was for us! I hope you got to eat some Chinese food last night. :)

I wonder if there are any other snakes here?

Elaine: Thank you! :)

Old Kitty: LOL. :D

Nah, her ears are just the right size.

Same to you!

Susan: Thanks!

It's easy to forget--not something a lot of people think about (at least in this part of the world.)

Caroline: Thanks! :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Emily: I sure think so. :D

Thank you!

Talei: Yes, it is! :)

Jules: Thank you!

You can find out here if you want to.

Beth: Thanks!

Tricia: Thank you! :)

Vicki: Thanks!

Madeline: Really? Awesome--I'm the same!

Alison: That does sound like a lot of fun! :)

Madeleine: The Cat and the Rabbit are the same, aren't they? It's just a matter of translation.

According to Wikipedia, rabbits are: "Gracious, good friend, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, amiable, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, shy, astute, compassionate, lucky, flexible. Can be moody, detached, superficial, self-indulgent, opportunistic, stubborn."

The "gracious, good friend, kind, elegant, astute, compassionate" part definitely applies to my mom. :)

Alison: Thank you!

I still have to do it myself--good for you on getting around to all the Crusaders!

The Golden Eagle said...

I didn't reply to you in order in the last comment by accident, so if you don't see yourself in the same order with the other commenters in my previous comment, check this one.

Misha: Thank you!

Pk: Thanks!

Madeleine: Nice to see you again! :)

Actually, it's my mom who's the Rabbit.

L. Diane: Thanks!

Nicole: Thank you! :)

W.B.: Thanks!

Margo: Thank you!

Heather: Yes, I was--I don't remember any of it, though. I was only 16 months when my mom adopted me and I came over to the USA.

Sharon: Thanks! :)

Maria: Thanks!


Hart: That's an interesting mix! :)


Orchid said...

Happy New Year! My mom and one of my sisters are also from the year of the rabbit (I can't recall what I am though). ^_^

Tony Benson said...

Happy New Year! Sorry I'm a bit tardy in replying, I've been away for a couple of days.

The Golden Eagle said...

Orchid: Thanks!

Two Rabbits? Cool. :)

Tony: Thank you!

No problem--I do that too. It can be nice to get away from the blogs for a time.