06 March, 2011

The Answers To Your Questions

Last week was my blogoversary, and I decided to celebrate by having readers ask me questions--so here are my answers!


Jemi Fraser:

What's the best book you've read this year?

I have a lot of trouble picking favorites . . . especially when it comes to books. But one really good Young Adult Science Fiction novel I read was Cherry Heaven by L. J. Adlington. The plot, setting, and characters were fantastic.

The Words Crafter:

How in the world do you make it around to comment on so many blogs every day?

I don't use Google Reader, that's for sure. Despite all the support it's been getting recently with all the Crusading, (Rachael Harrie wrote a very helpful post on it--I was completely befuddled before and now I know how it works) I really don't like it. Most of the time I look through posts on the Dashboard, working my way through a certain number of hours or skimming to see if certain bloggers have posted. Or I just use my blogroll.

Deniz Bevan:

Did you see that post TH Mafi did the other day of her daily schedule? What's your schedule like?

No, I didn't see the post--but as for my schedule, it's get up, eat breakfast, schoolwork, writing, schoolwork, maybe some more writing if there's time, lunch, the homeschooling equivalent of P.E., blogging, writing, and I've got dance on Wednesdays. Also, the schedule changes a lot as new things crop up.

(By schoolwork I mean all the subjects I cover in homeschooling. Math, science, history/social studies, language, English, etc. . . .)

Edith F.:

What is your favorite flavor of toothpaste?

Well, it's not mint. (I hate mint.) Most of the time I'm forced to use it simply because it's one of the few flavors that's out there, but if I could choose my favorite is probably cherry. (Hey, it tastes good at the dentist's.)


What do you like best about blogging?

Posting and reading comments. :)

And/or What is your favorite lesson you've learned through blogging?

Think before you speak!

Janet Johnson:

What has helped you the most with writing?

Besides a keyboard and word processor, one of the things that has helped me the most is discovering all the information out there online. Before I started reading about writing, I had no idea what a character arc was, how to write a first chapter, the difference between showing and telling, things about publishers and agents and the whole getting-the-book-onto-the-shelf business--a lot of the details that can make a huge amount of difference.

Nicki Elson:

What have you learned about blogging that you wish you would've known in the first month?

People actually read what you're posting, even if your blog is relatively small. (As mine was for a while after I started blogging.) I probably wouldn't have said some of the things I said if I had thought about that . . . I don't object to some controversy, but I get the impulse to delete some of my previous posts whenever I look back and read them.


What's been the most challenging part about blogging for you?

Networking! It takes a lot of time and some energy to get around to all those blogs. But it's also fun. :)


Has reading all these blogs and author interviews/guest posts, etc made you want to try your hand at writing?

Nope! I was writing even when I didn't know people blogged about it--probably because I hadn't read the horror stories at that point. LOL.

Just kidding about the horror stories (although I have read some unfortunate occurrences with the publishing process especially) but I have been churning out words for a while.

Have you had a blogging slump? If so, how did you push past it.

Writing, and getting outside. Exercise helps me think a lot of time.

Arlee Bird:

Now that you know about establishing a platform with your blog do you feel like you are doing that?

Yes, I do. I feel like I've got a substantial platform (400+ is a whole lot more than I ever expected) and I try to increase it with the Crusades and other events like that--including the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Still trying to get around to all the bloggers participating!

Oh! And also, Old Kitty and L'Aussie both wondered what the "cbox" I mentioned in my post is. It's the green chatbox-thing on my right sidebar, beneath my button and the Crusader mention. Across from the "Need A Button?" text. People can leave messages and chat in it, if there are other bloggers on at the same time. (Which you can tell by the little black-and-red icon above.)


Thank you all for asking questions! It was a lot of fun answering them, and I hope you enjoyed the post.

Is there anything else you bloggers would like to know about me? :)

-----The Golden Eagle


mist of the blossom rain said...

These posts are so much fun! May you have 400 more followers.

Old Kitty said...

Aha!!! The Cbox is explained!! Thank you!!!

OH I cannot stand google reader but am slowing getting used to it - I still prefer dashboard though!

Great Q&A!!! "Think before you speak" - so so so so true!!! One of the best rules ever especially now when commenting/reviewing etc are such an easy and instant thing that everyone and anyone can do. Sometimes I read reviews on amazon/online newspapers etc and I think that the commentator's not thought through a comment as they just read as gut/reflex reactions masking as opinions. No critical thinking involved. Like some of the YouTube comments. Have you read some of them?!?! Awful and hurtful!

Ok, I shall stop ranting now. I blame the painkillers I'm taking for my flu-ey illness!! Ahem.!

Take care

Ricky said...

Dashboard wins every time for me.

Jade said...

What a great, informative post! "Think before you speak" will be my new mantra. Thanks for this.

Elaine AM Smith said...

Great post. Think before you speak! That is the greatest lesson. I can see everyone could see the essential truth in that.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Think before you speak is an important lesson!

The Words Crafter said...

It still amazes me that you're able to write and visit all the blogs you do, with all of your school work.

You have an incredible work ethic and it's already paying off. Your future is a bright one!

Charles Gramlich said...

I do use Google reader. It's not perfect but it helps somewhat. I have so many blogs I like to visit but sometimes it seems a full time job.

Deniz Bevan said...

Thanks for answering all our questions!

Mason Canyon said...

It's always fun learning more about you. Congrats on the 400-plus followers.

Thoughts in Progress

Edith F. said...

Interesting you don't like mint (and I'm wondering if that means actual mint or patented-fake minty flavor ; ). I like toothpaste that tastes like baking soda, though I seldom get it. Some people hate it but it might be worth a try. It's more commonly available as a mint alternative...

Your schedule sounds like fun.

Observatory of the Quotidian

Misha said...

Happy Blogiversary!

It was interesting to learn more about you.

I used to use the dashboard, but it won't let me follow more than 300 blogs. So I had to change to reader, but lately, it doesn't seem to be working like it should. :-/

Have a great week. :-)

Beth said...

Great answers and you're right 400 is a really good number! I wish I could get there. You're doing a great job at building a platform.

Beth said...

Great answers and you're right 400 is a really good number! I wish I could get there. You're doing a great job at building a platform.

Beth said...

Great answers and you're right 400 is a really good number! I wish I could get there. You're doing a great job at building a platform.

....Petty Witter said...

Some great questions and answers, I especially liked your reply to what is your favourite lesson learnt through bloging.

The question I'd like to ask?

What is the one thing guarenteed to put you off a book?

Janet Johnson said...

Loved your answers. And "Thank before you speak" . . . one of my favorite reminders. Wish more people did that (including me sometimes!)

And aren't the blogs great for learning about all the facets of writing?

The Golden Eagle said...

Emily: I'm glad you enjoy them! :)

Thank you!

Old Kitty: You're welcome! I'm sorry if I confused you--I just use it so often I'm used to knowing what it is. :P

I might be forced into Google Reader after a while--the Dashboard had started acting up and refusing to load since I'm following so many people . . .

I've read some nasty stuff, too--and especially, it seems, on YouTube. I don't know why that site would be a particular target, but it is.

Feel free to rant! I don't mind. :)

Ricky: Huzzah! Another Dashboard user.

Jade: I'm glad you liked it!

You're welcome. :)

Elaine: Thank you!

Especially online. Really, you never know who's reading what and when.

Alex: Agreed!

The Words Crafter: I usually have at least a few hours, more if I get things done in the morning and in the early afternoon.

Thank you! I'm not the most organized, scheduled person, but I do try to keep to something resembling a daily routine.

Charles: I don't like having to filter the posts into different folders, at least to the point where I don't have to do a lot of endless scrolling--if someone has an interesting post I hate missing it because I wasn't looking in the right place. On the Dashboard it's all there.

Deniz: You're very welcome! :)

Mason: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

The Golden Eagle said...

Edith: Both. I don't like the plant or the artificial flavored stuff. (Although the plant is slightly better. :P)

I've never heard of that kind of toothpaste--I don't think any of the local stores have it. :(

Most of the time, it is. Some days I feel a bit cramped, but I usually get around to doing most of what I have to.

Misha: Thank you!

It doesn't? I way over that number and it still works for me. When I'm logged on, if I click the "Add" button the bottom it gives me the 300 rule but not if I click on the "Follow" button most people have on the actual blog itself. (Usually on the sidebar/navbar.)

Beth: Thank you!

I'm sure you will! It took me some networking (not to mention time) but it is definitely possible to get into the hundreds. :)

Tracy: Thank you!

And it doesn't just apply to blogging, either; something I have to keep in mind more.

Hmmm! I would have to say a bad plot. I don't care if the characters are the best-formed out there--if the plot isn't strong, then I really won't like the book.

Janet: Thanks!

And me. :P

It is! I've certainly learned a lot from blogging.

Brian said...

You did a great job with the questions and answers. Now you know what some of your readers have been thinking!

Holly Ruggiero said...

Maybe we should start a movement for more flavors of toothpaste. There really aren’t any to speak of.

M Pax said...

Exercise helps me, too. Wish there was a better choice than Dashboard or Google reader.

Lydia K said...

Those were some great questions and answers. I also struggle with trying to maintain my blogging and visiting other bloggers.

One thing is for sure, you have a great thing going on here.


Alleged Author said...

It really is amazing the amount of information we have at our fingertips now. I cannot imagine trying to research like authors did long ago before the internet! Great answers!

Clarissa Draper said...

Blogging and networking is difficult. I find it so hard, especially when I'm in my writing phase. I just want to keep writing and that takes me away from my blogging. Great answers.

Carol Kilgore said...

Think before you speak.
You're a very wise woman.

N. R. Williams said...

Interesting. I've made a decision to take Thursday - Sunday off from much blogging and only visit those who comment on my blog. This is because we are moving and there are things to do and because I need time to write. So I'm sorry I missed your ask a question post.

My question: How do you choose the books you read? Do you have an e-reader? Just curious, I don't have one yet.
N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

Rachel Morgan said...

Interesting comment about the toothpaste, cos that cherry/strawberry stuff they use at the dentist actually makes me want to throw up!
I don't like mint sweets, but I like mint in toothpaste :-)

Heather said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing these with us. I love your method of commenting on blogs. I'm not a big fan of google reader either.

Tony Benson said...

Interesting answers. You say "Think before you speak" - yes, it's easy to forget that even if you delete a post immediatly after publishing it, it still shows up in everyone's blog reader (Google reader or whatever). Nothing that goes onto the internet is ever truly deleted!

Donea Lee said...

Happy blogoversary!!! I love the Q&A posts. Always great to learn some things about the wonderful bloggers in this awesome blogging community! Thanks ~ :)

The Golden Eagle said...

Brian: Thank you! :)

It is good to know what my readers are thinking--I like to know what's on their mind and be able to post/comment on it.

Holly: A MTF (More Toothpaste Flavors) movement or something like that? I'd certainly be a member!

M: Something that was bigger, for one thing. I like the size of Google Reader and the way it takes up a lot of the screen as opposed to Dashboard's little window, but neither is the best it could be.

Lydia: It's difficult, especially when there are so many people (I can't imagine how you manage over 700!).

Thank you!

Alleged Author: It must have been so hard for people who didn't have Internet as a tool. My mom tells me it used to be true--but it's hard to comprehend when you've grown up with it. :P


Clarissa: I agree. Most of the time, if I feel like writing, I'll take a break and post about the fact I've decided to write. At least then people will know why I'm absentee.

Thank you!

Carol: Thank you. :)

Nancy: That makes sense; blogging does take a lot of time.

I hope your move goes smoothly!

I'll answer that (and Tracy's question) next Sunday. :)

Rachel: Really? I like the stuff. :P

Heather: You're welcome!


Tony: Very true. For example: I've accidentally posted before, clicking "publish" when I meant to delete and suddenly two posts were out there and showing up on people's blogrolls. I couldn't undo that.

Donea: Thank you!

I'm glad you enjoyed this post. :)

Misha said...

Happy Blogoversary!
It was great reading more about you :)
I've not heard about Cherry Heaven, but I will be adding it to my TBR.
"Think before you speak" is an important lesson.

Great post!

The Golden Eagle said...

Thank you, Misha! :) I'm glad you liked the post. It was fun answering everyone's questions!

It's a great book.


Regina said...

What a great question and answer session. I have used both dashboard and Google reader. I think with Google reader I feel so behind because it tells me how many blogs are posted that I have not read yet.

You are truly amazing with all that you do. An incredible inspiration. I think we are all woke up by the phrase "Think before you speak" and not enough people do enforce this.

Great post, thank you!

The Golden Eagle said...


I don't mind that--I just don't like the way the folders are so hard to keep track of, and I despise missing posts. :P

Thank you so much for the compliment!

You're very welcome. :)