09 March, 2011

A Song Written By Me

To be sung to the tune of "Let It Snow":

All the snow outside is frightful,
And some sun would be delightful
Oh, how I wish there was grass to mow,
Don't let it snow, don't let it snow, don't let it snow!

It doesn't show signs of stopping,
And there's no corn for popping
The T V volume's down low,
No more snow, no more snow, no more snow!

The weather outside is wintry
And we're trying not to freeze
It really is white and snowy
Sunshine is much preferred, oh please!

The Internet is finally dying,
And cell phone reception is nil
But as long as we've got each other,
I don't feel like I've gone through the mill!

No more snow, no more snow, no more snow!


My friends, I'm off to Broadway! Surely I have a career in songwriting, don't you think?


Ah well. I can always spin stories instead. ;)

-----The Golden Eagle
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Michael Di Gesu said...

Very fun, Golden.

I know how you feel. I escaped the snowy tundra last week and I am enjoying the sunny weather in Florida/

NO More snow....

Palm trees and sandy beaches....YAY!

Mary Vaughn said...

Boy do I hear you. Ice, snow, rain, floods, rain again and now more snow. Whoopee!
Never thought I'd be wishing to pull weeds.

N. R. Williams said...

LOL, I so agree with that. If I had my way, it would snow only in December and only the week of Christmas and then it would magically be spring.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium, Special .99 through April 30

Charles Gramlich said...

This 'almost' reminds me of another song. Someone must have stolen your tune. ;)

L. said...

Sending you some of the crocuses that have popped up recently here near DC...

Jules said...

ROFL,I hear you. We went from snow to ran. Thank goodness I own a canoe :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

KatieO said...

LOL, thanks for the smile this morning! I agree - sunshine would be lovely!

Hannah Kincade said...

LOL, I'm so tired of winter right now. It's currently snowing...AGAIN! ARgh!

Michael Offutt said...

We got a ton of snow here too. Where do you live? Anywhere near Utah?

Caroline said...

What a beautiful song. *wipes tears while applauding as hard as I can* :D Here in the south it's starting to feel more like spring...but I used to live in the Midwest and the winter there felt ENDLESS, so I can commiserate! :)

Holly Ruggiero said...

So true. I love winter but I like being warm too.

Anonymous said...

I love and miss the snow, having been born and raised in Michigan. At least I can look at the pictures and reminisce!

Margo Benson said...

Sending you happy, sunny daffodils :-)

ali said...

Ha! That was awesome fun. :) I have crocuses blooming in my garden, so spring can't be too far off!

❉βrooke said...

Ah, my poor friend. I'd rather take snow than the panic I just went through. A tornado warning our area from when I woke up to around 11:30 AM. Sirens were sounding everywhere, frightened people, a house was destroyed... but it passed us. Now it's going to where my friend lives :o

mist of the blossom rain said...

Ha ha! A good way to express your feelings. That song's gonna win an award, I am sure of it!

Out on the prairie said...

It is nearing its end. I am seeing lots of migratory birds coming through going north.I counted 27 bald eagles on their way north in just one tree.

Talei said...

Awesome song! And I love that first photo. ;-)

Lynda R Young said...

lol, that was great fun. And I loved the snow pics.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I can feel the emotion behind your tune. I think it would be a big hit in my area of the country.

Angie said...

Cute. I feel just the same!

Liz said...

What is this snow of which you speak? It is considered a bad thing?

Clarissa Draper said...

You do have a career in song writing! I love that song and your words flow so well. That's a lot of snow.

Heather said...

Oh no! LOL! Sorry to hear you're getting buried. Grab a snowboard or a set of skis and make the best of it! I wouldn't head off to broadway just yet. ;)

Budd said...

The snow has finally melted here. Hopefully we don't get any more before it warms up for good.

Old Kitty said...

Andrew Lloyd Webber, watch out!!! There's a beautiful Golden Eagle about!!!!!

Yay!!!!!! This is BRILLIANT!!! Yay!!

Please take extra care and keep warm!! Take care

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think it's excellent!

Alleged Author said...

HAHAHA! I like you song waaay better!

Sun Singer said...

Nice sentiment for March. :-)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Very cute! Is that photo a current snow storm photo? YIKES!

Julie Musil said...

Oh, that's so fun! You must live in a snowy place, huh? Then I won't tell you about our day today in Los Angeles. I couldn't survive a real winter.

Trisha said...

Wow, that snow tree pic at the top is beautiful!

I'm jealous of everybody's snow, we never get any where I live ;)

taio said...


Jayne said...

Hee! Perfect - I was singing along. :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Michael: Thanks!

Wish I was in Florida right now! Glad to hear you're enjoying it. :)

Mary: I like mowing the grass, actually (as mentioned in the song). And it's better than months of snow. I don't mind some white in December, but beyond January . . . nah. :P

Nancy: I don't mind snow for a while, but over 2 months of the stuff is too much!

Charles: The gall!

LOL. I hope Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne don't mind I snatched their tune.

L.: Thank you! :)

Jules: There's a flood watch here, too--and it's raining as I speak. Er, type. ;)

Katie: You're welcome!

Hannah: I hope you get some sunshine!

Michael: Hope you don't get anymore, then. :P


Caroline: Thank you! ;D

Lucky! I hope you get more good weather.

The Golden Eagle said...

Holly: I don't mind the cold--it's just the repetition. :P

Stephen: I'd miss snow, too, if I lived in a place where there wasn't any. But it does get old after a while. :P

And there are some great pictures online!

Margo: Thank you! :D

Ali: Glad you enjoyed!

Nothing except mud, snow, and rain here. *hopes for better weather and flowers*

Brooke: My gosh. I'm so glad you're okay! I hope your friend is, too . . .?

Compared to a tornado, the damage from snow doesn't look like much.

Emily: LOL. I wish. ;)

Out on the prairie: Good to hear! :)

27 bald eagles? Wow. I've seen a bald eagle around here a few times, but that's it.

Talei: Thank you! *takes a bow*

Lynda: I'm glad you enjoyed them!

Susan: I captured the drama and suffering and misery well, didn't I? ;) Just kidding.

Angie: Thanks!

Hope you get some spring weather!

Liz: Ah yes, snow. Precipitation within Earth's atmosphere in the form of crystalline water ice and which falls from clouds.


The Golden Eagle said...

Clarissa: Why, thank you! ;D

There was over a foot of it a few days ago. It's starting to melt though--hurray!

Heather: I don't know how to ski . . . or snowboard. I've never done either. :P

Budd: Hope it stays warm where you are!

Old Kitty: Cats is actually one of my favorite shows. :D

Thank you!

Alex: Thanks! :)

Alleged Author: I'm glad you like it!

Malcolm: I hope it's warmer where you are!

Sharon: Not of one around here. It's just a random photo I pulled off of Google Images. :P

The Golden Eagle said...

Julie: Kinda . . . LOL.

Trisha: I wouldn't mind sending it to you, if I could! Spread the snow around and all. ;)

Taio: Hi there!

Jayne: I have succeeded in my goal, then! :D

Shelley said...

Haha, cool song! :) I totally agree!

Budd said...

It is cold again but mid 30's is much more doable than mid 20's. It means rain instead of snow. I shouldn't have to refill my heating oil again for the year, thank the Lord for that.

Michelle Merrill said...

That's awesome! Sorry you have so much snow. We are getting a ton of rain...and I'm about done with it too.

Watch out Broadway, here comes the Golden Eagle :)

Susan Kane said...

Snow is great for looking at, preferably on TV, on the weather channel. Lived in Illinois, now in So. California. Good 'singing'! :)

L'Aussie said...

Surely it's not still snowing over there! Man. How cruel. We're in autumn, the best time of year here.

I think I saw the eagle voted for my Race story. If that was so, thank the eagle for moi! Some great stories.


The Words Crafter said...

This was fantastic! And hilarious :))

AllMyPosts said...

Probably you guys enjoyed snow and got fed up of it. I never saw it and am actually looking forward to play in snow.

Want to make snowmen and snowballs and all such......

This looks like a poem bro!! Not song!!! (sorry for that)

with warm regards

Rebecca Bradley said...

What a stunning first photo!

Simon Kewin said...

Heh, heh, excellent. Now the song is going round in my head! Sorry to say, but it's a beautiful spring day here in the UK ...

The Golden Eagle said...

Shelley: Thanks! :)

Budd: It's around that temperature today. Although the lawn's partly flooded and the neighbors' lawn is a miniature lake due to all the water. :P

Michelle: Thank you! :)

Hope the rain stops!


Susan: I wouldn't mind being in SoCal right now. :D

Denise: Yup, it was snowing--and now it's raining and flooding. :P

Autumn in Australia sounds nice!

I did vote for you. :) Your story was awesome!

The Words Crafter: Thank you! :)

Abhishek: I did enjoy it during December, and part of January--it's just that there's been so much snow this winter it gets repetitive.

It goes with the tune of the song "Let It Snow", so I called it a song. :P I could work as poem, though.

Rebecca: I love those kinds of shots. :)

Simon: Thank you!

Jealous here! I wish we were having beautiful weather . . . glad it's nice where you are, though!

Deborah Walker said...

That's a wonderful take. It's kinda warm here in London. Could Spring be here?

The Golden Eagle said...

Thanks, Deborah! :)

I hope spring stays with you there in London!

Elena Solodow said...

I know I'm a bit belated, but this was GREAT! We're finally all melted out by me. Hopefully it's looking a little brighter, wherever you are.