10 August, 2010

Writing Tag

Really, how could I resist a writing tag?! It's right up my alley! I got it from Gwyn at A Celtic Cowgirl.

What do you write your stories on?
I type them out, even the first draft. I don't live using a pen or pencil, because I usually end up gripping the thing really, really tightly. One time I actually made the wood bend I was strangling it so much. :P

What is your favorite kind of character?
Sensible, occasionally humorous or dry, and able to face the truth of things without having a breakdown.

When you're asked what your story is about, what is your usual reaction?
SF. I always say SF.

What is your biggest writing pet peeve?
Hmmm . . . IDK.

What is the biggest turn-off for you when reading a book?
TOO MUCH ROMANCE. I can take--even like--some kissing, but the whole OMG I'LL DIE WITHOUT HIM just severely gets on my nerves.

Your favorite era in history?
3000. Presuming we're still around by then.

How many words on average do you punch out in one sitting? 
Over a thousand, usually . . . changes all the time though, since yesterday I did 630, and today I did 3330.

Are you a fast typist?
Does a word a second count as fast?

What do you do for inspiration?
Watch the news. No, I'm serious! The PBS News Hour is always inspirational in that I can learn about world affairs; my book is all about politics, war, and rebellion, which goes on daily right here and now. (I know it sounds sort of depressing . . . but it's not all like that.)

The truest writing quote you've ever heard:
I don't actually know many writing quotes off the top of my head . . . Maybe, Your First Draft is Always Going to Suck?

Does the font and page affect the way you write?
Does it EVER! I can't write with thin, scrawny fonts; I like BOLD. And WIDE. Which is why I love bold Eurostile in Word. Pages also can irritate me; I like having two pages in front of me when I'm typing.

Do you listen to music when you write?
Sometimes. If I'm pressed for inspiration and I'm not getting anything from other sources, I'll listen to classical, usually.

The rules are you have to add two questions when you do this! So, if you want to fill out this tag, go ahead!

-----The Golden Eagle
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Icewolf said...

awesome, a writing tag! What author could resist?!

Golden Eagle said...

An author whose gotten tired of writing?