20 August, 2010

Guinevere's Blog Party

In addition to being a blog party, this event is also part-giveaway, and it looks awesome! Basically, if you go over to Guinevere's blog and follow her blog, (there are other ways to get extra entries) you are entered into a giveaway for either a complete makeover at Robin Blogs, (first place), and extra at Inspired Designs, (second place), or an extra at The Boutique Window (third place).  I've checked out the sites--they have some great stuff!

Right. On with the Blog Party . . .

1. What has been your favorite part of summer so far?
Enjoying the sunshine!
2. What is your favorite part of autumn? 
All the holiday preparations and the colorful maple trees.
3. Raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens?
Raindrops on roses! Kittens are . . . well, they're cute, but then they grow up into cats and they're not-so-cute.
4. Describe your dream house.
Can't I have some time!? Oh well, I guess right now my dream house would be in the hills in a meadow with lots of trees and an excellent view of the stars. But it would have to be in a safe area, too.
5. What's your favorite movie?
That's tough. I like Harry Potter, though!
6. Quote something from the book you most recently read:
"If this isn't nice, what is?"--Timequake, but Kurt Vonnegut.
7. What do you like/not like about my blog?
I love love love the header, Guin! I love the crystals on the right side.
8. Rain or shine?
Shine! Though I love rain now and then . . .
9. The worst grammatical mistake, in your opinion:
"There so ---!" or "Their it is!"
10. If you had a choice, would you want to live: in the mountains, in a rainforest, on a prairie, or by the beach?
11. What character from a book would you say you are most like?
Oh, Katsa. I love Katsa!
12. Be constantly talking the rest of your life or not be able to communicate in any way for the rest of your life?
Be constantly talking. I'm sorry, it might sound like I'm trying to be annoying, but I want my views to get across!
13. Owl City or Switchfoot?
I've never listened to either . . . *looks sheepish*
14. Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez?
Ah, could you tell me who Selena Gomez is? 'Cause I certainly know who Taylor Swift is. Oh, hold on, I'll Google her . . . hmmm. She's one of the Barney kids! *ahem* Okay, okay . . . I guess Selena Gomez. I've never heard her though, so I'm just sort of randomly choosing. (Because I don't like Taylor Swift all that much.)
15. Your pet peeve?
Doing things unevenly. If I do something with my right hand, I get the urge to do it with my left hand. Good thing I'm fairly ambidextrous.
16. What's your favorite font?
Eurostile! Preferably bold.
17. How are you educated? (i.e. homeschooled, public schooled, private schooled)
Homeschooled, and proud of that fact!
18. Do you consider yourself tomboy-ish or feminine? 
I'd like to say I'm a tomboy, (although my mom says I'm more feminine) but that's playing to a stereotype. I've had enough dealings with stereotypes.
19. What's your favorite song?
Here I Am--Bryan Adams. I guess . . .
20. Did you enjoy answering these questions?
Yes I did, Guinevere Amoureaux!

-----The Golden Eagle


Caroline said...

I love "Here I am!" That soundtrack is amazing--especially when writing.:)

Nice answers!

Golden Eagle said...

Thank you! :)