07 August, 2010

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4 Things found in my bag

Two books.
My cell phone.

4 Things found in my purse
I don't really use purses . . .

4 Favorite things in my room
The huge stack of books next to my bed. :D
My weaving loom. (I haven't used it in a while though . . .)
My library card. (I'd die without a library card! D'you know that Arthur song? No?

My embroidery project. Yes, I do embroider. Its got a tree, a deer, a bunny, and a bird in it.

4 Things I’ve always wanted to do
Get my book published. (Though I'd have to finish something first. I've only done short stories so far . . .)
Travel to Asia.
Use a a sword.
Become a scientist. (Well, maybe I haven't ALWAYS wanted to do this; but I've wanted to do related stuff for a while.)

4 Things I’m currently into
Writing like a maniac.
Running. (Which I used to be pretty bad at.)
Reading. (I've always loved reading.)

4 Things I bet you didn't know about me

[Gah. This type of thing again . . .]
I can knit!
I used to despise science fiction. Now I love it.
I like the smell of new tape. (You know, when you first tug on the green Scotch tape end and it slides out onto the edge of the dispenser . . . ?)
I don't like metropolitan areas. Ugh. Give me rural, but with an inexpensive grocery store accessible.

4 Songs I can’t get out of my head
[Technically, some of these are not songs. But it's music.]
Life in Technicolor II--Coldplay
The beginning of the PBS NewsHour. (At the start of it, when the images are flying across the screen.)
The music from the Boeing "That's why we're here" ads.
Ummm . . . can't think of any more titles.

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-----The Golden Eagle


Taylor said...

Thanks For doing this!!
Your answers are REALLY cool!


Caroline said...

Oh gosh! I happened to see that episode of Arthur a coupe of weeks ago...scary!! It was true, but still...*shivers.* LOL, I love Arthur. I used to watch it like every day.

Use a sword! Yes!!! I want to take fencing, so I can really understand what I'm writing about in my books.:)

(and if it's any consolation...my iPod is a Shuffle, too.:P)

Golden Eagle said...

Taylor: Why, thank you! And it was really fun to do. :D

Caroline: Me too! I'd get up in the mornings just to watch Arthur for several years . . . but I stopped recently. Maybe I should go back to watching it. :)

I know! I write about fighting but actually-in real life-know little about it.

You've got a Shuffle, too? Eesh. :P