11 August, 2010

Tagged By Shimmer! (Another Writing Tag! Yay!)

Check out Shimmer's blog HERE! This tag is called MY Story.

1. Hello there! Introduce yourself!
Mah name tis be THE GOLDEN EAGLE. *dramatic entrance* TADA!


Right. Um, yeah, so that wasn't the most enthusiastic welcome! I'll do it again--


FINE! Be like that!

2. Wonderful! Now, what is your story called?

3. Cool! What's the main plot about?
War. Politics. Life. Freedom. Democracy. Dictatorship. Human rights.

4. Awesome. Who is your favorite good guy in your story?
Good "guy"? Um, most of the guys in my story happen to be generals . . . oh! There's always Kalsper! He's smart, pragmatic, sensible, pessimistic . . . has brown hair, brown eyes, a little-over-average-height.

5. Favorite baddie?
Neodvisni! Definitely. I write about him a lot.

6. Okay, make up a character right now! Use this chart:
1. Name: Vasilis.

2. Age status (Like Teen, young adult, kid, ect.): 29.

3. Gender: Male.

4. Kin: Kin . . .? Um, dad, mom, sister, sister, brother. I'm assuming that's what you mean.

5. Species: Homo Sapiens.

6. Bio: Um, well, in the Marines and saves his convoy using bravery and a whole lot of smarts. :)

Sorry. Military on the brain from searching a few things . . .

7.  Have you ever dreamed of making a sequel? What would be its name?
To my book? YES! It would be called something like . . . Superlative or Aspiration. Along those lines.

8. Well, I gots to go! See ya! But wait! Tag 3 people!
I tag . . . 

I think most of the other writers I know are already taken. :)

-----The Golden Eagle