25 August, 2010

The Four Winged Dinosaur

Microraptor is one cool . . . dinosaur-slash-bird. I mean, there aren't any animals with wings on their hinds legs and certainly not ones that glide like flying squirrels. And they don't look like anything from our time, either, with a dinosaur-like beak, a long tail, and four wings.

Dinosaurs are not what you usually think of when you think of the origin of birds. They don't really look like birds in, say, Jurassic Park or in the typical T. Rex image, but dinosaurs did have feathers. And now there's evidence that Microraptor may just have been the divergent point in evolution where dinosaurs and birds branched off. Unless, of course, an earlier fossil with wings appears somewhere around the world . . .

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

If that doesn't load, go HERE. Pretty cool animal, eh?

Another hit for NOVA. :)

(Hmmm. Think I should change my name to "The Golden Microraptor"? JK. I like eagles just fine.)

-----The Golden Eagle


The Words Crafter said...

That was pretty cool!

Elliot Grace said...

...the theory of dinosaurs originating from birds, or vice versa I guess, is winning over many from the science field. Definitely makes one scratch their head and ponder whenever seeing a robin diving for an unfortunate worm in the back yard.
Nice read:)

Icewolf said...

Neatness. :D

Golden Eagle said...

The Words Crafter: :)

Elliot Grace: It does make you think about the birds in the backyard. And I suppose the worms will always be the unfortunate victims. :P

Icewolf: Definitely!