05 August, 2010


Thanks everyone! You're all so awesome. Believe me, I love reading comments, messages on the cbox, and I enjoy reading your blogs. :)

I've made a list of all of my followers and put in the links that I know of from profiles and blogs I follow, since I did it for the last time I reached a multiple of ten and thought I may as well do it again. You guys certainly deserve it!


-----The Golden Eagle


Julie said...


Wow, thanks! This had to take forever to link each person. Super Kudos for you!

Katie Krinkleberry :) said...

Congrats on getting 50 followers! You deserve it.

Golden Eagle said...

Julie: Actually, I just had to add ten links since the last 40 didn't change. I've done posts like this one before, so I just added the newer followers. :)

Katie: Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Golden Eagle!!!

I have a question...why are you known as the Golden Eagle? ;) Do you like them? Just curious. :)

Jaquelyn Mace said...

NIIIICE EAGLE!! I am so glad I followed your blog!It's so awesome !

Emileigh Latham said...

Congratulations!!! You are so worth it!

Kenzy said...

Congratulations, GE! <33 *sigh* And I remember when your blog had eleven followers. *nods to everyone else* Yeah, uhuh, the Golden Eagle and I go way back, yeah. XD Jk.

You're awesome, Golden Eagle! :D

Golden Eagle said...

Shaynie: I really like eagles. :) They're one of my favorite animals. I also wanted a name that was . . . different. :P

Jayden Black: Thanks! Your blog is awesome too. :D

Memzie: Glad you think so!

KENZY: Yup, we do go pretty far back, don't we? LOL. =D