17 March, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Whenever there is happiness
Hope you'll be there too,
Wherever there are friendly smiles
Hope they'll smile on you,
Whenever there is sunshine,
Hope it shines especially for you to make each day
For you as bright as it can be.

-Irish Blessing

And yes, I'm wearing green. :) Are you?

-----The Golden Eagle


li said...

Nope. No green. I'm hoping to be pinched...such is the current dreariness of my social life ;)

Caroline said...

Love that poem! :) Happy St. Patty's day to you too :) I'm wearing a light green scarf...but my shirt is like hot pink. I'm sure I'm breaking some kind of St. Patrick's Day rule here. :)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

happy st patrick's day! love the snoopy pic!

Theresa Milstein said...

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day. I'm wearing my Celtics t-shirt - Kevin Garnett #5 Irish socks/made in Ireland - green with sheep on them. And I had a green coat on when I went out.
That's all the green I even own.

Jules said...

Happy St Pat's! and I have on a Blue KY wildcat shirt with green socks :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Heather said...

Happy St. Patrick's day to you too! I loved the Irish blessing. Of course I'm wearing green, I am Irish after all. ;)

Larissa said...

I'm wearing green! Adorable Snoopy btw.

Tony Benson said...

Lovely poem. Happy St Patrick's Day. Not wearing green though even though my family came from Ireland.

Sun Singer said...

I'm wearing enough green to be able to claim I'm wearing green.

Janet Johnson said...

We just finished our green lunch at pre-school: grapes, green kool-aid, pickles, green chips, and green-frosted cookies. :)

Summer Ross said...

Happy St pattys Day! I'm not wearing green but I'm Irish so I don't get pinched- LOL

Nicole MacDonald said...

Green striped socks!! Happy St Patties day :)

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L.G.Smith said...

Just got back from getting coffee downtown. There was a guy in a kilt playing bagpipes on the street corner. Kind of wish he was there a little more often. Made me smile.

Jade said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you, too! I just realized I'm wearing green but did not plan it. Beautiful Irish blessing...:)

Sarah Allen said...

Oops, no green. I might have to pinch myself.

(my creative writing blog)

Tere Kirkland said...

Does olive green count? I realized last weekend that I have no kelly green in my wardrobe. Must remedy that immediately! ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Donea Lee said...

I AM wearing green! (two days in a row...I forgot - but, glad I had another green shirt!) The Irish Blessing is lovely ~ :) Thanks for sharing and Happy SPD to you!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Crap, forgot the green. Okay, I don't own anything green!

Robyn Campbell said...

Eating tons of Irish food. And listening to some beautiful music. Thanks Eagle. Happy Saint Paddy's Day. :)

Holly Ruggiero said...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too.

N. R. Williams said...

So sweet.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium, Special .99 through April 30

Colene Murphy said...

Happy St Patrick's Day to you!

Old Kitty said...

I'm eating greens - hope that counts!! :-)

Happy St Patrick's Day to you lovely Golden Eagle - thanks for the gorgeous Irish blessing! Take care

junebug said...

I'm not wearing green but I'm not leaving the house. I live in Savannah which is currently busting with more people than usual. It is scary out there.

Helen Ginger said...

I am not wearing green, alas. I hadn't even realized it as St. Patrick's Day until I got online. I had thought it was Saturday when I'm going to a St. Pat's potluck.

Elaine AM Smith said...

Happy St Patrick's Day :D
I'm rocking with the whole white leggings, green dress and orange hoody look. What can I say? ;) I was born in Ireland.

Lynda R Young said...

I don't own a lot of green...so I wore green underwear...lol...too much info? ;)

Erin Kane Spock said...

Yep, I'm wearing green, though I was really impressed with one of my students for having the background knowledge to wear orange.
Happy St. Paddy's day!

The Words Crafter said...

You found Snoopy!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! And yep, shamrock earrings and socks, and a green work shirt (with daycare's name on it).

Hannah Kincade said...

I was wearing green but completely on accident! Good thing I'm already Irish so I don't really have to worry about it. :D

Happy St. Patty's!

Shelley said...

Nice poem, and no I forgot to wear my green today! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too! :)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I wore green beads and ate green ice cream. I laughed a lot with my best friend about younger days when we drank lime vodka on St. Patty's.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Yup. I'm wearing a green shirt and I baked soda bread and am on my way to a friend's for dinner. Happy St. Pat's to you, too!

Charles Gramlich said...

and the same back at you.

Anonymous said...

I am not wearing green. Been under the weather and kinda grouchy so I'm in a Bah Humbug mood. But just opened a bottle of red wine and should be feeling better soon.

Scarlett Clay said...

This was the first St Patty's ever that I didn't wear green, and man can my kids pinch hard! lol :)
Thanks for stopping by earlier.

Michelle in a shell said...

Ah, those Irish always have lovely blesings to go around

Carol Kilgore said...

Hope your St. Paddy's was perfect.
Happy Friday!

ali said...

Aw, I love that! Yes I wore green AND talked in an Irish accent all day! (well, except when I went to crit group where I just couldn't keep it going, lol)

The Golden Eagle said...

Li: Well, I hope you had fun. ;)

Caroline: Thank you!

LOL. I'm sure it looks great. :D

Carrie: Thanks!

Glad you like the Snoopy pic!

Theresa: Thank you! I hope you had a great SPD. :)


I don't own much green, either. Just two tee-shirts!

Jules: Thanks!

Sounds great. :D

Heather: Thanks!

Glad you liked the blessing!

My mom's family is, too.

Larissa: I won't have to pinch you, then. ;)

Tony: Thank you!

Malcolm: LOL. Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!

Janet: That's a lot of green . . . :D

The Golden Eagle said...

Summer: Thanks!

Backup, huh? ;D

Nicole: Awesome!


L. G.: There aren't enough things like that.

Hope you had a great St. Patrick's! :)

Jade: Thank you!

It's all good, then. ;)

Sarah: Not Irish, either?

Tere: Well, I think it does. :D


Donea: Hooray! ;)

Thank you!

Alex: Thanks!

Ack, you didn't wear green?! But I guess you've got an excuse. ;)

Robyn: I listened to music as well, and ate soda bread. :D


Holly: Thank you!

The Golden Eagle said...

Nancy: Glad you liked it. :)

Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!

Colene: Thank you!

Old Kitty: It counts! :)

You're welcome for the blessing!


Junebug: I hope it calms down, soon! Busy places--I don't like them either. :P

Helen: Then there's always Saturday, right? :)

Elaine: Thank you!

LOL. I'm sure it's great outfit. :D

Lynda: Well . . . I kinda wore green underwear, too.

(No, I'm not kidding!)

Erin: Cool. :)

Thank you!

The Words Crafter: Can't celebrate without Snoopy! :D

Awesome. :) I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!

Hannah: There are a lot of Irish bloggers, it seems. :D


The Golden Eagle said...

Shelley: I won't pinch you. ;)


Susan: Green ice cream? Mmm. :D

I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!

Tricia: Sounds great! I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day.


Charles: Thank you! :)

Stephen: I hope you feel better!

Scarlett: I wouldn't want to face the wrath of little kids . . . LOL.

You're welcome! I'm glad I stopped by.

Michelle: They do. :)

Carol: I hope you had a great one!

You too! :)

Ali: LOL. I love Irish accents. :D