18 December, 2010

Twisted Fairy Tale Blogfest: Skylar Brose

This post is part of Francine's Twisted Fairy Tale Blogfest!

(I went a little over the word count *ahem*)

My name is Skylar Brose.
   Never heard of me, right?
   Allow me to explain.
   During my coronation, a witch appeared. Think dangerous, and beautiful. She loomed over the event and cursed me, for she hadn’t been invited to the coronation, and that made rather furious.
   The curse was that I would prick my finger on a needle on my 26th birthday—the day that I can officially become heir to my father’s throne. Then I would fall into an everlasting sleep until the love of my life kissed me to wake me up.
   I don’t think so.
   My dad—the King, I might add—was enraged. He ranted and railed, and ordered the Secret Service and the CIA and the FBI to all go after the witch and shoot her dead.
   They found her all right, and she killed all the special ops that were thrown her way.
   Before you ask about the security, let me tell you I live in a modern age. There are spaceships, computers, hyperspace drives, and other technology you can’t even think of.
   I don’t know what I would do if there weren’t computers, and if I had to wear a corset. That’s what those idiot princesses wore, wasn’t it, back in the old days?
   But to the present.
   It’s the day of my 26th birthday, and I’m standing in a foyer near the door to a balcony.
   There are guards all around, specially trained against magic, and if I can just walk outside at the right time—exactly 26 years after I was born—I’ll have avoided the curse and can claim victory over the witch.
   I’m nervous. Today is, after all, the day that I’m supposed to prick myself on a needle and yada yada yada. Please. Let’s not get into the issue that I have positively no say in who Mr. Skylar Brose is going to be.
   “You okay, Skylar?”
   I turn around and face my friend, Karl Novikov. He smiles at my expression.
   “Fine. Dandy. I’m only supposed to collapse dead.”
   “And find your true love—“
   I manage to resist punching him. He’s one of my best soldiers; calm under pressure, decisive, etc., etc. That means I have to tolerate his insubordinate behavior.
   “I don’t plan on that,” I growl.
   “It doesn’t seem like you planned for much of what’s happened to you.”
   Karl seems sympathetic. I shrug.
   “You look smart,” he says next.
   I look down at my clothes. They're the usual black-and-silver that represents the monarchy's family.
   “Um, thanks,” I say, glancing out the balcony. My dad’s giving his classic “Today is a momentous day” speech which people always watch with enraptured expressions.
   Maybe they’re trying to be polite.
   “There are only a few minutes left.”
   “I know.” Karl’s right; there are only—hang on, let me check my watch—2:31 left to go before it’s been exactly 26 years to the minute, and I can finally attempt to break this curse.
   He steps closer. “If you do break the curse, what are you going to do afterwards?” His voice is quiet—soft, even.
   “My dad will probably start searching for suitable husbands.”
   I am not looking forward to meeting all those princes and whatever just so I can be married to one of them. And if any push too hard, I swear I’ll kick their butt. I am a Space Corps Captain, after all.
   “Oh,” Karl says, and he sounds . . . well, disappointed.
   I look at him closely.
   He’s handsome, and the fact strikes me in one second.
   I shift and almost turn away, but for some reason part of my brain is busy taking in every detail, like the way his hair falls across his forehead, the way the light reflects off his—gosh, I never realized how just how green—eyes, and the way his nose is slightly crooked. (I bet he broke it during training.)
   “Skylar,” he says, even more softly.
   Look. I’m a princess. It’s NOT protocol to be kissing people right before it’s announced you’re the heir to the throne.
   But before Karl (or I, actually) can make a move, the speech ends. My dad is walking toward the door that leads to the balcony, so he can gesture me outside. And so I can finally break the curse.
   I really like Karl. Seriously. In fact, I wouldn’t refuse him if he proposed. But you know, there’s a little catch—I’m about to be pricked by a needle. And the rest—well, you have the rest of this story memorized, don’t you?
   I hate to do it, but time is ticking, so I slowly reach up like I’m going to touch him—
   —And I knock him out.
   Karl slumps to the ground and my dad starts to open the door to the balcony.
   I whip a needle—oh, the irony—out of my pocket and jam it into a stun gun. The needle goes flying and hits my dad’s arm. He collapses, and from the outside, there’s a cry of horror.
   The guards in the room move fast, but not toward me. They haul the King’s unconscious self over to a chair and bind him to it firmly.
   I look down at Karl. He’s still handsome, lying like that . . .
   I haul him over to a chair. I don’t bind him, though, I just prop him against the back and arrange him so it looks like he fell asleep.
   A cloud of black smoke appears behind me. I turn around, and look at the witch who cursed me.
   “Well done,” she says, and turns into a teenage girl.
   “Would you remove the curse now?”
   She waves a hand, and suddenly I feel lighter.
   I grin to myself.
   “Let’s take the crown for ourselves, shall we?”
   I reach over to my father, and pluck the crown off of his head. He doesn’t move. I hand the crown over to the witch, who smiles again and puts it onto her head.
   The guards move close around us, and we head for the balcony.
   I’m still the princess and heir to the throne, but now there’s a new monarch in power.

Footnote: In case you think her name is strange, say it next to Briar Rose. ;)

Second Footnote: If you are participating in this blogfest, tell me so I can check out your entry! Ignore the link ban, too, if you want.

-----The Golden Eagle


Helen Ginger said...

In 40 years she'll probably regret that.

The Golden Eagle said...

LOL. Probably!

Francine Howarth said...


ROFL. Ooooh, twist indeed and fun read!

Thanks for participating.


Jai Joshi said...

Fun piece for this blogfest, Golden Eagle! I love her name *grin*


Old Kitty said...

Yay!!! What a great twist - I loved it!! Skylar Brose!!! Dear oh dear - the wicked witch is so not dead!!

Brilliant!! Take care

The Words Crafter said...

Whoa, great twist! I wonder how long she'd been in cahoots with the witch or if any promises were made?

Clever clever clever......

Summer Ross said...

Oh this was a twist indeed. I like the modern feel to it, I like that she punched someone, I hope it doesn't end badly for her by going in with the witch.

Brian said...

I enjoyed your entry and the twist was fun, but honestly, you had me at "Think dangerous, and beautiful." Bravo!

gideon 86 said...

Well done, and unexpected twist. I enjoyed it.


Julie Musil said...

Nice! It was worth those extra words!

Talei said...

Enjoyed your piece and I truly didn't expect that ending. I feel so bad for Karl, he sounded very sweet. Well done Golden Eagle. ;)

I'm also participating in this blogfest, do pop over when you can. ;)

laughingwolf said...

i dun geddit... she's gay?

~Chris said...

Twisted but cute. Here is a more serious take on the same story. Enjoy !
The story of Briar Rose

Misha1989 said...

Whoa! I liked it! Loved the twist :)

Donna Hole said...

That was really good. I love the twist. In league with the witch and all. Excellent voice to that too.

Thank you for stopping by my entry already. :) I'm having a seriously late day.


Talli Roland said...

Loved this! Very fun to read, and a great twist! :)

Tessa Conte said...

LOL good one. Very twisty-turny! I did a briar-rose thingy, too.


Darlyn said...

Hey, good luck! I really love the story =)

....Petty Witter said...

I loved the modern slant to this story, very original, and as for the ending? I think everyone else has summed this up by commenting on the great twist. Well done you on using those extra words, it was worth it.

Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Good twist. Interesting voice.

The Golden Eagle said...

Francine: Glad you liked it!

You're welcome--this was a fun blogfest!

Jai: Thanks, Jai!

I wanted to relate the names, somehow; and Skylar fit. :)

Old Kitty: Nope, not dead in this version of the fairy tale!

Thank you!

The Words Crafter: For a while--they had to have planned the change somehow!

Summer: There would be consequences, of course, if I continued this story; her father isn't dead yet! And imagine the public's response . . .

Brian: Thank you, Brian! I thought about how to describe the witch right--evil would have fit, but then again, that doesn't really say much, does it?

Gideon: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed my entry.

Julie: Thank you, Julie!

Talei: Thanks! I feel kinda bad for Karl, too, but I figured Skylar had to do something about him.

I read your entry! :)

Laughingwolf: No. If the guy's unconscious when she takes the crown from her father, then there aren't any witnesses. Skylar could also claim that the witch forced her to do it; that she took the crown for herself without help from the princess.

The Golden Eagle said...

Chris: I'll be right over to read your entry! :)

Misha: Thanks, Misha!

Donna: I'm glad you think so, Donna! Skylar's personality stuck out for me; I wanted to use it for this story and show a different side to the usual Sleeping Beauty.

You're welcome!

I was late, too; I had wanted to post several hours earlier. :P

Talli: Thanks, Talli!

Tessa: I loved changing around the usual story. :)

I enjoyed reading your take on Rose!

Darlyn: Thank you!

Petty Witter: I'm not a fan of courts and corsets, but I love SF and this was supposed to be based on a Fairy Tale, so I figured why not combine the two? :D

Wendy: I've never written a character quite like Skylar before; so the voice was a nice change!

Dancing Through Life said...

wow, great story...but I really want to know what actually happened and what's going to happen with Skylar and Karly, you're leaving me hanging on the edge of my chair, wondering whats going to happen next, so please tell me that you're going to add to your story!

The Golden Eagle said...

Thank you!

I might, but probably not all that soon . . . I'm currently writing in another novel, but this blogfest entry has given me some ideas. :)