06 August, 2010

Tagged Again!

By Icewolf!

Fire and ice? Shadow or light? Which combination?
Ice and light. I want to make the world sparkle right now!
How often to you feel the urge to fly?
Sometimes when I'm walking and I see birds and planes and other things in the air I feel like rising up along with them. *sighs* Wish I could . . .
Yugi-oh or Pokemon?
After having read Icewolf's Yugi-oh posts, I'm leaning toward Yugi . . . 
Card games, puzzles, or board games?
I don't play games all that often . . . but I guess puzzles or card games. I'm wicked at crazy 8s. :D
Mazes on paper or you in the maze?
Me in the maze if I can send up a flare and get help if I get lost.
Typing or writing?
Typing! I almost always type out my stories first.
Ice cream or cookies?
Ice or fire?
Ice. :)
Dragons or griffins.
Aww! I love both creatures, buuuuut . . . dragons. Sorry, griffins, but I just don't like you as much as scaly, flying creatures.
Which seems more high on crack, the Neverending Story or Alice in Wonderland?
I've never watched The Neverending Story, though my library has it. I didn't really like the first Alice in Wonderland, (animated one) so I guess I'd have to say the latter.
Like this tag, iffy, or hate?


Oh, by the way. Weird, I know, but have you seen the Rated G thing at the bottom of my blog recently? Well, I put in my URL just to keep it current and I got a PG rating.

Me? PG? It apparently doesn't like the words "hell" and "death".

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Oh, well. At least it isn't R. :P

-----The Golden Eagle


Icewolf said...

*laughs* I'm PG too...but World of What-not is G. How does that happen?!

Yugi: 1
Pokemon: 0

Anonymous said...

My blog was rated PG-13!!!!! :0

It said:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* death (6x)
* bomb (1x)

Since when is death PG-13?!?

Brooke said...

Hello! I like this blog and am going to follow-it's pretty cool! Oh, and I tried the quiz (and posted the results on my blog) and it turns out my blog is... G-all audiences permitted! LOL! I just haven't used any 'mean words' I guess.


Golden Eagle said...

Icewolf: I don't know . . . maybe because most of the stuff is in comments, and it doesn't count that . . . ?

Shaynie: It gave you PG-13 because of death (6x)? That's really strange. Your blog is one of the cleanest out there.

Brooke: Thanks for following my blog, Brooke!

I'm following yours now. :)